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Secrets of ancient houses

What makes the former novograd-volynets, and now – a successful entrepreneur and famous capital of the writer again and again in the remote woodlands village? Five hundred wooden house for him better for an apartment in the capital? What secrets hide old files between embroidered towels, and why collect that for centuries no longer used?

These are the questions we sought answers in the next report.

Mykola Khomych – ex-novograd-volinets, and now – a famous writer and successful entrepreneur, more than a dozen years living in Kiev. However, it falls just a day or two free, man gets behind the wheel and in a few hours come here – the village Radulyn, which limits Volynskyy, and Baranowski area. To the house where his childhood flashed. It has long died of his grandfathers and great-grandfathers, who once erected the house, flew him around the world several generations of hard-working big peasant family, father is already on the ground, but still this corner past lives its own life. So now he entertained flashing lights in small windows long autumn evenings. And if you look at one of them, you can see two cozy rooms, old stove with painted jugs and stag embroidered towels on icons and old photos of darkened by time frame, and another – the same old, carefully groomed furniture and men bent at hewn wooden tables, working at the computer.

Actually, only one laptop with the entire surrounding environment resembles that on the streets of the 21st century and everything else – from there, from the distant past. In all these towels with exquisite lace, linen curtains and sheets, homemade cloth in black, brown and red striped, like the age-old story of a stay. I stopped her there is this man with penetrating eyes, which broke away from the computer for a moment, staring through the window pane of glass in the garden, which is still loud fall in late autumn apples.

Mykola Khomych somehow suddenly recalls that it was Dad’s favorite apple tree in the garden he planted back in my college days… Oh and no father, and the old apple tree still brings forth generously and abundantly. It is now four-granddaughter him Leah as he ever so fond eat red juicy apple. And she knows that it was under this tree buried her navel, and loves to talk about it. They often come in here all along – his wife, daughter, son, and granddaughter. And then the house, yard and garden again filled with cheerful hubbub, laughter, late evening conversations, aromas of sweet tea infused with crimson and cherry twigs and unique taste of loose blush pies just out of the oven – with poppy seeds or apples. It again as ever – in early childhood…

Funny thing – life. Are passing days, years, centuries, but again and again through the ages and generations, something repeated consist of small particles into one – with thoughts, memories, and a guess at the inevitable regularity. How to solve it – the incomprehensible mystery of the nature of human existence? Where to find an answer to those things eternal «Why are we on this earth?» Where past begins and ends with the future, and whether it is possible to look behind the curtain of history and find there the answer to the mysteries of modern?

Difficult questions, but it is hard trying to find the answer. Find it and give to the world in the pages of their books. «Night Mermaid», «Time», «Space X or territory lies» – Mykola Khomych three books have been published. The last of them – fresh from the press. And everyone – read in one breath. When read into the world of books, you know – it’s more than just books. This – a unique and very interesting look at life, whatever it happens.

But to understand – you want to read. We will not transfer contents for every reader will have to open it for you. I find myself in these books. But after reading their answers to give eternal questions.

And now we are lucky to come back for a visit to the writer to understand and see it for what it is here – in his father’s house to still alive. To find out right here – the most special for him this house, which hide the secrets of the past, these old photographs on the walls under the embroidered towels. Not just pictures…

So just deal in the yard where the garden so snugly housed under an oak table with the same broad oak benches. Immediately noted that Mykola Khomych – very interesting interlocutor:

- Mykola Khomych, and how you got the idea to revive this house again?

- In this house lived my grandmother and grandfather, there flashed through my childhood. Although I was not born in Radulyn but their homeland consider this particular estate. And in my first book, “Tower of Babel” describes how the understanding and concept of this small country.

I was born, is already in a different country – Kazakhstan, my childhood took place there. One of my grandmothers lived in the Rostov region, it is in my mother’s line, and the father the roots – here, and the question of nationality in our family has never been, that it was all very delicately. His father was a builder I have it after graduation went to Kazakhstan, and there they met with my mother and there and I was born.

Kazakhstan was a multinational country, who just was not there! In class I had Germans and Greeks. That’s a kid we played and said “the Russians – the Germans,” then the question – who am I? I visited in the summer and in Rostov, although there was also Ukrainian village, and my grandmother was the name Makarenko, roots – also Ukrainian. But still there – was Ruthenia, and here now – a spirit, a real Ukraine.

As a child, this forest, this smells I felt something in particular, I thought it was my entire dear, it is – my homeland. Historically, from generation to generation, my father, grandfather, great grandfather, etc. had lived all his life in the land that belonged to my great-grandfather more.

He was a chiropractor. Perhaps this is why no one grandfather caught in the so-called «cannibalization» and it’s good for us, as the family moved nowhere. For centuries the land cultivated by our kind. Yes, they are reduced in size (the Soviets did took away the lion’s share of the estate), but the house was always in the same place, and there was a garden, a place – as if the umbilical cord of our family.

Once in junior high I asked my grandfather his pedigree. In Grade 6 Family Tree painted and only now realize that if this is not done, it would have lost something. This family tree I came to 1730, the name, and this – the time of Peter the Great! Yet due to the Radulyn and this place.

So could it be that I had not rebuilt the house. I started it seven years ago. 1984 and 1985 are dead grandmother Hanna Fedorivna and grandfather Volodymyr Kharytonovych – the last residents of the house.

- Interestingly, the name Kharyton – always passed you from generation to generation?

- My father was named after his grandfather, because he was blonde like my grandfather, who was called Kharyton White. In our family, half natural blond.

When the house became a cottage, we all came here, my daughter Julie also feels this energy, it just breaks here. Perhaps our ancestors called shadows.

I am 11 years constantly live in Kiev, but could not this empty house uninhabited do not push me on the brain. He began to crumble, duct roof, ceiling damage, rotten window. We took it to restore, if possible, trying not to change anything and play the way it was before. But I got an almost empty house that had to be filled here by the spirit of childhood.

- How hedged home?

- Almost all the furniture is preserved, and I glad. There are benches, table, wardrobe… but there were no towels grandmother of the icons that I so enjoyed. Towels someone took because I was looking for similar embroidered stitch. Then I pulled on the entire Ukrainian culture, so there are towels and Ivano-Frankivsk, Volyn. There are carpets Poltava, Hutsul. Survived canvas grandmother, her homespun towel, which she loved – so they are wrapped in a roll.

Now there was a bigger idea – I will finish on this farmstead museum will be located where the old tools: flails, sickles. I remember how my grandmother knitting sheaves of rye was in the stacks, and now it cannot see, as well as battering the hives, so I want to keep it all for themselves and children.

I think my father would be happy knowing that the house alive. I think, as it reacted to my grandmother that I house remodels something, because her spirit stayed here. I sometimes think that I even go to communicate with them, such as when taking grandfather instruments. This dialogue is conducted, and their presence is always there. We say “Grandmother jasmine, peony” – these are the plants that she has brought up. My daughter through generations feels this energy, and this relationship is not terminated.

- Mykola Khomych, and another question – why did you decide to restore not only their family homestead, but Midsummer holiday, which for several years in organizing Radulyn announces essay contest among local kids and Award winners such good prizes?

- I remember the Midsummer holiday in the days of my childhood, when it was not – it was more elaborate, and almost ceased to celebrate. I wanted to restore it to a holiday is not dead, because it is – a deep connection, even from our distant past – paganism. I would not want to make the connection was lost on us, because people carried him through many generations! As for the competition and the prizes, I would like to encourage local children creativity, to awaken in young hearts an interest in the history of his native land.

- Well, we wish you success and inspiration!

- Thank you!

Valentyna Hembarska