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Stylish food: vegetarianism as a lifestyle

In vogue again includes health. And again yesterday frivolous youth of today, grabs hold of the chief flying life, and we must make it all! In addition, smoking is not cool to drink alcohol – can everyone else. But early in the morning to run, exercise and eat right – for selected classes. So common are various ways of life related to health, activity and positive.

Vegetarianism – in our society is not new, it has come to us from ancestors. Kinda veganism actively practiced and still practicing Christians – in the guise of various positions, which, among other things, restrict the use of animal products. But vegetarianism as eating and life began to gain momentum recently. A lot of people at least once, and tried for a while to give up meat and fish, and some – even from dairy products and eggs.

It is necessary to distinguish between the main flow of vegetarianism (most vegetarians are offended when their name confused). Vegetarians are traditionally considered to be a person who does not eat meat and seafood. They differ vegans – they limit themselves also in dairy products, eggs, and sometimes even honey. Not the most radical among them are considered Syroyid. It is easy to guess that those who eat only raw foods (or cooked at a temperature below 60 degrees Celsius).

Of course, the spread of vegetarianism apply to many disputes about its benefit and harm. Some argue that animal protein is essential for the human body. Others – on the contrary, animal products – toxic and harmful to our insides.

Many studies have been done for ovocheyidstva. For example, EPIC-Oxford (European Centre for Research on Cancer) has tested more than sixty thousand people and found that among vegetarians there is much less cancer. Just vegetarians half the risk of getting diabetes type 2.

On the other hand, among vegans are more common variety of beriberi and imbalances. For example, vitamin B-12 is found only in animal products, so too strict vegetarians are advised to themselves additionally take this vitamin in synthetic form. Similarly, there are some essential fatty acids that are mainly rich animal foods.

“Fresh herbs – one of the best sources of amino acids, – says nutritionist Olga Malyshev. – These amino acids the body uses to build its own tissues. For the amino acids of meat, it will take a huge amount of energy on digestion and processing of meat. At the same amino acid can be much easier to get greens, vegetables, and the other plant foods. There are many examples of athletes, vegetarians, vegans and even rawfoodist in which proteins and muscles all right.”

Although, of course, all the rejection of meat and milk will react differently. Some have to resort to such experiments on his own meals carefully examine all sorts of research will put the pros and cons. However, the best way to check if it fits you vegetarian – try the same. Slowly, slowly, starting small. First, you can try to ask to give up meat, say, two or three weeks or a month. If all succeed – add the restrictions and still fish. The body itself will tell you that it is better and which should stay. The main thing – do not compel him. If you dream cherished hen night, from salads already sick, and in the middle of the working day pidkoshuyutsya feet, it is possible vegetarian – just not your style.

“You can always start with a combination of products, if you like chicken – try to eat it with vegetables, apart from pasta or rice, – advises beginners vegetarianism Olga Malyshev. – Separate the use of meat and starchy foods (cereals, potatoes, pasta, bread) quickly and better reflected the health, vitality and harmony. Also try if not altogether eliminate, or at least minimized in the diet of junk food: sugar, refined flour and oil, canned foods. And see the diversity of the diet: the more it fruits and vegetables, the best for you.”

Actually, another vector vegetarianism there is also respect the fact that you do not eat (or eat). Many of vegans refuses to products of animal origin, not only in food but also in everyday life. These activists do not wear fur and leather, cosmetics boycott that test on animals, and more. In it there is a regular logic, because when I refuse to eat our younger brothers, then why do I allow myself to put on their skins?..

I also had to face with another dimension of vegetarianism – not as healthy and enjoyable as all the above. In his own family, I am very persistent vegetarians who turn mountains – and even a piece of meat in his mouth did not take. So here for six years throughout the family has to get used to the quirks of my gastronomic drop of blood. Moreover, just recently my brother finally left trying to turn us into a culinary faith and refuse to get meat and milk. So for those who have already chosen or even just going to choose a vegetarian lifestyle for yourself: be mutually respectful! Respect the choices of others, even if it is completely different from yours.

“- So can you still eat meat does not? – Not eat.”- joked Les Poderev’jans’kyj. Whatever choice you made: vegetarian, eating meat, or any other-tion (even marsianstvo), which is only the opinion subsides – most importantly, to you it brought joy. And do not treat it too seriously, eat a piece of meat or drink a glass of milk – not the end of the world or your life, how not to eat or not to drink it.

Anastasiia Soroka