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Solarium. Basic standards of artificial tanning

We all want to have a beautiful bronze skin, but not every one of us knows what dangerous consequences this may cause.

At the beginning of the XXI century artificial tanning market in Ukraine significantly strengthened its position. This sudden outbreak of “bronze” epidemic associated with the era of “glamor”, which is actively promoting the fashion magazines, TV shows, and even books. No man would argue that ultraviolet rays have a negative impact on the human body, but not every ordinary user solarium knows how to prevent it. And only need to know the standards of procedure of artificial tanning.

Solarium: two sides of the same coin…

Repeatedly I had to use the services of tanning studios, but at the time I was chased each procedure, only one thought: “What are the consequences: pleasure or almost incurable disease?”. We are talking of course about cancer. Periodically remind physicians all over the world about the relationship between cancer and a solarium. But most people ignore all the advice and warnings of scientists. Unfortunately, such a procedure does increase the accuracy of this disease by 1.5-2 times.

However, investigations by German scientists proved that the dependence of skin cancer from tanning – not always the case. First, stay in the sunroom through endorphins improves mood user. In addition, the artificial “sun” prevents the occurrence of many diseases, namely psoriasis, eczema, influenza, rhinitis, arthritis, and, oddly enough, even cancer.

Beautician leading beauty Tetiana Vinglinska commented: “The attitude of doctors to visit the solarium still is uneven. Sunburn is generated in the upper layer of the skin – the epidermis, by the action of ultraviolet rays. Approximately 5 % of the cells of the epidermis – it is the melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin pigment. Due to UVA radiation darkens the melanin, which is self-defense cells from too much UV radiation. Thanks to the two rays (UVA, UVB) in human skin produced a very important vitamin D, the lack of which leads to cancer, tooth decay, osteoporosis and rickets. It is therefore not part of the procedure tanning is the best prevention of many diseases. However, there is another side to the coin. Thoughtless or too frequent visits to the tanning studio can lead to disastrous results, which most people do not know. Unfortunately, cancer – is not the only possible consequence. In my opinion, in any important lesson of moderation, solarium – is no exception.”

Following comments by the expert should add a few words. In Europe, namely in Austria, Germany, France and the UK, the procedure of artificial tanning is very popular and even has a casual nature. People in these countries consider it an integral part of the winter season. But the level of cancer in Europe is quite low. All this only shows the high culture and greater awareness of Europeans regarding the solarium.

Not your client…

After all the evidence and experts’ comments is hard to argue about the usefulness of solariums, but still there is a certain part of the population, which tanning is strictly prohibited. It is this need to know not only the users, but also workers studios and beauty salons.

Tamila Fedorenko, dermatologist gives useful advice: “Excessive amount of UV rays causes skin burns. Burn in the sunroom is a very painful and sore from it may remain for many years. Besides burns contribute to premature aging of the skin and induce cancer in the future. In addition, excessive heat in the sunroom leads to increased perspiration, in the loss of body salts and water. Therefore, people with high blood pressure, heart disease, renal failure, tuberculosis should be wary of sunburn. Contraindicated solarium also with impaired liver function. People suffering from the disease vitiligo (white patches on the skin), or have spots, should be wary of the power of the solarium, duration, and frequency of such procedures. It should be noted that visiting tanning studios during pregnancy, hormonal, birth control pills and antibiotics are also not desirable.

We should not forget about the protection of the means of mitigating tan. They come in different levels of protection and adapted to different types of skin. In the creams and lotions for solarium not included sunscreens that protect against excessive UV radiation. However, it should be remembered that one of the main drawbacks solarium, except the possibility of cancer, is the dryness of the skin. That is why the protective equipment contains a large amount of antioxidants and moisturizers. Do not forget about the skin on your face.”

Important, and, moreover, it is interesting to know that there are two types of tanning salons: high and low pressure. Low pressure system more suitable for a person with fair or sensitive skin. Tan after them does not appear very quickly, but lasts longer. Systems with high-pressure lamps must be used for people with normal or dark skin.

Sunroom also divided into vertical and horizontal machines. If you do not take into account the comfort position, the vertical solarium much more effective. It is more hygienic, the user has more room to move, and tan is a more uniform.

All’s well that to the best of…

Finally we got to the crucial issue – standards for artificial tanning. Ground rules for this procedure should be aware not only users, but also employees of either a beauty salon. Let’s start with the passed. First, we must always bear in mind the duration and frequency of treatments. As the proverb says: “All’s well that in moderation.” In general, we can distinguish a few basic tips:

1. If you do not have health problems, the normal intensity of the procedure – once a week.

2. Duration of the first session can not be more than 5 minutes. People with sensitive skin better sunbathing twice for ten days, but always for 5-7 minutes, a user with normal or tanned skin on the second session, you can sunbathe for 10 minutes.

3. You should always be sure to disinfect the machine, especially the horizontal.

4. Should always protect the eyes and chest. These are the most vulnerable points on the human body.

5. Better hair to hide under something, because tan in the solarium a very negative effect on his health and beauty.

6. Attend should only proven studios and salons.

Worker tanning studio “Sun Beach” Julia gives advice: “There are quite a few requirements for the procedure of artificial tanning. Requirements are very strict, but workable. Although, if you say frankly, most salons are not in compliance with these rules and a half. Delving into the technique, I would like to note that the sunroom must comply with industry standard to install the device should be used only original accessories. Simply put, an expensive machine should be a specific certificate with all the necessary features.

Never forget about safety glasses and eye creams for the body. Also in the solarium should keep a log of the device. It is necessary for the timely replacement of lamps.

Solarium should be cleaned and disinfected after each client. In this case apply only approved means to ensure complete disinfection. Must be clean not only the surface but also glasses, sneakers, cap.

The final will be a requirement for staff. Last but not least. Employees working in a tanning studio, must have certain qualifications attested in the passage of refresher courses. All these documents must show employee on demand client.”

Following comments by experts, scientific facts and personal opinions would be desirable to add a few words. We wish customers tanning studios are always guided by a sense measures and have the desire to know everything you need to visit a solarium.

Marharyta Ivanchuk