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Such close and not known Russia

Russia Travel like a journey through the looking glass. You can spend all his life, but remain unknown more than a friend, but would be much more amazing than usual.

The uniqueness of Russian latitudes

Russia – the largest country in the world. On its territory there live different peoples, each with its own unique culture. Here, a variety of natural living conditions. Traveler just lost: where to go first in this vast country? If Frankly, we wondered too, going to Russia. The number of impressions of the former Soviet empire could adequately compete with many tourist countries: the land undisturbed forest and virgin nature – amazing Karelia, ancient Kazan, the home of Santa Claus – Big Ustug. And what a paradise to offer each of the many republics of the Russian Federation! And note that it is not hackneyed tours Europe, and they cost much less.

Walk to Santa Claus or a truly family tale

On a visit to the Karelian Santa Claus can be reached only 8250 rubles! Of course, if funds allow you porozkoshuvaty 3-4 days – you can purchase the program for 17,500 rubles. And no salt in it. You’ll get the old winter Petrozavodsk. Here: unique museum pagan culture “Doll House” embankment of Lake Onega, the ability to hear melody karyloniv. And then – walk soul! Going to a meeting with a real Karelian Santa Claus in his real residence! By the way, if you do not know in Karelia held annually Olympics “for us”: alcohol – adult juice – children. If you’re a healthy and active recreation, the Karelia number 1 in this: ski trips to Siberia, excursions to the island of Kizhi silver. And if you could imagine a full feeling when you go in harness, driven by a dog! Perhaps it is because there is surprisingly well-developed tourism, here and gathers a lot of travelers.

Natalia Danylenko, employee travel company “Pilot”: “Unfortunately, in Ukraine such tours are sold rather slowly, although people are interested in them. Most trips to the far corners of the best selling Russian operators. Of course, to St. Petersburg travel more frequently than in Karelia. But fans of active recreation in every way trying to get there. These tours are also interesting for people who prefer leisure in comfort, since there may be different for holiday accommodation options in hotels, for example, in tents. We would like to let people know more about the unique parts of neighboring states that could be interesting for tourists who love history, extreme sports, recreation, ecotourism, etc. “.

Terms survival – nice!

Height mountains Thach – 2368 m, and on the mountain – alpine meadows .. Array Thach protects International Fund for Nature, the nearest big city – Krasnodar and Sochi. Here you can experience the beauty of wildlife, and with it also heal your body. Programme walking uphill only offer a few travel agencies in Russia: it is very intense and quite cheap – 8 days worth 9300 rubles, 14 – 12800. And if you want to go where only the strongest stepped foot travelers, then march on spine Guam for you. Here as mysterious hotspots that hardly compass all even a few weeks. Therefore offer customized tours gorges, caves and mountains.

Everyone knows and no less interesting!

The classic “Golden Ring” of Russia – 16 Bridge: Alexander – Vladimir – Gus Crystal – Ivanovo – Kolyazyn – Kostroma – Moscow – Pereslavl – Ples – Rostov the Great – Rybinsk – Sergiev Posad – Suzdal – Uglich – Yuri `ev-Polish – Yaroslavl.

All cities are very interesting for its history and architectural structures. Take Yaroslavl. Legend tells us that this is where Prince Yaroslav in 1010 conquered pagan settlements and cut the image of a bear with an ax. In another version of Yaroslav killed a live bear. One way or another, but the prince built a fortification and called his name pits – Yaroslavl.

About the city Kostroma History tells that it was built on a scorched earth Prince Dolgoruky. And in the old town Kolyazyni that `appeared on Tverskaya land back in the XII century, lives an old nun who is not open to you, until you read about yourself three times” Our Father “, standing on the threshold of her house. If you were in Russia and did not ride the route “Golden Ring”, you can assume that this country you have not seen!

Full relax

Anapa, Gelendzhik, Sochi, Tuapse – the pearl of the Black Sea region in Russia.

City of Anapa, which has the status of federal resort, inspired by the generous gifts of our planet. Do not believe me? Try it yourself! Drive to the land of gentle sun, azure sea, mud, mineral waters, golden sands and unique relict natural systems.

Are you still hesitate? Then, maybe, to Tuapse? It really is full of relaxation. Mild climate, warm sun, beautiful sea. The main Caucasian ridge protects the city from the north winds. Sinyava massif soothes and sets man on a wonderful holiday. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the waterfalls in the area, enjoy the beauty of caves that have done a mountain river.

Gelendzhik Resort – unfairly obscure. This kind of oasis of peace, a place no less rich in historical monuments and warm sea. And of Sochi even tell not worth it. Shame if you have not visited there!

The only way the vast country to the Baltic Sea coast is Kaliningrad. The pearl of this locality is the Curonian Spit – strip on which the salty Baltic Sea bordering freshwater bay. Come here treated people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the nervous system and the reference system. Treat this as gynecological diseases, skin and respiratory system. Here the best mineral water and peat mud.

Lovers of quiet waters

Seliger lake of glacial origin, which is why it has such an unusual shape – a whole series of small lakes that are united ‘channels. This is a very attractive place for tourists. In June the water temperature reaches 20 ° C. This place can be called a true Eden for fishermen. In the waters of the lake is found in more than 30 species of fish: pike, perch, roach, bream, perch, carp, nalym, ide and even eel. And if you have received permission from the Union of fishermen and hunters, and of course, if you know how to hunt, then you have a great opportunity to shoot.

Another lake – Lake Ladoga, which, together with the islands covers an area of more than 18,000 km ?. Since it is vacated ice 12,000 years ago, but now they live seals, which hit the taste of climate reservoirs. Relax on Lake Ladoga be swell: spend the night on a desert island, the rest by the fire, go fishing and do anything you want, because you do not care no one sees!

The former residence of the kings

This city is not possible to avoid, if you – romantic. The explanation is quite simple – white nights. This natural wonder attracts infinite number of travelers. Many people fall in love with this town and never come back here no. So be careful when going to the former residence of kings, for there amazing!

White nights beginning on May 25-26 and lasts about 50 days. At this time the sun drops below the horizon for no more than 8-9 °. Twilight almost merge with the morning dawn. The longest day – 19 hours (21-22 June).

Equally stunning is the location and the city has 10% of the river Neva. In Petersburg also significantly influenced many small rivers and channels: through them translated 308 bridges! Start of construction of the city falls on May 16, 1703. On this day, the construction of the fortress, you will be happy to see if you will visit the second capital of Russia. Throughout its three hundred year history of St. Petersburg has a lot of interesting things worth seeing tourists. And do not even try to meet with St. Petersburg for a few days – it’s impossible. Moreover, in each city to know “their” place. So it is going to travel back to advise well acquainted with the city in absentia, or do not have time to see everything.

All these places are connected by a single country. Had launched into one trip, so you can see that the experience will last a lifetime. No wonder many generations of poets and writers sang and continue to sing breadth of his great and powerful state.

Believe me, of whatever corner of the country you are visiting, you’re everywhere zahlesnut vivid emotions: «I` ll be back »- you might say. And, indeed, be sure to go back to Russia!

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