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Modern cosmetics: reverse of the medal

Women always want to look ideally. But each of us has the defects that aims to hide. There is an enormous amount of methods how to do it, but we are succeeded to the simplest is the use of cosmetics. On what exactly is it first of all needed to pay attention? And what cosmetic is considered natural? We will try to understand.

Pursuit after beauty

In an order to look it charmingly women spare neither money nor time. They can conduct sex of day before a mirror, that then outside tie the looks of passers-by. For this effect of girl use all cosmetic arsenal. But we do not even guess, what harm it inflicts to our organism: approaches aging time or can worsen the state of your health.

At the market the assortment of cosmetics is very widely presented, that does not even know that to give preference. Every firm tries as good as possible to present the brand, namely to move forward cosmetic products in great masses of the use. For an advertisement they choose successful, popular people with ideal appearance and that cause a trust. Consumers at once are bought on it and hurry to the shops to take this commodity, even not becoming familiar with his composition. Follow that it was advertised by an authoritative man and it can not be bad means. Very often in commercial films a the same phrase recurs: «We use natural components» only. But if to glance on a label, then it answers reality not always.

From data of the sociological questioning every woman that likes to be dyed uses about 13 cosmetics that contain more than 20 chemical elements. For a year about 2 kg of harmful substances get to her organism. They can cause mass of unpleasant symptoms : allergic reactions, hormonal violations and leather irritations.

The AV amount of chemical elements is in a pomade – 33, in face-creams - 32, in туше for eyes – 29.

Secret of internal content of cosmetics


Almost every girl has in the beautician such trinket as a pomade. This irreplaceable means that always keeps your lips in a wonderful form. But do you know what components need to be bewared?

Dangerous constituents:

  • A paraffin is a factor of development of caries
  • Karmin – can be the factor of allergic reaction
  • Lanolin – worsens work of gastric highway
  • Vaseline – can dries lips

These factors of development of side effects guard us. It is therefore needed with a carefulness to go near the choice of this product. It is first necessary to learn composition of means to make sure, that there all in a norm. Also to adhere to the rules of minimum hygiene, namely every day to clean teeth. From itself I recommend to inflict this means only if necessary, namely on an appointment, for birthday or yet some holidays. And a hygienical pomade practically is not harmful and you bravely her can use every day!


For many girls, women, grandmothers is this most important cosmetic. In fact the modern rhythm of life very influences on our organism and every woman runs into mass of problems of skin. Someone has dry, someone fat, and someone even problem, only units can be named lucky persons that own a normal or combined skin. But are you sure that he will not inflict harm you?

Dangerous constituents:

  • Niaproof – can cause decorticating of skin
  • Arachidonic acid – can cause oppressing of protective reaction of skin, that leads the way appearance of pimple, inflammations and allergy.
  • Benzocainum is oppressing of the nervous system.
  • Diglycol – is safe, but if will get in an organism, then can cause problems with a health, because it is poison.
  • Paraben is a safe preservative, but on occasion can cause an allergy or dermatitis.
  • Glycol of – irritation skin and eyes, turning and itch red, propilen.

Face-cream contains natural components, for example: scarlet faith, to the giauloronat natrium, oil of shy and many other. Choosing certain cream, it is needed to become familiar with different brands, compare them and buy that in that healthy substances are most.

It is simply needed, choosing certain cream, to look, compare and buy that in that they are most. If at his use you felt discomfort, and the next day turning and itch appeared red, then it is necessary to stop to use this means. It is better to purchase cream more expensive, but more reliable!

India ink for eyes

The special attention of woman is spared to the make-up of eyes. It is considered that eyes are a mirror of the soul, therefore we try to underline the look, that he became yet more expressive. Girls from babyhood watch the mothers that is dyed and always show outstanding curiosity to these cosmetics. And already in teens begin to use India ink. But do you know, how your eyes perceive this means?

Dangerous constituents:

  • Formaldehyde (bronidoks, bronopol) – can cause a disease on a cancer
  • Mercury – causes allergic reactions and itch

It is not needed to scrimp on such means, and to do justice expensive, high-quality products. India ink needs to be renewed 2 each month, but possible is her use during three months. If she has an odor nuisance, then such India ink it is better not to buy.

Advantages of organic cosmetic

95% ingredients must be organogenic, id est from environmentally clean plantations. In such process of growing and processing it is forbidden to use chemicals.

This cosmetic is fully safe for a man and environment. Her packing must be similar to the means.

To distinguish her from other facilities as easy as anything. First of all, this products have a white or colourless color, because dyes are not used. A smell has specific, such as from medicinal facilities, in fact present plenty of grass components. Froths not very, because it is not in the composition of chemical elements. Necessarily on a label the complete list of components is marked and there is a quality certificate.

Choice after you! Save itself and be beautiful!


Yulia Stashevskaia, cosmetologist

All women want to have a perfective aspect, but many, unfortunately, do not know the basic rules of choice of decorative cosmetic. And then, certainly, problems with that it is already necessary to call to the specialist appear. To avoid it, I recommend first to check composition of the cosmetic chosen by you in the presence of elements on that you have an allergy. It in an order to avoid turning, itch and rashes red. Farther to turn the special attention for the term of fitness and presence of natural components, such as: extract of camomile and calendula, oil of avocado, aloe faith, skvalin and vitamin of E. They protect a skin from negative influence. Since you chose a commodity, test him on a little area to the skin and see after the reaction of organism on him. If all be well, then bravely buy this means. 

 Mariana Kondratovych