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Wedding wars

Most people associate their wedding if not with the wedding dress, then with dances and “green snake”. And the question arises whether such a thing as love has anything to do with marriage. The answer is likely to be controversial…

 “Love is blind, but marriage restores its sight”

Everyone fall in love, some even several times a day, but it comes before the wedding is not for everyone. Of course! To love a person – is one thing, wash, wash, cook and clean with it – is quite another. On the other hand, the marriage – is a certain guarantee: your loved one is now fully owned by you and the soul and body. Marriage – is defined by the legalization of love, but when there is a place to live, then the marriage can be a fairy tale. And it all begins, as usual, from the wedding …

Can one buy love?

Today, there are plenty of sites, agencies and companies, which for a fee, promise you an unforgettable wedding: the cost of showman, the delicious meal at a stylish dress, music, the limo and flowers, a hairdresser for the bride, mother, matchmaker, sisters and etc., a tidy sum on the ring at photographers and cameramen, plus honeymoon. Indeed, the sumptuous wedding not everyone can afford. Perhaps that’s why now, all brides are choosing less voluminous white dress, the carriage with white horses and room for a thousand guests. It would be desirable, but could not. However, encouraged by the fact that today more young Ukrainians happily and confidently go to the registrar. Of these the first six months of this year in Ukraine have decided to part 69 000 couples. These statistics are optimistic, because this number is less than 15% than the same period last year, and as much as 20% – the same period in 2010. In modern Ukraine a young family – it is fashionable. 20-year-old lovers get married, rent an apartment, take out loans. Next, become parents, and all goes according to plan … The most frequent marriages – in Donetsk region, and the strongest – in the Carpathians.

In principle, in Ukraine there were many extraordinary weddings. It suffices to recall the wedding of the daughter of MP from the “Party of Regions,” Yuri Ivanyuschenko – Jana and her fiance, a Frenchman, who held 09/09/09. It is said that this was the most expensive wedding in the Ukraine. But the most expensive wedding in the world is objectively the wedding of Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Princess Salaam. Their partying was worth 100 million dollars! Although this wedding took place in 1981, so far no one has beaten this record does not. That is love!

It is worth mentioning, and Andrew and Lisa Efrosinina Yushchenko and Yanukovych, and the young Olga Korochanskuyu that are the same in 2009 happily married and live in the world. Their wedding was not as grand as that of Mohammed al-Maktoum, but not one girl’s heart with delight watching the scenes in the evening news. Indeed, until recently, Yushchenko and Yanukovych junior considered the most desirable bachelors of Ukraine. Well, God grant them the strength of will and endurance, because love is love, but it is believed that married men live longer, and unmarried – interesting …

And, of course, sin is not really remember the fairy-tale wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, held in April 2011. 24.5 million people watched this wedding live in the UK, a global audience ranged from 300 million to 2 billion people. In general, the wedding was estimated at 34 million dollars. And not a few, not many.

Marriage – a universal thing, because it can exist as with love or without it. But love – something purely personal and individual in its own way. Here is how we see, does not matter your gender or condition, there are important you.

Marriage Agency – fairy tales and myths for adults

Hot Spanish, French romantic, reliable Germans, even with the dowry. What is the Ukrainian girl does not dream of marrying a foreigner? Marriage agencies and dating sites – to help them! But you never know who it is with a clear conscience can give your heart to find his other half?

According to sociologists, one-third of single Ukrainian women are not averse to marry a foreigner, and find the happiness they are trying a dating agency. Now in Ukraine there are about 12,000 marriage agencies, dating sites and clubs. In Kiev, there are about ten major international agencies and dozens of matchmakers who do not advertise themselves well. And this is only an approximate figure, the official statistics are not maintained.

In addition, the biography of foreigners is not available. At this point, as they say, women’s intuition saves. The future Ukrainian wife may ask for only a certificate of no criminal record, but that service was provided solely marriage agencies with good reputations.

In November last year, Parliament decided to oblige the marriage agencies and dating clubs to obtain licenses. Thus, people’s representatives are going to fight human trafficking. It is known that during the years of independence was sold into slavery 110,000 Ukrainians. Licensing should also reduce the amount of resources for the newlyweds, because now the head of dating club will be responsible for the safety of Ukrainians, checking all the details of a potential husband.

Professional matchmaker Julie, how many hearts united for thirteen years, is not considered. Refer to it mostly people 22 to 60 years. He says that clients have enough: “Most, of course, women. And even those over 40, with hope in the eyes of the elect are asked to find no bad habits, industrious, intelligent. That is, perhaps, the nature of women – to believe in fairy tales of princes. These are found, but the agency will not apply exactly. And all the foreigners who are in our database is already grown, solid men who also believe in fairy tales and myths are different, believe that Ukraine has the most kind and beautiful woman. And this fact will not argue. “

Potential suitors, almost all – foreigners. But on the Ukrainian men demand is minimal. Ernesto came to Kiev to seek a wife. He says his friend is married to our compatriot, and am very happy that – and so I decided to try myself. His second half was looking all over the world. Agency – the last hope. Although overcome the distrust of such services, he can not even now. But matchmakers say – fluctuations in vain. In marriage, arranged in the agency accounts for only 3-4% of divorces – is very small. Psychologists have added: “Will a strong marriage does not depend on how and where people meet. Familiarize themselves with no middlemen often prevents shyness. “

Tanya can be called a regular customer of the marriage agency. The girl learned a lot and worked, so the time the device was not his personal life. Familiar advised to contact the agency. With Tatiana met her future husband for almost a year until he decided to move in with him in Miami. After six years of marriage Tatiana divorced. Now it is – a vacation in Kiev and then goes to a dating agency. Believe: lucky for the second time.

How to make money on his own loneliness

It turns out that our humble suitor Ernesto is not in vain does not trust dating clubs, because in most cases to a matchmaker is not noble to connect lonely hearts, and earn more – and the currency. Now it is understandable why Ukrainian men are not in demand – the hryvna loses to euro.

Inspired by a conversation with a professional matchmaker Julia, I decided to find myself and Ernesto from Miami and turned into a license Kiev agency. I was immediately greeted with the question of the level of English language and with a slight sigh of glad that I do not need an interpreter. We signed a contract, I read its contents with a video camera and got a contract on his hands, and three questionnaires to three pages each, about my family, my hobbies, etc. Earn, say, going by herself. Of course, I asked, which means to earn, and what would happen if the English language I do not know. And here there was an epiphany – the potential Ukrainian wives go to the agency as a job. For each incoming email – half a cent, the first – free of charge, for an hour online chat with a lonely miserable man – five dollars, video chat – ten. Gifts that sends up the death of a foreigner in love, you can get cash, and for each link, email address, phone number, an alien must make a regular contribution.

Translators of the agency principally take only the fairer sex, as a translator is in correspondence with men of more than ten girls. And to make sure that the translators faithfully fulfill their mission wonderful Amur, management agencies from time to time calls with questions about recent reports, letters of a client. After all, who pays – that’s right.

Now everything was clear. Moreover, it explained why my 19-year-old girl who has already registered for a week at the agency wrote about 15 married men is not doubtful that the 40. Most of the reports dealt with the invitations, “Hayat” or “Intercontinental” this spring. Like, the trip – you need to spend a week with someone. Although, surprisingly, there were desperate guys who sent treatises on love at first sight, or a few pages of his autobiography.

In short, Ukrainian marriage agency – is a phenomenon, because nowhere in the world do not have such a large number of attractive and single women who are at the first opportunity ready to throw himself into the arms of a foreigner. Perhaps, it is despair. A desperately needed to fight – a real love.

Kateryna Soroka