01.05.2014 - News

Smithsonian Museum closed for reconstruction

Dinosaur Playground National Museum of Natural History is closed for renovation.

Monday fossil Hall will be closed for renovation for the whole five years. It is planned that after the reconstruction change not only the interior space, but also how the exhibits will be on display. The cost of works is estimated at $ 48 million.

Exhibition at the Museum of Washington, DC , that has not changed over the past three decades – “Life in ancient seas”, “Dinosaurs” and “Ice Age” – will be dismantled to make way for the hall called “Deep Time”. And tyrannosaurus, who recently appeared in the museum, there will take pride of place.

The new hall, measuring 31,000 square feet, will be named in honor of the Texas industrialist and philanthropist David H. Koch, who donated $ 35 million for reconstruction. Huge fan of fossil Hall came to the museum over the weekend for a last look at the exhibits before a long break.

Meanwhile, in the museum at the end of May the exhibition “superreality dinosaurs”, which will create a virtual creatures with which guests can interact, and November 25 will exhibit “Last American dinosaurs”, which will be presented Triceratops skeletons and bones of other dinosaurs.

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton
Source: latimes.com