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Fairy Kingdom: Netherlands

Travel to the Netherlands is like a fairy tale: the narrow cozy streets, like toy houses with orange roofs, picturesque canals with tiny bridges, colorful tulips, friendly people and the magical scent of freedom in the air …

Netherlands – a country with a rich history, so do not be surprised when, finding themselves in the middle of the street, you will see the old Gothic town hall, and next – modern offices. And you are unlikely to find at least one place in this beautiful country, where there is no water. Rivers, lakes, streams, channels are almost everywhere, and in Amsterdam, there are quite a way out into the North Sea. It is no accident Holland called the Venice of the North. The striking combination of water elements mixed architectural styles and is not similar to each other people are doing Netherlands a unique place.


You will not believe, but the territory of the Netherlands quite smooth. No mountains, and even bumps here. Only meadows, fields and tiny villages. Indeed idyllic picture for romantics and extraordinary boon for photographers. If you’re lucky enough to be in the province, it is likely to be able to see and ancient windmills. By the way, they not only adorn the landscape, but also work in the interest of the country, producing electricity.


Amsterdam – the heart of the Netherlands. This city, founded in 1270, the year to date is very popular. And not by accident. After all, where else can you see such mysterious building strange shapes and colors or, for example, a house-boat? By the way, the house-boat – it’s real small boats, in which people live in the same way as in ordinary apartments. But the Dutch did not have the right to just buy a boat, put it on one of the channels and settle there. Like any living space, this house should be formalized – is as interesting to you if you suddenly have a desire to leave Ukraine and live in the country of windmills. But this is not about that.

Exploring Amsterdam should start with the main street Damrak. It starts from the Central Station and goes into the street Sorokin, crossing the city from north to south. During this walk you can admire the city center, as well as buy some souvenirs.

The central square – a place where you can see a real cocktail of architectural styles. On the same street you will find a Catholic church in the Gothic style, the Royal Palace, Madame Tussauds, the bank building in Art Nouveau style, the hotel and the National Monument. And here you can see a “living sculpture” – the poor actors and students who earn their living by depicting monuments. If you throw them a coin, they will perform some trick or agree to a short photo session.

If you decide to travel with your loved one, make sure you arrange a romantic date on the bridges over canals. They are legally allowed to kiss and cuddle … Do not worry, there are a lot of bridges – enough for all.

Beware of the bike!

It is unlikely that the world has a place with so many bikes. It is hard to imagine, but in the Netherlands there are even bicycle tube, and a special bike parking in Amsterdam in the several hundreds of thousands of locations for “iron horses”. This is a convenient and popular mode of transport in the UK. Even in small villages to set aside special road bike red, so while walking do not forget about the rules: obligatory walk on the sidewalk, especially because cyclists are no speed limits. And in general, all the time looking at the road: almost all the sidewalks are small road columns depicting three Saltire – a symbol of protection from floods, fire and plague. Very often careless tourists swipes of these historical monuments feet. Be careful!

Museum of Sex

Located just on the main street. Nothing provocative, by the way, in this museum there. Paying only 3 euros, you get a short excursion into the history of art of love as well as a hefty dose of laughter.

Coffee shops

It’s not a secret that the Netherlands – the only place in the world where legalized soft drugs. So do not be surprised if going to the ordinary-looking cafe (tourists are often difficult to distinguish the special places – coffee shops, where they sell drugs, with the usual coffee for us), you will be offered marijuana or hashish bun. Although there are some limitations to persons under 18 years old entrance is strictly forbidden and drug use can only be within the institution (in the street and in public places smoking marijuana is considered to be an indicator of a bad form). Export of drugs is also prohibited. For such an offense can get a sentence of 4 years or a fine of 50,000 euros.

Red Light District

Entire block of narrow streets, where the windows of homes under red light offer themselves girls of easy virtue. In the Netherlands, it is also legally allowed. Usually, tourists often come here, because everyone is interested to see what kind of a legendary area. If, however, you decide to arrange a tour of this – in any case, do not take photos, because it is strictly forbidden. At best, you confiscate the card or films, if at all, and can break the camera. This area is best to visit a group, because it is, first of all, can be dangerous.


The political and cultural capital of the Netherlands. In general, the city is quite monotonous in its architecture: at every step of the building banks, courts, law firms and other institutions. It is difficult to feel the ease that reigns in carefree Amsterdam. Walk the streets serious men in business suits, and only the bright red streetcars are reminded that no time to get bored.

It is in The Hague are incredibly charming Royal Palace and the famous Hague tribunal, which you absolutely must visit. A few stops from the Central Station, you can visit the Museum of emergency – Madurodam. There you will see the whole country in miniature, all the sights and attractions of the Kingdom assembled together! Almost every exhibit something moving: in a small boat floats Amsterdam, Zlitan aircraft at the airport, and if you press the special button next to the world-famous amusement park – all will be made alive carousel, children scream with joy, and the ice cream vendor slowly as snail trail goes. Before entering the museum you can take a photo in national dress.

Also, do not forget to visit in Amsterdam:

- Vincent van Gogh Museum – 200 legendary paintings, 500 drawings, 700 sheets, as well as personal belongings of the artist who exhibited not by subject, and chronologically;

- Rijksmuseum – one of the largest art galleries in the world. Here you can see the Dutch paintings from the early Middle Ages to the mid-XIX century. 200 exhibition halls with paintings by famous artists such as Vermeer, Rembrandt and Terborch.

Do not forget to do in Amsterdam:

- Try Dutch sweets (jelly in the form of worms, spiders, hearts, tubes, etc.);

- Take a ride on a boat through the channels – all for 4 euros you can book a guided tour along the main street. You will get the chance to see all the main sights of the city and even long visit in the North Sea;

- Try Dutch cheese “Old Amsterdam” with mold;

- Drink a hot mulled wine with sugar donuts on the main square.

What to bring to memory:

- Tulips – wooden alive, or, for example, bulbs, then to grow in the country or in a pot on the windowsill;

- Wooden shoes – Klomp;

- Fresh fish (three hours flight it will not spoil)

- Waffles with caramel;

- Small vetryachok …

“We gathered on a trip to Holland? The question immediately arises of transport – bus or plane? Almost every day, regular flights of different airlines are sent to Amsterdam. The flight will last only 3:00, and then at Amsterdam Airport you can catch the train to your destination. On travel by bus … Well, it’s more cost-effective option. This trip will take about 4 days. In addition, there are many bus tours that pass directly through the three countries: the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. You can see everything at once, but it is very difficult and tiring tour … ” - Kurnyi Maksym, transport manager (travel company” Artex 94 “).

“In the Netherlands, the official currency is the euro, so this country can not be called cheap. If you stay in two-, three-star hotel for a week, then you will need about 1,000 euros. Plus, do not forget about the excursions and souvenirs – this, too, will need a lot of money. But in general, in Amsterdam is quite simple hotels where accommodation costs no more than 50 euros a day. Concerning the entry into the country – you need to design a standard Schengen visa, which makes quickly – within three days from the date of filing … “ - Olena Tymoshenko (LLC” Passepartout Tour “).

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