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Six tastes of Ayurveda health

According to Ayurveda – the ancient Indian system of traditional medical knowledge, all the emotions that we experience during cooking, affecting its benefits and taste.

Six thousand years ago, Indian doctors have learned to be treated with food. It is a healthy diet is the basis of most ancient “science of right living” Ayurveda.

According to its teachings, there are six flavors that match the emotions and traits of human nature. So sweets are loved mostly by lazy people, bitter foods preferred by people who have some serious problems at some stage in their life. Pessimists will never abandon sour, too nervous and tense  from salty, stubborn  from bitter and temperamental  from sharp.

This relationship is evident in works both ways. That is taking more astringent, you can develop persistence in itself, but with cake relax. However, the basic principle behind ayurveda diet is to balance all six flavors. And together with them in the balance and harmony of man’s inner world.

Another important tenet of good nutrition for Ayurveda products are compatible. In other words, every meal should be eaten either alone or eat only certain defined different. For example, milk can not be used with acidic foods that contain protein. It is believed that proteins have warming properties and milk cools, so they oppose each other, complicating metabolism and form toxins. Also do not advise to use with melon and corn, melon as quickly digested and long grain products. Therefore, we can say the combination of stomach churns confusing. Melons do better to eat alone, not combining them with other products. But potatoes can be considered universal. It is not recommended to “mix” only with other rich in starch products.

Principles of Ayurveda Nutrition

1. Prepare yourself and relish. It is believed that all the emotions that you feel while cooking your dishes are passed. So your mood and health depends on your thoughts and moods.

2. Eat when feeling hungry. Breakfast, lunch and dinner with several dishes are not binding. It is better to eat more often and in small portions.

3. During one meal eat no more than can fit in your palm.

4. Once or twice a week of rest from food. Conduct “hungry” days to help cleanse the body.

5. Semis and already prepared, warmed dishes ayurvedysty considered “dead” food and is recommended to consume meals that were just concocted.

6. Use spices. They allow you to combine all six tastes in one dish and contribute actively digested food.

7. Eat in a good mood and do not rush. Be sure it is sitting and not being distracted by the TV or a book. Do not “seize” trouble, because then the food will not do you good and fun, but can only do harm.

8. Overnight drink warm milk with spices instead of dinner.

9. Observe the principles of compatibility of products.

Through the words of Ayurveda followers

Vidzhai Kumar, a doctor of Ayurveda:

“Ayurveda  a lifestyle, worldview, philosophy separate from its principles and concepts. It does not reject conventional medicine simply offers an alternative. I myself received his medical education and graduated Master in Surgery, and then took the practice as a doctor of Ayurveda in India. And there is not just popular, and is the only known and accessible healthcare for the majority. The average Indian is better to turn to natural remedies rather than “will fall under the knife.” And this approach is justified, because of the unsanitary conditions, poverty and large number of people survive precisely because they know how to listen to myself. (Life expectancy Injun  64 years – approx. eds.)

In Ukraine Ayurveda to treat a little biased and not serious. For most it’s just another toy. In fact, it allows you to stay healthy both spiritually and physically. Of course, to understand all the principles and systems of an average man is hard, but it’s not necessary. Suffice it to adhere to the basic principles and listen to yourself. It is also important to have a person, which can be contacted for advice. This will not “stall”, and follow them consistently.”

Ihor Putii, games aside programmer:

“Last year went to India with a girlfriend in one of the Ayurvedic centers. They promised us to cleanse the body, relaxation from business and stress, complete relaxation. But on the third day we packed bags and fled from there. Our body does not like their oil, which had to drink or grease on the skin. The girl lost consciousness several times from all the smells, and I poisoned one of the “useful” courses. Well, that was close to the center of Goa, where the hospitals. After about any Ayurveda and do not want to hear.”

Svitlana Melnyk, architect:

“I became interested in Ayurveda few years ago. Take it not as a diet but as a lifestyle. While most follow recommendations for food: eat breakfast before eight in the morning, but they did after six pm, and bedtime drink milk with spices. Just do not eat meat and heated foods, only fresh. Switched to a diet gradually, a few months lost 5 pounds, which still has not returned. To eat well is not difficult. Ayurveda teaches that everyone has enough energy to make yourself healthy.”

Oksana Svirina, designer:

“A few years ago held a program of cleansing the body and losing weight in India. They were the best two weeks of my life. Nice facials, massages and surprisingly tasty food allowed to eat in almost any quantity. Not to say that is very thin, but feel has become much better. Enough energy around for six months, until the next holiday. Since I plan to visit again ayurvedic center, but the fun is not cheap.” (Average cost of health programs in 14 days  about 2 thousand dollars  approx. eds.)

How to join

Learn more about Ayurveda can be the “Center of Kiev Ayurvedic medicine.” Here to help doctors find a suitable power supply system, as well as a variety of treatments from massage to his therapy. Consultation is worth about 300 UAH, and other services  from 60 to 400 UAH.

If your curiosity won your doubts and you are to start with, decided to move to Ayurvedic nutrition, taste delicious and healthy food, you can on the ground in Kiev “Ayurveda Cafe”, located on the Dmytriievska street. However, keep in mind that this place has nothing to do with Indian restaurants. So do not expect oriental luxury, everything as simple as possible: self-tables without tablecloths, a lot of people. But prices will pleasantly surprise you: the real masala tea will set you back around 8 UAH and national pilaf with Saytanom  13 UAH.

Get the “right” foods can be specialized Ayurvedic stores. Most of them are only on the internet, but a great selection of spices, teas and sweets at reasonable prices make shopping enjoyable and convenient, and organic cosmetics, also well represented in the online stores are unlikely to remain unnoticed beautiful half.

If you do not feel a lack of time and money, feel free to go home Ayurveda! It is in India as deeply as you can immerse yourself in the doctrine and experience for yourself all the benefits of a balanced diet that combines all six tastes, learn how to properly organize a healthy diet, to achieve harmony of body and soul.

Honcharova Yana