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We put an end to the myths about diets

Traditionally, mass-spring women begin to lose weight to summer without complexes walk along the beach in the open bathing suits. So, how to lose weight? And whether it is worth?

90-60-90 and realities

Internet resources abound tips that supposedly can lose weight once and forever. Often blind adherence to such advice leads to diseases that can become chronic. Stomach ulcers, anemia, anorexia, asthenia, even a change of hair color – and that is not a complete list of diseases that threaten those who choose the wrong diet or abusing them.

In fact, everyone wants to look attractive. Today gorgeous looks – the key to a successful career and family well-being and moral satisfaction. But when beauty is the meaning of life, it is necessary to speak about mental disorders that entail serious health disorders.

The problem of achieving the cherished ideal of beauty has become one of the most popular topics of the frequency of manic fray national media. Television channels covering news showbiz, constantly putting pressure on the audience, forcing often incompatible with life incredibly sexy images of women, claiming the average person absolutely wrong ideals. Interestingly, the practice appetizing forms 90-60-90 with American women, despite the fact that the American nation is recognized thickest in the world. But if you go back to the realities of women’s lives, it is unlikely that someone is intimidated possible consequences diyetharchuvannya.

The risk is primarily for those who want to lose weight easily – without exercise and diet, with special pills or teas. The purpose of these medications – to replace a certain time food simulate the feeling of satiety. But these drugs are either temporarily or in combination with well-chosen diet and exercise, or almost inefficient.

Second year student of Ukrainian Financial and Economic Institute Liliia shares with readers his negative experience weight loss through pills: “A year ago I really wanted to lose a few extra pounds. It was naive and believed that it is really very simple. Beginnings book itself expensive and as I was assured quality pills. Indeed, the desire to not eat at all, and I just glad that everything is really very simple. But a month later noticed that too was nervous with all the cursing, all the world annoyed me and did not suit. I would love to eat fruits and vegetables, but eat something I just could not, because these capsules occupy all space stomach. Gradually came near depression. Fortunately, when the capsule ended, I pulled herself together and bought another bank medication. Beginning overcome himself slowly eating vegetable salads. Everyone who wants to lose weight, I want to suggest first of all change the attitude to yourself, to love yourself. “

But do not forget that any restrictions on food – although it is small, but stress to the body. And decided to go on a strict diet – do not be surprised if you are accompanied by feelings of anxiety, anxiety and even depression. In severe cases it can lead to serious mental illness, in fact, limiting themselves in nutrition, we do not get enough vitamins and minerals that are needed by the body.

5 popular myths about diet

Hunger, famine and hunger again! – The most popular myth about weight loss. Nutritionists have long placed a taboo on this type of diet. First, the organism is difficult to “smoothly” move fast weight loss, and secondly, the lack of protein leads to violations of all bodies, and thirdly, it is very difficult to withstand hunger and lose weight after a while returned.

Less than eat! In fact, everything depends not just on how many times a day will be a meal, but the pace of eating and how much food to consume at one time. One of the women’s forum brings harmony paryzhanok secret – slow food intake.

Strict diet – the key to fast weight loss! Maryna Zhyrnova, journalist, seriously took up the topic of women’s issues slimming notes in the “Diet? Diet! “That even the simplest grapefruit or watermelon diet (it would seem, well, that’s so – nothing vitamins) already on the third day can cause serious breakdowns: poor concentration, inability to realistically assess the situation. And all because the body has no “specialization”, so you can use only one type of food.

Drink lots of water! Thus, during the diet should drink plenty of water, but instead of food, and as a means of removing toxins and impurities from the body. Nutritionists advise to use a liquid before eating, not during or after a meal: it leads to poor absorption of food, which is caused by the splitting of gastric juice.

Become a vegetarian! It has become fashionable to say: “I do not consume meat. I’m a vegetarian. ” Yes, herbal products are very good for the body, but the lack of vitamins to supplement daily.

What to choose?

In general, all diets can be divided into three groups: regular meals, fasting days and proper diet. Olena Petrenko, researcher, graduate student, doctor of hygienic food, said: “Diets are of various kinds, such as medical (support functions) or regular diet. Each diet has its pros and cons. The main disadvantage is that the body loses beneficial minerals and vitamins, and it leads to disruption of its normal operation. In addition, a person who promptly throws weight as rapidly losing fat-like cells. As a result, the body produces less hormone-like substances that shortfall which causes a disturbance cycle in women and lessens the chances of conceiving a child. “

Among the most effective known Kremlin diet is probably are most popular among women – residents of the CIS countries. It is unique because it allows you to eat plenty of protein foods, neglecting food with high carbohydrate content. All products Kremlin diet assigned a certain number of points (in modern terms, some goes to the arbitrary units), the sum of which must be carefully supervised to ensure that you do not exceed the maximum level. However, not everyone can choose this diet. Those with chronic diseases of the heart, vascular system, the stomach should always consult with a physician, you can not choose this diet and women who are breastfeeding and people with sick kidneys.

One of the most famous and probably the most effective and complex world is the Hollywood diet that closely resembles starvation. It completely eliminates the consumption of alcoholic drinks, sugar, salt and various spices, and during the daily diet is necessary to drink 1-1.5 liters of boiled water. A diet designed for two weeks. In the first week for breakfast you can drink only black coffee or tea without sugar, sometimes one bridou crackers. For lunch, the Hollywood diet planned boiled meat, salad, yogurt, boiled eggs, grated carrots, cheese, fruit salad and fish with vegetables in different variations. If you soak the first week – repeat it in reverse order. Ideally, the first week the body gets rid of extra pounds, but by the second week secured the result.

Another way to lose weight is a therapeutic diet. Usually, it is used by those who really are overweight. In this diet it’s much easier than it sounds: you just need to give up foods that harm the body. These include: food with high carbohydrate (such delicious biscuits, cakes, sweets, sugar, white bread, potatoes, rice, beans), carbonated and alcoholic beverages, as well as sausages and fried foods.

Women tricks

But not all women have the willpower to devote himself to a diet, so coming up with various ways to bring down hunger confused. Again we turn to the book of Maryna Zhyrnova which leads ways to combat hunger. The author says: in any case can not eat standing up, making long pauses between meals and eat quickly. For those who can not completely get rid of hunger, there are several easy ways: you can make compotes with parsley leaves, mint, plums and figs, garlic, at intervals of a few minutes of massage fingers point between the upper lip and nose, to make open Window breathing exercises.

And finally …

Do not forget about sports. Although there will probably be a whole bunch of excuses like “I have no time for this.” Did you know that during a routine “walk” escalator you lose 540 calories per hour during the descent and 900 calories per hour while moving up? It is not necessary to spend money on the gym – there are many methods to maintain good physical shape without leaving home. But these classes – this applies even ordinary Morning charge – should bring joy in the first place, and only then they will be effective.

But most importantly – it’s self-confidence and the right style of life. Even in Hollywood sure did not immediately lose weight: quickly dropped pounds quickly come back. And the result is stable only when a healthy lifestyle, proper diet along with physical activities will be an integral part of the daily rhythm of life.

Alina Mykhailova