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Secrets of luxurious hair

Long braid is decoration of each girl. Since ancient times people gave her hair a special significance. With him were associated concepts such as identity, power, freedom and wealth. Now the hair is also an inherent part of female beauty. To give your look a unique style women began to make him a variety of manipulations: combing, hair, coloring, perming, alignment. How, then, to keep your hair healthy and beautiful conditions for such “difficult experiments”?

Choosing your hair type

In order not to harm the hair and make caring for efficient and correct, it is necessary first of all to determine its type. For the normal type is characterized by a unique sheen and elasticity. His owner did not have a problem with combing and split ends. Oily hair has a nasty dull luster. After shampooing, it quickly becomes dirty and unkempt. Dry the hair looks very split. It is easily broken, tangled and hard to comb. Familiar when the ends of your hair dry and very oily at the roots? Then you are the owner of the latter, the mixed type.

Barber Tetyana Pryz on this occasion says:

“On the basis of 10 years of experience I can say that people usually do not pay attention to the type of your hair. This is the main problem. Women mistakenly believe that they have it bad by nature. But in fact hair just needs the usual treatment. Use shampoos, balms and various sprays that do not match the type of hair inflict even more damage. Do not try to establish the diagnosis themselves. To do this, you should contact a qualified electrician. In particular, dietitian, dermatologist, gastroenterologist and more. They help each individual to choose a course of vitamins that your hair back its natural beauty. I do not have anything against the innovations in modern cosmetics, but it is always better to go back to traditional methods of care and treatment. They are time-tested and subject to regular use give effective results. “

What is the right hair care?

Proper and balanced hair care, regardless of its type, consisting of four stages:

- Proper washing;

- Proper drying;

- Professional styling;

- Balanced diet.

1. Properly wash head

There is a widespread belief that the shampoo does not need to exert much effort. In fact, it is troublesome process, which largely depends on the health of your hair. The frequency of shampooing depends on the individual needs of each person. One to maintain cleanliness enough just once a week, someone – one every three days, and some even washes his head every day. Do not do this too cool or hot water.

Dry hair needs special approach. Once you head soaked with warm water, a small amount of shampoo must first put on the palm and rub hands. Only then using massage movements should rub the cleanser into the skin hair. Too intense movements may cause the destruction of the cuticle.

The shampoo should be applied to the hair twice. After the first time you wash away the dirt and dust is different, and the second – the detergent gets medicinal properties (provided that the shampoo contains no harmful elements, but only substance needed).

The next step after a thorough cleaning – causing air conditioner, balm or balsam conditioner. It gives your hair elasticity, shine and silkiness. In addition, will be easier to comb and nest hair. Remember, shampoo and conditioner should be a trademark. All means “2 in1″, “3 in1″ – totally ineffective. And if used continuously, there is no benefit from them will not be exact.

2. Proper drying – the path to a good hair styling

It is clear that there is no better way to dry hair than his natural drying. However, in the present conditions of constant hurry to make it impossible. If you still can not do without a dryer, try to at least apply the regime of cold air, keeping everyone’s favorite instrument at a distance of40 cmfrom the head.

No need to wipe your head too carefully. This can cause your hair becomes brittle with split ends. It is better to wet his neat clean towel. It is also recommended not comb wet hair, because in this state it is the most exhausted. If you can not get rid of a bad habit, try to comb it with a wooden or plastic comb. Long hair is desirable to comb from root to tip, and short – vice versa.

3. Dieting for a luxury hair

Our hair and beautiful appearance are directly related to the fact that we consume every day. This is not constantly tired, nutritionists say, hairdressers and even scientists. Gorgeous hair, shiny skin, strong and healthy nails – a sign of proper diet person. The hair just loves when our diets are dishes with various vegetables, legumes and seafood. Because it is a protein structure, our body is very useful products that contain incorporates proteins. It could be fish, meat, eggs and so on. To make your hair always be healthy, the body must get vitamins A, C and E. Vitamin A resurrection fragile and brittle hair can be found in carrots and other vegetables. Vitamin E contributes to its restoration and nourishment. This should include in your diet with walnuts, sunflower seeds, sunflower oil. Vitamin C strengthens the hair follicles and blood vessels in the skin. So eat more citrus and cabbage, wild rose, blackberry and so on. Vitamin struggling with fat and brittle hair. Do not give up on cereals with different cereals and wheat and rye bread. Intensive hair fall out? Immediately you should pay attention to the level of calcium in your body.

 If you dream of a thick and long hair, try to use healthy products as often as possible. From the conservation, greasy, fried, spicy and salty foods should be discarded immediately. Useful are also extracts of herbs and various juice-therapy multivitamin.

The most common mistakes in hair care

Even if nature has given you a healthy and beautiful hair, poor quality care can make it brittle and dull. To prevent this, do not:

1. Use means that are not suitable for your hair and scalp. Brittle and weak hair needs additional power. And for oily hair at the roots need to find a tool that will regulate the sebaceous glands. If you have dandruff in your hair, you will need to purchase another vehicle and immediately get rid of this unpleasant disease. So, if after washing your hair clean, obedient, brilliant, you are using the correct detergent. If the hair does not meet these specifications, you must immediately pick up for your type of different shampoo and balm.

2. Treat hair only at home. It is also recommended to choose a good beauty salon and regularly consult on hair care from a qualified specialist.

3. Use the whole year are the same protection. Summer is recommended to use the means of UV-filters that protect your hair from sunlight. Also in the hot season it is advisable to have extra moisturizing sprays that do not require rinsing. In winter, due to increased dry hair need to use soft and pretty fat mass. Even oily hair type during the cold season requires different moisturizing oils.

4. Wash your hair under a strong jet of water. In this case, will have split ends. This procedure is best to use the designated capacity. That water was softer, add a few tablespoons of vinegar.

5. Attend bath or sauna without headgear. Protective cap will protect your hair from the damaging effects of high temperatures.

6. Regularly use a hair dryer, hair straightener and curling hair. Allow at least sometimes your hair to dry naturally. This will protect it from excessive fragility, dryness and vulnerability.

7. Wear too tight and narrow elastic bands and hair pins. From this it may become brittle and split.

8. Walk without a hat in the winter. When the hair is supercooled, it is a high risk of damage to its cuticles, leading to loss of even the most beautiful curls. Beautiful, soft and warm headpiece will save you from these troubles.

How to save your hair and bring back his former beauty and radiant shine?

To restore your hair healthy and well-groomed appearance, to help the modern girl now come different means cosmetology. For example:

• lamination of hair

Procedure when applied to the hair with a special protein composition of wheat, soybeans and biologically active substances, which forms a protective film on the hair, which does not allow external factors to damage it.

• professional and oil recovery indelible serum

This means, rich in vitamins, plant extracts, keratin, glycerin, etc., that allow to improve the structure of your hair.

These professional tools have their drawbacks – if used in large quantities, you can give your hair shine is not favored, and groomed and unaesthetic appearance.

In addition to costly and cosmetics are long forgotten, but also effective and yet less costly beauty recipes. First of all, the mask, made at home with conventional products, which are in each family.

We offer nourishing masks recipes that will help make your hair thick, shiny and silky:

Recipe 1. Mask based broth chamomile for blond hair: Brewed chamomile, cool and apply a healing broth already washed your hair for 30-40 minutes; then it opoliskuyemo acidified water (mix water with lemon juice or acetic acid).

Recipe 2. Mask for dark hair: Brewed ground coffee (2 tablespoons) in one cup of boiling water, then filtered and the form of heat is applied to washed hair; zakutuyemo head with a towel and wait 40 minutes. After this procedure is best rinsed hair decoction of herbs (nettle, burdock root, chamomile, etc.).

Recipe 3. Effective is also egg mask: consists of 1 egg yolk, 2 tablespoons of castor oil, 1 tsp vinegar and 1 tsp glycerine. Optionally, you can also add the juice of aloe leaves. The resulting mass is applied to the hair, rubbing at the root, and zakutuyemo head wrap, then a towel. Leave the mask on for an hour and then wash off with herbal tea. After a few times of use you will see visible results immediately. These masks are recommended for all hair types, both for disease prevention and treatment.

Experience shows that the old recipes are truly miraculous effect. Among the large number of professional methods of hair care “Grandma’s advice” remain popular and equally effective. The main thing – do not use all without exception, and to find the remedy that is right for your hair type.


So now there is a huge variety of recipes for hair that can ask Grandma or find on the internet pages. If you have the desire you can always turn bad and rare hair in luxurious, shiny and silky tresses. Remember only one thing: Hair care – is a continuous complex of events and of course proper nutrition. Do not deprive your hair proper care!

Anastasiia Kozelska