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Dogs versus cats: who wins?

Everyone at least once in their lives dreaming of a true friend that never betrays, support in difficult situations and present unique moments of joy and good cheer. These have since time immemorial have our pets. Turtles, chinchillas, parrots, hamsters, rabbits and even decorative home rats and newts. There are all the animals in our time is not tamed man. But the most familiar to us are probably dogs and cats. Some – a very brave and loyal friendships, others – gentle, calm and playful. Who’s better to have: a graceful cat or energetic dog? Let’s try to deal with those who have not yet decided on the choice.

We are responsible for those who tamed

Very often, decisions about the need to have a pet comes suddenly and unexpectedly – at the request of the children under the influence of mood through loneliness. The desire to get a pet, especially, should not be motivated by external (social) factors and internal needs. For your future pet – a living creature, not fun, soothing, object or someone’s entertainment requirements. Only a man who genuinely loves animals, has a right to hold them. This is the first step, following which you can only think about making your house appear smaller friend.

Another important conditions for keeping animals have a sense of responsibility and duty. If one does not have these two qualities, even if there is a great desire to buy a pet is not necessary. Dog or cat – not just living toys that should be occasional stroke and caress, but the regime that requires a lot of attention, time and expense.

The decision to have yourself a true friend should be accepted as reasonable and entire family. Often it is even so that the animal appears in the home at the request of the children. The latter, in turn, promised to behave well, well trained and diligent care for their favorite. The result – all the responsibilities of caring for animals fall on the shoulders of parents and children – new hobbies and interests. Finally, the animal is truly useless, you should visit an allergist and make sure that you are not allergic to cat or dog dander.

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Lutsa Oleksiy Ivanovych said:

“When there is the need to choose a pet, the first thing to take into account the interests of all family members. Given that most people are usually divided into “dog-lovers” and “cat-lovers”, there is always a threat not agree on the final decision. In this case, there are alternatives. For example, cat lovers may be able to tolerate the presence in the house dog breeds such as Japanese Akita, Yorkshire Terriers, and Pekingese different species. As a feature of these animals is somewhat similar to the cat’s nature: they practically do not need constant motion, they are sufficiently regular walks, but because these dogs can easily adapt to a city apartment. Instead, Australian Shepherd, American Foxhound and other large breed dogs in general are not created to live in the apartment. If a person absolutely choose to set his house only a dog, and her relatives tend to have no choice, I advise you not to take hasty decisions, and get acquainted with the peculiarities of the nature of different breeds of cats and dogs. From my own experience I can say that this has allowed many people to change their minds reversed. In any case, both cats and dogs need love and care of the owner, as they, like anyone else, it is felt.”

Thus, the decision to have a pet (regardless of whether it’s a dog or cat or even a feathered friend) should be approached very seriously, because this step will change not only your life but also the fate of the animals that you drop into your heart. If all prerequisites are met, thoughtful and balanced whole family, is to wish good luck in choosing his “little friend.”

Graceful cat or energetic dog?

Since ancient times believed that the cat and dog – outright enemies. On their complicated relationships consisting tales, myths and legends. Cats that people long to tame, and dogs that are the opposite of all time have been faithful friends of man, now generally accepted are the most popular pets. Rivalry between animals continues today.


Unlike dogs, cats – animals are independent, so feel no great need to communicate with people. They are independent, quiet, reserved, yet very tender and gentle. Unpredictable behavior and peculiar obstinacy cats often attracts owners. These animals are not trying to please anyone, always aware of his worth. Do not insult them, because self-esteem will not let them forget it. Feature cats is that they do not need to win the heart of the owner, the owner is required to earn their trust.

Dogs are the same – the complete opposite. These animals just need constant attention and care from people, because loneliness – one of the largest of their fears. No wonder they say that cats are attached to the house in which they live, and the dog – directly to your host. These animals are loyal, obedient, energetic, curious and extremely sociable. They are trying to contrast with anything to please his master, he has earned the trust and be right next to him.

As you can see, the character completely different animals, but dog and cat – very smart in their own interest. The choice in this case should depend only on the human temperament. If you want your dreams, active, fun and a good time – choose a dog, and if you feel like a soft wool zhortochok murlykaye in your chest, then, of course, opt for the cat.


Both animals needed love and caring host: they must feed on techniques to drive to the doctor to make timely immunizations, play, buy toys.

But cats, unlike dogs still require minimal grooming. They are extremely neat. Even a small stain on wool, paws or muzzle makes them worry and lick themselves. The home remains just a regular comb their favorites: with long hair – every day, with an average length – twice a week, with a short – once a week. As for the toilet, they can seamlessly use the designated box.

If cats can never go outside, walk the dog with the owner required daily. Puppies need to walk 3-4 times a day, and adult dogs – 2-3 times a day. Duration of walks – from forty minutes to an hour and a half. Because animals have a great deal of energy, many dogs require intense physical activities: running, jumping, playing with objects, etc.. Also, dogs do not lick their own fur, so after each walk they need to wash paws and systematically comb wool.

If you spend a little time at home and unable to drive every day your pet for a walk, then choose the right cat.


When choosing an animal is extremely important to consider their living conditions. Any cat can live even in the hostel. It does not take and does not require too much space. Although sometimes and he has to run around, play. If it comes to a dog, you should consider its size and breed. Large dogs (eg, Shepherd or St. Bernard) preferably kept in a private home. After all, hardly anyone will like it when the night from the neighboring apartment continuous barking sounds. Anyway, for this type of dog live in a small room unnatural. Small breeds can easily adapt to spacious apartments provided daily physical activity.

You also need to think in advance about separate sleeping place for animals. It is more about dogs. It should be clear from the balcony, to avoid drafts. Kitchen or hallway – is not a rational place. It would be appropriate to settle your pet in one of the rooms.

Both animals are able to spoil things, but in different ways. The dog must immediately hide various wires, slippers, small items.Kotais necessary to wean from scratching furniture, wallpaper and more.

So, before you choose their pet, be sure to think not only about their own capabilities and needs, but also about the future of their comfort four-legs friend.


Cats do not require special training. Even small they can be taught to toilet train sharpen nails against a special subject and sleep in the space provided. For adults these animals somewhat difficult to convince.

Dogs training is necessary. Otherwise – some breeds can be dangerous to humans. For even the most docile dog may succumb to its natural instincts, that aggression. This is especially true of families where there are young children. Any cry baby or unconscious movement can lead to unpredictable consequences. To achieve best results, training a dog, no matter how docile it is, should begin three to four weeks.

Let’s talk about health

Life expectancy is about the same animal: cat – 12-14 years for dogs – 10-12 years. Artificially bred breeds are often more prone to various diseases. Cats living in an apartment, get sick less frequently than dogs. This is associated with a reduced risk of diseases that a cat could get while walking. In any case, the two animals need annual vaccinations against a number of diseases, including rabies and plague. Do not save money on the health of our little friends. If you notice any signs of illness immediately contact a veterinarian. Waiver of Advance medical care can cost significantly more.

Gifts of “healing”

It has long been known, and now scientists proved that bio both animals have unique healing properties: cats – take the bad energy and dogs – give a good. So the presence of a dog or cat at home and communicate with your four-legs darling can not only bring a sense of comfort and coziness, but also significantly affect your health.

Cats at the energy level capable of feeling painful places on the body of the host. To relieve the pain, the animal usually falls on the affected area a person begins to purr and do the “massage”, taking legs from place to place. Cats can also treat cardiovascular and gastro-intestinal diseases, remove headaches, to soothe, to deprive of depression.

Dogs also help the owner cope with the difficulties associated with health. Most of well-known ability of these animals to treat psychological disorders rights. They effectively affect children with autism, promote the development of emotional and mental abilities. In addition, like cats, dogs help treat cardiovascular disease (arrhythmia, lowers blood pressure) and to prevent the development of allergies and asthma. It is recommended to start these animals lonely elderly people. Dogs stepping motor activity of the owner, making it every day for a walk in the fresh air. A sense of responsibility and care less to help a friend cope with depression and loneliness.

Still undecided?

So if you are an active person, and want to have the opportunity to spend much time near his tailed friend, the dog can easily become part of your family. If you do not like walking, and most of the time they spend at work, it is better to opt for the cat. In the event that you and your family travel often and do not have time to care for an animal, preferably opinions unsubscribe from the creation of even a hamster. Do not force your pets to suffer, it’s living creatures that need your affection, attention and care.

Each animal is unique and can not pinpoint its nature, to predict the behavior and habits. Therefore, whatever the advantages and disadvantages of cats and dogs, as long as you liked and were able to take care of them. Remember when choosing your second four-legs should use not only logical calculations and internal call of the soul.

Anastasiia Kozelska