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Eat a choc

«Why are you such distressed? Eat the choc of − it will become better«. Probably, of us not once it was each to hear a similar phrase. Seeking salvation from a bad mood or simply little holiday for itself − the most widespread reasons of the use of stick of chocolate. And what was all begun with? When did this miracle-product appear and who we thank for little sweet gladness’s in our life?

What was chocolate’s mania begun with?

A chocolate is almost 3000. Linguists consider that a word “cacao” first sounded as “kakawa” approximately after 1000 to our era. It is accepted to consider that got to know the secret of taste of chocolate the first to Maya that lived on the birch of the Mexican bay.  Grains of divine fruit were called “kakaksolata”. The various useful added them, and sometimes and mystic properties. Mostly it is explained by that old Mexicans opened stimulant properties of grains. Cacaos-bobs were even considered in that time currency that grows on trees. For 100 garden-stuffs, for example, it was possible to buy a slave.

Interestingly, that from grains long time made drink exceptionally. He was used in a cold kind: the fried cacaos-bobs that in itself have a bitter taste mixed up with water, and in this mixture added the pepper of chili. Before the use of sacred drink the only select representatives of the greatest public layers were assumed. Leaders and fuglemen of tribes of saw from gold glasses drink of “chokolatl”(“choco” – bitter, “atl” is water that is added to the cacao).

First Europeans became acquainted with sacred drink in XVІ century.  The prominent traveler to Christopher Columbus Incas offered to in a gift glass with drink, but he refused. However a comrade-in-arms Columbus Herman Cortés deservedly can be considered the main popularize of chocolate. Going to Spain, he brought monarch cacaos-bobs and recipe of their preparation. Royal family tried «chokotakl», deciding to rename on a chocolate, and soon he became fashionable drink of aristocrats. In Spain, very quickly there was a fashion on «chokolat». Indeed, other European countries knew secret of drink only approximately half a century – to this time Spanish has guarded a recipe jealously.

Already in XVІІ century, a chocolate becomes popular in all royal courts of Europe, beginning the triumphal motion from France from an easy hand wife of King Luis XІІІ – Hanna Austrian, that was the Spanish woman originally.

Excitant properties of drink were highly valued between French gentlefolk’s. It is said that and Cauldron, and Marquis where Garden of saw of him in great numbers. Legend, after that a tree that gives such wonderful garden-stuffs undoubtedly, grows in a paradoxical garden, appeared among Europeans.

The modern stick of chocolate was born, when the British businessperson Joseph Fray hammered together the kindled cacao oil in paste, inundated her in molds and sold as a hard time. In 1893 the world saw the first suckling choc under the name “Kisses of Hershey”. This event happened due to businessperson Hershey. From the sale of novelty, the profits of businessman grew so that he buys a whole city, renames him on Hershey and makes the chocolate capital of the world out of him.

Types of pleasure

Three basic kinds have outstanding demand among the consumers of sweet nesses. For the real gourmets, certainly, there is no other chocolate, except black. He on 30% -75% consists of cacaos-bobs. At the choice of product advantage it costs to give to the brands with the high percent of maintenance. It is especially important to take into account this rule, if you buy him for thermal treatment or with other culinary aim.

That, who loves a chocolate, but is afraid of surplus of fats and sugar, it costs to pay attention to his bitter kind. Such sorts of chocolate contain maximally fat free dairies and rarely produced with the high-calorie sweet filling. By the way, in Spain a woman magazine even offered to the readers a «chocolate diet» that includes three cups of thick cacao and 100 gs of bitter chocolate on a day. Thus the loss of weight could make to 2 kg for a day.

Also people very love a suckling chocolate. There are less cacaos-bobs and more sugar, than in black in this sort. He well befits for the decoration of cakes and pastries. Standard taste must be creamy, but not too sweet. At a purchase it costs to pay attention to the list of ingredients, brought around to packing. If it will appear that a producer replaced cacao-oil a jabots, unsubscribe from a purchase.

Last type of chocolate that destroys our stereotypes about his kind, − white. Mainly he consists of cacao-oil, dried milk and sugar. With a culinary aim it is better to use the good brands of white chocolate. Main rule: at kindling use a delicate temperature. The overheated white chocolate becomes grainy and loses in taste.

It costs to know that from the annual harvest of every cacao-tree it is possible to prepare an about 400 gram of chocolate. For example, for preparation of four one hundred grams sticks of chocolate, that you will be able to eat for short enough time, in theory necessary year of life of one tree. Therefore value every piece!

Is a chocolate a − panacea from all illnesses?

There is an enormous amount of myths that a chocolate harms to the teeth, perniciously operates on a heart, and in general through him you risk not to climb in doors. But, without regard to minuses that add to this product, he has pluses.

A chocolate is rich on magnesium; iron is substances especially useful to the woman organism. Also in him, there are stimulators of the central nervous system in little amounts, such as caffeine. He promotes content in the brain of phenyl ethylamine, that stimulates feeling that remind those that arise up in the state of amorousness. In addition, contains methylxanthines, which stimulates the transmission of nervous impulses, and also creates feeling of satisfaction and promotes a mood. Milk and creams contain an effective tranquilizer that calms the nervous system and helps to contest with insomnia too. So that, if you want to calm down – elect light suckling’s sorts – for them restorative cacaos-products.

Sweetnesses are wonderful helpers at the improvement of mood. A chocolate contains the natural «hormone of happiness» – serotonin. It was however succeeded to prove the Australian scientists, that a sweetness does not not only deprive from depression but also can strengthen her. In opinion of researchers from the medical center of Prince Wales, all depends on that, who this chocolate eats for what. It was succeeded to set as a result of experiment to the physicians, that if it is done for pleasure taste, then a desirable effect will be certainly attained. But if tiles one by one are taken in exceptionally with the purpose of to overcome a bad mood, then a result can appear absolutely opposite. Stress and depression approach with renewed strength, Australians caution.

Useful is even a smell of chocolate. Him an unique aroma well operates on the nervous system: takes off an irritation, returns a psychical equilibrium. And this whatever surprise caused, but it was recently set that in a chocolate there is an antiseptic substance, that represses the actions of bacteria that create an odontolith. What touches caries, then him he assists no more than other products are with sugar.

Scientists set: a bitter chocolate reduces a pieces. Physicians consider that it takes place due to flavonoids – substances that is contained in a bitter chocolate in great numbers. They strengthen a heart, improve circulation of blood and prevent to formation of blood clots that result in heart attacks and strokes. It quite not means however, that we can consume a dark chocolate in unlimited amounts. For medical aims and maximally useful effect it is necessary to eat not more than 25-30 gram of chocolate on a day. It in all a few squares broken off from a tile. However, if you want to «treat» oneself a chocolate, it costs to take into account that a curative effect has the special medical chocolate made from natural cacaos-bobs without sugar.

In turn, the researchers of the Harvard university conducted experiments and found out, that if to eat a chocolate three times on a month, you will live almost on a year longer than those, who refuses to the soba in such pleasure. But also here not all cloudless. The same research shows that people that eat very much chocolate live less than. In him there is a large percent of fat, that means that the superfluous use can result in obesity.

Шоколад - панацея від усіх хвороб?

Scientists assert that the use of chocolate assists a health, to the positive look to life in a sear and yellow leaf. Research that was not financed by chocolate industry shows that elderly people that ate a chocolate are in the best physical form, more optimistic and higher estimate own prosperity. But it yet not all : in a chocolate tile the also placed rescue from a dotage and so-called age-old macular degeneration – illness that can in to take to blindness.

A chocolate invigorating, promotes a capacity. Still, in fact he contains an active substance – Theobrominum physiologically. This alkaloid is a strong remedy one gram of that, for example, for a rabbit mortal.

It follows also to bear in a mind, that in grains of cacao much nitrogen substances, for example, of oxalic and urinary acids that negatively affect metabolism. Thoughtful above it there are grounds that, who suffers obesity, gout, not to mention about a diabetes mellitus, disease of liver and kidneys, hypertensive illness.

Alike, that old expression “all well fairly” works and here. But if you cannot restrain from a chocolate, even adhere to dark.

Than greater content is in the chocolate of cacaos-bobs, the less than he contains oils of cacao. It is therefore better not to eat: bars of chocolate with a caramel, fruit jellies, nuts and other high-calorific products.

Interestingly, that…

– Interestingly, that In the Second World war-time a chocolate became the inalienable constituent of ration of American soldiery.

– When a man first in 1953 climbed on a mountain Everest and in 60th took off in space, a stick of chocolate was with her.

– Today a chocolate is a permanent ingredient in cookery – from this product prepare candies, cover cakes to them, build locks and sculptures and even represent presidents with his help. For an example, on the «Chocolate salon» in Paris the Russian pastry cooks presented work of artist Vitalii Ponomarov, that was done on ancient Chinese technology and was not that other, as a portrait of Vladimir Putin. On making of «sweet» president 8 hours went for master. Choc a 34х48 cm estimated a size in 700 dollars, but it already not meal, but art.

– And yet sweetness it is possible to use in a cosmetology. For example, mask for a dry skin: break off the piece of black chocolate, in that not less than there is a 60% cacao. Kindle on water bath; add the tea-spoon of olive oil. Chill to the room temperature. Inflict a face and necks on the cleared skin. Hold for some time minutes fifteen. Then neatly wash off. A mask feeds and pulls up a skin.

Thus, sweet tile already not simply constituent of our food ration, but also an important product that accompanies a man during many years of the existence gives happy moments, and also feeds our organism useful substances. Here savor with pleasure!

Anna Pervak