14.11.2014 - News

Solar cycle track was in Amsterdam

In the capital of the Netherlands opened the first solar cycle track.

Hundred-meter track in the north of Amsterdam absorbs solar energy and converts it into electricity as well as solar panels on rooftops.

Solar panels in track covered with a thick glass to protect them from wear and put on top rough plastic sheeting to bicycle wheels not slipping. Every day this track uses about 2,000 cyclists.

The company TNO – the company that carried out the project entitled “Solar road (SolaRoad)» noted that the solar cycle track will produce enough electricity to power two or three households per year. If this project becomes successful, it may introduce in other parts of the country.

This project is suitable for countries like the Netherlands, where more than a quarter of all residents travel by bicycle exercise. Netherlands known in the world excellent cycling infrastructure, protected bike paths and numerous parking for bicycles.

 Author: Anastasiia Trepytion
Sourse: telegraph.co.uk