29.11.2013 - News

Only 10% of tourists go on vacation without a cell phone

Almost 90 % of Britons take along your cell phone while traveling abroad.

Although traditionally the perfect vacation is in complete relaxation, tourists prefer to stay in touch while traveling , the study conducted by online travel agency.

According to a survey held by sunshine.co.uk, with 2162 persons going on vacation abroad, only 11 percent chose not to take their cell phones with them.

Among those who left my phone at home , 67% tell them that this decision was not taken lightly . Most of them said that they decided to do so to resist the temptation to use the phone while they are away from home.

11% of respondents said that they did so to avoid high roaming costs that may apply outside the UK , and 7% said they simply forgot to pack it .

More than half of those who took the phone said that during the day they used it often.

The results resonate with previous studies . Earlier this year, a survey conducted astminute.com, showed that 90% of tourists to spend four hours a day on by smartphones, tablets and other digital devices. Travel companies travelers responded dependence on technology that is growing , the introduction of new tour “digital detox” that encourage tourists to temporarily abandon their electronic devices.

 Author: Anastasiia Trepyton
Source: telegraph.co.uk