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Build wisely

Do you dream of your own home, but have no idea how to start? Do you have money for the building, but do not know whom to turn to? Doubts do not let make the dream come true? We’ll tell you how to build your dream house.

If you have already planted a tree and ready for the birth of a son, you need to perform another item famous plan – to build a house. Of course, we do not encourage you to run and knead concrete solution, pick up a brick and trowel. But the dream of a rapid and serene building is not worth it, even if there is enough money to all the work done for you. You must have at least a general idea about the stages of construction, and those insidious nuances, which better prepare in advance.

If you dream of a large country house in a suburb of the capital, without the services of builders, of course, can not do. In addition, the quality and thoroughly to make every detail of the project at home and landscaping of the site. Then the house will meet all requirements.

We will try to tell in detail which steps you have to go through during construction, how best to organize and successfully finish. Begin to embody the dream into reality.

Lucky organization – the key to success

At first, the customer should contact the designer and book project. Project documentation should be checked very carefully, because of the fact how well it is implemented will depend on all further construction process. Project documentation should include:

1. The general explanatory note to the original documentation, technical and economic parameters, project manager certificate of compliance with design rules.

2. Situation plan on a scale of 1:10000 and 1:2000.

3. Masterplan for the site on Geological preparatory basis with a vertical layout and interconnection of the project to the area.

4. Drawings of architectural decisions:

- a plan basements;

- floor plan;

- colored facades;

- cuts (longitudinal and transverse);

- permission for engineering equipment (according to the instructions of the design).

In addition, the project must include all details of the construction and installation works, as well as the materials that will be used during construction.

One of the most important conditions for the successful construction – the choice of the contractor. But where is the search for these companies and on what basis they choose? On this question, we answered the director of construction company “Mega-Inbud” Sergey Serganov: “In today’s market there are many companies involved in such construction work. The dominance of online advertising will facilitate your search. You can perform its own monitoring of the market and choose a few companies. In order to orient the choice of general contractor, it is best to conduct a tender between the companies. The main conditions are estimated to cost, time, work performance and consistent quality.”  The cost of construction is dependent on the design decisions and the materials used.

Recall that it is necessary to check the license for the construction work of the organization you are taking on the job. Note: It is better to choose a company that will do the work of the zero cycle before finishing.

Do you wish to become a builder?

Even before the start of construction land must be designed accordingly for the construction of a country house type. The work begins with the land and the development of the foundation pit house. All work must be carried out according to the project. Usually it is on the foundation of the house consumes the largest amount of money set aside for all of the construction.

After the foundation of everything perform work above the zero level, the level of the first floor. Create a frame. The optimal variant of construction – frame-monolithic building. Frame of the house will be filled in stages, from the outer to the inner walls. The material for the walls in this building – concrete block.

To save time, you can perform multiple operations in parallel: the construction of windows, interior walls and the facade of the house. So after everything walling can move on to the roof and attic.

Usually performed through the roof of wooden rafters. Rafters is a series of wooden beams, whose main function – to keep the weight of the load of the roof. The quality of the wooden rafters depends durability and reliability of the roof. One of the best roofing materials – clay tiles. Cheap material – steel sheet metal, although its aesthetic look, unfortunately, corresponds to the price of the product. However, the device roof – this is the stage of construction, on which it is better not to save.

Then you can start the inner workings and construction of engineering systems. In parallel, perform establishing external networks at home, blaze from the city network. This gas, water, sewerage and electrification of the house. If the general contractor is not licensed to perform such work, then you need to hire an organization that specializes in this. Engineering networks are considered valid after commissioning.

After that, the interior finish. House to give up the plaster on the walls and on the floor screed. This is the condition that the area of ​​the premises will not be changed, since finishing and decorative work does not pull a no deviations from the construction project.

The last step in the construction of the most enjoyable – the development of project design and execution of interior decorative finishing.

Your private property

After the device and external networks at runtime interior decorating design appropriate to begin entering the house in operation. Since all construction work to be performed under the auspices of the Ukrainian state building codes, the introduction of the house in operation by the relevant local authorities.

The customer should get the technical passport at home after the Bureau of Technical Inventory examine and measured area. This is a very laborious business. All work performed must comply with technical aspects, indications in the project plan. It notes that the house is ready for operation. If the building is not recognized as such, it becomes unauthorized construction that does not meet current standards and regulations. This can create great difficulties. In order to enable you to live in a house like this, you have to fight for making a judgment about the possibility of its intended use.

Country house belongs to the second category of buildings. This means that commissioning is on registration declaration, which lists all the technical characteristics of the house, and all the organizations that participated in the construction.

The main problem of the recognition of the relevant home building codes and standards – obtaining consents and approvals (signature and seal) of the relevant public authorities. You should be aware that in addition to the money spent on the construction of a self, a considerable lot of money will have to wait for other expenses. Therefore, at your door knock necessarily firefighters sanitary-epidemical department, the main architecture control, water canal and several other organizations.

Finally, the last point on the path to move to the coveted housing. On the basis of the declaration and data sheets, as well as the consent of the local authority you have to get a certificate of ownership of the house. He is given a mailing address to be entered in the state register. Since then, your home is a real structure showing the location on the map. The house is considered to be officially recognized and assigned to the owner.

Typically, the construction of such a country dwelling lasts at least four months. So you should arm yourself with patience and strength. However, the only way to make your dream a reality. Have an inspired build!

Irina Zherebilo