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We will say “No” to smoking!

Every day do smokers set to itself a the same question: «how to leave off smoking?». Or promise to grow out of a bad habit itself already tomorrow, that does not come in most cases. Did not it bother to you? Sufficiently! There is nothing impossible!

Problem of the woman smoking

Say frankly, you smoke? If yes, I think it will be interesting to know to you, that you are the hostages of obtrusive and aggressive advertisement. The producers of tobacco products know all nuances of human psychology an especially woman perfectly.

Will remember only, on the wave of emancipation a lady with a cigarette in a hand became not only the symbol of equality of rights with men but also example of success, personal touch of the real lady. Opening we will not do, if we will say that here did not do without active intervention from tobacco companies. To conquer attention of wonderful half of humanity, they go to any charges and advertisement tricks. In the total the enormous amount of cigarettes of «for women only» appeared at the market.

In actual fact they do not almost differ from masculine cigarettes. In addition, on results numerous researches a woman is anymore apt to tobacco dependence. Afterwards in the future you are expected by plenty of problems with a health. Among them:

  • yellow teeth and finger-tips;
  • early appearance of wrinkles from that will not save the most expensive creams and healthy eating even;
  • dry and damaged hair, magnifying glass;
  • hoarse voice;
  • to the women is far difficult not only to become pregnant but also take away a fruit, and also to bear a healthy child;
  • impotence comes for men.

Such «bouquet» is fully enough in an order to be thoughtful about harm that brings smoking. And in this list more serious illnesses were not even remembered: cancer of lungs, cancer defeat of lips, and also cancer of neck and body of uterus. By the way, as researches show, the cancer of lungs arises up for 100% smokers, simply some do not «live» so long to him…

Smoking and pregnancy

As statistics shows, the most widespread harmful habit among pregnant is smoking. Not having regard to antitobacco propaganda, percent of women that smoke strongly grows lately. The amount of smokers increased among girls-teenagers, that exceeds the index of guys considerably.

All know as far as smoking harms to not only the mother but also child, and only 20% give up this bad habit during pregnancy. Consequences are much, but mostly it results in an oligotrophy, id est reduction of height and weight of fruit. It is caused by that at smoking there are different violations in a placenta, and a fruit here gets oxygen not enough and nutritives. What anymore gets smoke to the lungs of mother, the more credible, that will appear threat of oligotrophy.

But it not worse all. Smoking can become investigation of premature luing-ins, defects of the cardiovascular system for a child. It is not far all. In addition, children of mothers that smoke have not large, but noticeable physical and intellectual defects. As a rule, for them the put on the brakes height, they are more often ill and study worse. These are the evident consequences of oxygen hunger.

If it made impression on you, give up smoking even on the period of pregnancy. Save the health of your child!

Terrible statistics of tobacco dependence

- Each time you set on fire a cigarette, smoke gets to the lungs. He brings with itself 4 thousand chemicals, including high-toxic substances that can cause a disease on a cancer!

- From data of workers of world association of pulmonary diseases to 2030th the amount of deaths as a result of smoking will increase to 10 million persons on a year!

- In 25 countries of the European union, where 450 million people live – from the passive smoking 79 thousand people die annually!

Auxiliary facilities

For a smoker to leave off smoking is a heavy task, in fact from nicotinic dependence, getting rid not easily enough. But you must not be afraid of it! It not so difficult, as seems. Therefore I will offer a few auxiliary effective facilities.

You believe or no, but there is an easy enough and VERY effective method to leave off smoking. Ask «As?». On this question you will be answered byAlen Kar, author of book «The Easy method to leave off smoking». Following his special and simple methodology left off smoking 95% people that did not present to the life without a cigarette. Abandonment from smoking is not accompanied by discomfort, suffering and does not result in the set of overweight. Sure, you will be very surprised as an author without boring notations, intimidations and banally once for all will deliver you from this senseless and empty habit.

Did not act? Try the special medications. Preparation of phytogenous of «Tabeks » is intended for treatment of chronic nikotinizm. He will help those, who wishes or force to give up smoking. Thus, it is possible both to leave off smoking forever and bring down the amount of cigarettes to the necessary to you minimum. The course of treatment lasts 25 days for that you are necessary to have a drink 100 pills.

«Tabeks» does not cause psychonosemas, does not violate ability of man to manage a transport.

Even if it you will not help, you can take advantage of the special homoeopathic sprei, that is intended specially for those, who wages war with smoking. He allows to control appetence to nicotine and helps to manage with psychical dependence on smoking. Quite often parting with a cigarette is accompanied by neuroses and insomnia. A spray takes off the unpleasant feeling and softens the period of adaptation. Also he helps in case of cough, takes off feeling of the load from a breast, related to smoking. At once after a few minutes after the use you will feel a result already. Preparation does not contain an alcohol and does not have side effects. It is for sale in pharmacies over-the-counter.

Risk for a health

Although most people and know about that, as far as smoking is insalubrious, however many realize the degree of this danger. In this connection, deserve attention of estimation to the risk degree in our country. Thus those that show have the special value, as far as smoking dangerous as compared to other reasons of death rate population and by other terrible illnesses.

Only some of stereotypes of behavior or risk factors, that can be warned, is reason of death of the same amount of people, as from smoking.

Smoking results in three basic diseases with a fatal outcome: cancer of lungs, chronic bronchitis and emphysema, coronal illness.

On the example of a few countries in that smoking became mass habit already since olden times, it was well-proven that a tobacco is reason of death from the chasse of lungs at 90% cases, from a bronchitis and emphysema in 75%, and from cardiovascular – 25% of all cases.

Approximately 25% of regular smokers dies prematurely through smoking. Majority from them could live on 10, 20 or 30 longer, id est in this case a middle loss of years of life is substantial. The dead from smoking on the average lose 10-15 of the life.

There is a number of the dead from smoking equals the number of the jet planes lost as a result of air crash in one European country(by a population approximately in 50 million people), if to present that such catastrophes – with death of all people onboard – will happen every day.

To leave off smoking or not to give up? Here in what question.

Abandonment from smoking is a certain process. As a rule, he is begun with the change of relation of smoker to the tobacco. Recommendations on abandonment from him makes sense to give even then, when it seems that a smoker is not interested in it.  It can become an initial impulse, beginning this process, or by a duty push, moving away him on a step back. Abandonment is from smoking, probably, by a major change in life of smokers, that can positively influence on their health.

Many people that smoke put aside abandonment from this habit on a later term. Thus considering that a frightful blow is already inflicted their organism and that is why to give up it late already. It does not answer reality far! Harm, caused by smoking, increases with every new cigarette. What a before man began to smoke, the a greater risk expects him in the future. And than quicker man will give up, the, certainly, the best will be result.

Abandonment from smoking is really USEFUL! If people have time to give up till for them a lung cancer, cardiovascular diseases, will begin to make progress, then they will succeed to avoid the risk of premature death.

Abandonment from smoking at once starts acting positively on the organism of man.

The risk of development of dangerous illnesses begins to go down almost at once: breathing gets better quickly enough. Those, who gave up, all rarer and rarer will torment the fits of coughing.


I am a happy and free man! And I want, that all knew about it. Passed already almost sex of year, as I left off smoking. Somehow waking up in the morning, I saw the greenish person. Frankly speaking, frightened. Now I am simple funnily, as I could inlay sense of life in poison in the scrap of paper! you believe or no, but I forgot, what permanent tiredness, depression, cough at mornings and headache. I understood that all of it and is the «privileges» of smokers.

How exactly did it succeed me? Simply enough, a secret is not present herein. To give up EVERYBODY can smoke, regardless of that how many years you expended in this harmful habit. The key to the decision of problem lies on a surface, but not all notice him.

Only enough to take the scrap of paper, divide it into two parts. From one side to write everything «+», and with other all «-» smoking. Do not feel sorry 10 minutes and I am sure, a result will very surprise.

Each knows probably, that cigarettes harm to our health, whether you began to think once how many money we spend on them. Believe, very and very much. Count up and think, that you would purchase for these money.

I want to warn that nowise I do not impose the point of view. Choice only after you.     Therefore well think, actually it needs you. Whether it is possible to limit to itself such terrible, dangerous and senseless habit. If I will succeed to influence though on one man, then the aim I attained. Do you yet until now stand above an abyss? Sufficiently! Present to itself freedom!

Karyna Hudakovskaia