27.11.2013 - News

Сonstruction worker found statuette “Emmy” in the trash

Worker from Brooklyn found valuable statuette among the boxes of rubbish from recently sold home. 

At first, the man not given to the discovery of importance, but after a while seeing the ceremony “Emmy” on TV said that they found very similar to the figurine figurines on the screen.
It turned out that the statue, which found a worker is genuine and was released in 1950. Gold bar with the name of the award is missing, so to determine its original owner, unfortunately, impossible.

“I would really like to just get her back home, where it belongs” – confessed Ismail Chekich .

Recall that the U.S. television “Emmy” is a very prestigious and is considered the television equivalent of the “Oscar” ( for film ), the award “Grammy”  ( for music) and the award ” Tony” ( for the theater).

Author: Olga Broskova
Source: nypost.com