06.06.2014 - News

Council of Victoria Falls introduce a tax on tourism

 Council of Victoria Falls is going to impose a tax on tourism, despite protests from tour operators.

Tourists have to pay the $ 40 entrance fee to the National Park “Victoria Falls”, will now have to pay extra money to help pay off the national debt to the Council.

According to tour operators, the decision imposing an additional tax for visitors to the resort could be devastating for the tourism industry in the region. Some also believe that tourists and so are paying too many fees to visit this natural wonder, and the Council has previously discussed this decision with entrepreneurs.

Internet News Agency The Source reports that local authorities owed ​​the government about $ 4 million to repair infrastructure, which took place before the 20th General Assembly of the World Tourism. In addition, the Council also has a debt to the IRS Zimbabwe, the National Water Resources Zimbabwe, pension funds and other bodies. Total debt is over $ 6 million.

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton
Source:  travelandtourworld.com