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Time, when tattoos caused indignation of society, passed. It would seem, quite recently people with pictures on a body considered former prisoners. They were the objects of conviction and excessive attention. But stereotypes in the past, and now the all greater amount of Ukrainians «covers» with drawings the body. Tattoo-business in Ukraine overgrows by leaps and bounds, seems, quite soon to draw a butterfly it will be quicker, than to order pizza on a shoulder.

Forming of artistic process of «tattoo»

Tattoo – this one of the oldest directions in a fine art. Yes, exactly in an art, despite an existent idea that tattoo is some asocial mark, that is the excellent feature of people that visited the places of imprisonment. There are a few in the everyday use variants of origin of this artistic process. Till recently the first archaeological find that is the certificate of tattoos was the Egyptiac mummy. In spite of the fact that her age – approximately four millenniums, picture on her body evidently clearly, that allows to talk about the high level of ancient masters-tattoo. However, freezing bits and pieces of primitive man, age of that, on the estimations of scientists, exceeds 6000, were recently found. On the skin of this man the enormous amount of tattoo is done with various decorative patterns.

As is generally known, any type of primitive art executed the applied functions. On a basic version, tattoos naturally appeared from scars. On the body of man they testified to his participating in wars and hunt, and examined as marks of Gods. In course of time people decided to inflict on a body the special pictures by means of that aimed to get the help of Gods and spirits. Farther tattoos are difficult more various, that explained by the different terms of life of people, and customs that was due to it formed.

One of the first were the formed styles of Ancient Egypt and Asia Minor, about that to us send on fragmentary information only. It is needed to mark that through church prohibitions, tattoos in medieval Europe did not develop practically. The revival of this art took place only in new time, with beginning of epoch of the large geographical opening.

An important date in history of origin of tattoo is 1891, when an electric typewriter was invented for tattoos. However during the first half of 20th century, this type of art practically stood in place. A stylistic variety abandoned to wish the best, an avarice and primitiveness of plots was obvious. Revolution happened already in 60th with development of kontrculture youth motions that returned status of one of types of fine art to the tattoo. From this period, on the basis of ancient east and European styles modern styles begin to be formed.

Tattoo-business: work or handicraft?

The greatest problem of beginning master consists in the decision of question with an apartment in sanstancion. The best variant is this collaboration with barbershops or beauty salons, where already there is the leased establishment. But it is necessary to take into account that tattoo in such salons is master on a call that mostly works in a few salons at once. Therefore to responsibility before a client nobody, as a rule, does not carry. A variant with a lease is unprofitable that tattoo forces to be divided by the large percent of profit yield with the owner of salon, therefore saves the money different methods: sterilizes needles, instead of that to use non-permanent, uses bits and pieces paints that remained from work with a previous client et cetera

However and obvious advantages of tattoo-business are enough. As master works on itself, he can individually and without mediators to work with a client, that saves money, both customer and performer considerably. In addition, an unambigiuous plus is a free chart, that allows not only to work in a few salons simultaneously or to open own, independently to stipulate comfortable time but also in parallel to engage in other types of activity. In addition, tattoo has the opportunity creatively expressed. Every master of tattoo in the soul is an artist. And to learn to the similar sort of activity it is possible without problems, if to have artistic capabilities.

Indeed, records «master of tattoo» in the register of the Ukrainian professions it is not. Therefore at registration of papers on a private enterprise tattoo force to choose a column «other types of activity», in this connection there is a row of problems. Main complication consists in that in this case to masters of tattoo no requirements are produced in relation to the observance of sterility at a contact with blood. In the total all questions that touch sterilization and non-permanention of instruments remain on the conscience of masters.

Founding and development of tattoo-business

As with every year demand on tattoo grows in geometrical progression, tattoo from time to time substantially lift prices on the services. If in 2002 causing on the skin of hieroglyph costed an about 100 hrn., then in three years a price rose a to 200 hrn., now such pleasure stands already from a 450 hrn. However, to the Ukrainian prices yet far to world and Russian, where causing of the same hieroglyph costs $ 150-200. In unit, to do in Ukraine a tattoo it is possible and on prices, below than market, for masters that perform the order on apartments.

Creation of tattoo-studio is pleasure not from cheap. Especially, if a proprietor wishes not simply to stamp a tattoo, and to render yet and service of permanent tatuag, body-art, bio-tattoo and pirsing. In addition, some studios engage in the sale of equipment (typewriters for a tattoo and pricking of parts of body) and expense/pl materials (needles, paints et cetera), that presents greater part of turn of enterprise. On creation of similar valuable studio about $ 20 thousand may need taking into account the lease of apartment in a center, purchase of equipment and registration of shop-windows. However private masters of tattoo can be laid and in 3000$, if to work in an own apartment or drive out to the client.

The best masters can be enumerated on fingers and they are usually known by all tattoo-association. Therefore complication consists in that, to produce a client base. How to find clients? Information technologies simplified this process. It is not needed to paste announcements or give an advertisement on television. Usually chart simple : tattoo-master creates an own web site in the internet, where prices, examples of tattoos, contacts of master and different recommendations, are given. Next step of beginning businessman – to send a link on the web-site in social networks and forums of tattoo. And farther all works after logical beaded: someone did tattoo, told to the friends, they by the acquaintance et cetera.

What is wanted by the Ukrainian clients?

Among a client audience, the gender question by a rib does not cost: men and women among persons interested to decorate the body approximately equally, in fact now masters try to do procedure maximally painless. Mainly most popular is a tattoo among young people 35 from 20 to, thus if guys prefer to decorate shoulders, hands and shoulder-blades, then girls do to itself decorative patterns on sacrums and small of back.

Топ is 10 woman tattoos

  1. Butterflies
  2. Patterns (mainly inflicted on small of back)
  3. Asterisks
  4. Flowers (roses, camomiles, lilies, sunflowers, sakura)
  5. Hieroglyphs
  6. Hearts
  7. Dolphins
  8. Celtic tattoos (spirals and different patterns)
  9. Astrological signs
  10. Inscriptions

Lately own development of sketch of tattoo became popular. Clients draw that it is wanted to see on the body or pay to master for development of individual picture. Maybe, it is caused by that identical to tattoo gradually go out of fashion, yielding to championship the individual orders.

Masters of tattoo advise to avoid any magic symbolics, for example pentagram, religious and satanic symbols. In fact tattoo is this not only decoration. Symbols can have a mystic value. Some girls that not quite repose in itself do the head-dresses of eagle or dragon, hoping that a symbol will bring to them to the confidence. And decisive aggressive social climbers are flowerets and butterflies, trying thus to compensate absence of femininity and mildness. Professionals do not recommend to decorate buttocks, because in course of time, if a cellulitis appears, a picture can substantially become deformed. To the women that did not yet bear it is impossible to inflict tattoo on a breast and stomach.

Tattoo assert that any image is able to influence on your life, it is therefore necessary in earnest to walk up to the choice of decorative pattern. Not for free, earlier tattoo done for defence. There are quite a bit histories the heroes of that tell about changes in the life with stuffing of picture on a body.

Practical advices

If you decided to become the possessor of the worn next to the skin decoration as a tattoo, with responsibility behave to the choice of picture. An image on your body must answer your inner world. It is also needed to take into account that the sickliest to tattoo – on a breast, internal side of shoulder, backbone, stomach and below. Master necessarily must tell to you about the care of tattoo. Especially careful he must be in the first weeks after causing of picture.

Certainly, advantage on the side of master that already someone called from your acquaintances and remained the satisfied result. But if such are not present, necessarily look the examples of works of tattoo, check sterility of instruments that a picture will be done and preliminary will discuss a price. And main: tattoo will not take off together with a bothering clothing that went out from a fashion. Therefore do tattoo on that you will look and your mood will get better!


Yana, possessor a few told tattoo: «At the choice of tattoo most people follow a fashion, but this erroneous decision, because a tattoo is a not clothing that can be changed. It is a picture that you choose on great while, or even for life, he must represent your individuality, but not to be such, as at all».

Nina, habitant of city of Kyiv, told that «sketched» scars on a body, that stopped behind for her after an accident and that she very felt shy. Afterwards on a beach exactly by means of this bright tattoo she attracted attention the prospective husband.

Palamarchuk Oksana