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Serkrety and fine manicure

Whether you are a man or a woman, you have long nails or short cover them with varnish or not, hands should be in perfect shape. And this is true, because they tell so much about you!

Today manicured hands – it’s your business card. It’s hands can be accurately identified and the true age and social status of a person and the state of her soul. So I decided to visit one of Kiev’s beauty salons and grooming to maintain the health of your hands. But in this place you can absolutely get lost in the variety of suggested manicure. So to start, I put a few questions that interest me, manicure.

Conversation with the master

Master of Beauty “Meylis” Nataliia Zubkova with enthusiasm and passion began to enter me in this fantastic world and time consuming, it’s not just making beautiful, equal, covered with nail varnish – it is also prudent care for your hands and nails.

- Do not damage the coating artificial material already weak natural nails?

- Recently, procedures to strengthen natural nails are becoming more relevant and popular. Many salons offer to clients strengthen their thin and weak natural nails just by covering artificial materials that are in no way degrade the nails, on the contrary, significantly improve its as natural nail under a layer of synthetic material that protects it from numerous negative environmental effects.

- It is necessary and safe children’s manicure is the procedure?

- Timely hand care and nail shaping the children responsible attitude to their own appearance. Little Fashion people enthusiastically about the possibility to feel older.

But it’s not just psychological comfort of the procedure. Professional manicure – one of the most effective ways of combating child onihofahiyeyu (obkushuvannya nails and the skin around them). Aesthetic goal manicure child – from an early age to teach children to care for your hands and nails. Even after one day, most children understand the importance of the process and begin to watch their hands.

- What kinds of manicure, and which one would you suggest I do?

- There are different types of manicure: hygienic, cosmetic, therapeutic, strengthening, Classic, French, dry, wet, SPA-manicure and many others.

After seeing the condition of my hands and nails, the master offered to stay on SPA-manicure and described it in detail.


SPA-manicure – a complete system of care for hands. It can not only cause your hands down and prevent the emergence of various infectious diseases and fungi, but also provides an excellent opportunity to relax and get a lot of fun.

Specialist nail care before service will take you to the dispenser itself properly wash your hands. For you include pleasant music. Followed by binding to any manicure treatment: disinfection, peeling, blending nourishing masks for skin and nails, the removal of aesthetic problems, and all this is accompanied by various pleasures. For example, in an office where you do manicures can ignite aromasvichky or put on the shoulders of pre-heated herbal pillow. Her scent, like the smell of essential oils used in massage mandatory, enhances the effect of relaxation. Of course, each has its own specialist branded SPA-secrets, the essence of which is reduced to just create a pleasant atmosphere.

Let’s step through the wizard.

Step 1. A procedure for disinfection. In bowl for manicure dezinfikuvalna ball drops from seaweed. Then a stone cutter is shaped nails client.

Step 2. In a little cuticle cream is applied for its softening and removal, hand the customer a dip in the water for 5-8 minutes. Then pumice Cuticle treated skin around nails (if necessary, you can make a traditional manicure).

Step 3. In your hands is superimposed a small amount vidluschuvalnoho scrub that pohladzhuvalnymy movements pounded on the skin. Remains removed scrub towel.

Step 4. To bleach moles, age spots and skin lightening hand using a few drops of lemon serum. Then, a special oil lightly pounded on the skin of hands.

Step 5. After the above procedures, customer’s hands wrapped in polyethylene and placed them into electric heated gloves (or wrapped in moist heated towel) for 3-5 minutes.

Step 6. Massage cuticle.

Step 7. In placing a small amount of skin protective lotion and do massage hands. The best effect is achieved by relaxing the client by health-care relaxation massage at the final stage of the procedure SPA-manicure.

Unfortunately, this procedure has its drawbacks: first, the very high cost, and secondly, it requires a fairly large amount of free time. But it at least once every six months to pay the attention, because lucky winner of well-groomed facial hair and hands attracted worldwide attention. A woman refuses to do this?

Svitlana Kovalenko