25.01.2015 - Sport

Training in the gym or at home?

Everyone knows that sport – a health and youth, a good mood and a great fit. Nowadays, a healthy lifestyle has become trendy and everyone wants to be slim, fit and have a solid muscle relief. But not everyone has the money for a gym. What then to do? Throw sport to hell, to keep at home or at the stadium, or still save money on a gym, because it’s worth it? Let’s try to understand.

Fitness – pros and cons

Let’s start with the pros because it is more pleasant:

First, the appropriate atmosphere. It’s hard to sit back when all around squat, run, jump … And you make this energy and try not to lag behind and be like everyone else – hard to do the exercises and work on the result.

Secondly, the coach is always there and if there was any question, then at any time you can consult with him. Especially if you do any dangerous or heavy exercise, there is always a person who will insure you.

Thirdly, in the gym a great selection of exercise equipment on any muscle group. This is a big plus – it is always interesting to do exercises on the simulator than himself invent something.

Fourth, the hall is a lot of space and it’s very positive thing, because not all homes have enough space to be able to work out all right, wave from the heart hands and legs.

As for the cons, they are, unfortunately, also include:

First, as would be desirable, but for that you have to pay. And the best is a gym, so it will be more expensive. Because of this, not everyone can afford to buy a subscription of at least six months.

Secondly, the gym you need to look good and that was as close as possible to the homes. But rarely happens that these two factors are the same, so it is very common for people to have to drive almost to the other end of the city to work out for an hour or two. Then they go home tired. This stress and waste of valuable time. And we do not need.

Thirdly, it does not occur quite convenient schedule gym. For example, you can work out at 8 am, and it only opens at 10 am. Or you have free time on weekends and gym work or to 6 pm, or even in his off-time.

Thus, the gym – it’s cool, he and enough advantages it provides a real opportunity to keep themselves in good shape. After another incentive to go to it is what you paid for it big money.

By the way, if you are a beginner, you can use the services of a coach. After all, he will show you how to perform the necessary exercises and which muscles have to work with, and what not. Very often it happens that a person performs exercises and practicing a completely different group of muscles and then from such training no sense. Also, the coach will help you initially go to the gym regularly and do there, not linytysya and stay at home. You can also ask the coach pick up at your training program and diet that will quickly achieve the desired results.

Workout at home

Therefore, regarding the advantages:

First, it saves your time greatly, it is not necessary to gather nowhere to go, waiting for their turn at the gym, go home. You simply choose for themselves loose and go for an hour. By the way, it does not necessarily make it to fit, you can put on as you see fit. You can choose a desired music and tune in to the process, which you no one will distract. And it’s very relaxing.

Secondly, the money you also do not have to pay. You can certainly buy a dumbbell, various expanders and rope, but still it would be cheaper than a gym, and they will already be thy property. Remember, instead of different expensive exercise equipment is better to buy a set of dumbbells, yoga mat, skipping rope, fitball and disks with various workout.

But the cons are pretty good:

First, if you do not have iron willpower and you used to feel sorry for yourself, or you can always find an excuse not to – just a home occupation will destroy thee, because hardly no good discipline can accomplish anything.

 In this case, remember the stadiums. It’s a cross between classes at home and in the gym. Because there are people in the stadium, and they also do, and it encourages you. Sometimes it is equipped with stadia, where you can find different versions of the main light-simulators. But there is also a downside – the time of year. If it’s starting to colder – then somehow not training.

Because the most important thing in this case – to understand what it is you need to consider all the pros and cons and choose exactly the type of training that would help you adjust your lifestyle to become a disciplined athlete and get the desired results. If you decide to lose weight, it is advisable to sit observe proper diet and workout process.

The process of training

So you have decided nonetheless to begin exercise. Then you need to look at how to approach the required training.

First of all, you should always start with a warm-up exercises. Remember the school days and that was a warm up to you on the head and to the most warmed his body and his prepare for future loads. Never try to do the workout somehow or do not do it. After all, how your muscles are warmed up, depends not only on how much your muscles will ache after a workout, but – what is far worse – you get hurt or not.

After a good workout go to cardio. This can be either running or training on orbitreks or rope. The main thing – more warm up the body and activate the heart to get used to it loads. Cardio may take 5-20 minutes, depending on how well you are prepared and what it is doing accent (for weight loss or for muscle growth).

But after cardio can move on to basic training. But do not forget that it is necessary for the whole class to drink enough water to be sufficiently ventilated premises, and was comfortable to wear and does not beat chest. Do not forget to spend a hitch after a workout that will help stretch your muscles and prevent.

Expert commentary

“Be patient, do not expect instant results stunning. If you exercise 3-4 times a week – it’s very good. You may not notice gradual changes in shape, so do not interrupt the program halfway. Eventually, you will get the desired results from their sessions. The most important thing – is to choose the right training program and nutrition because they have to fit exactly to your individual body. Keep in mind that proper and balanced diet – this is 60 % of your success. Also remember that sleep and rest also play a significant role in your progress. If you kill yourself in the gym with heavy exercise, come home with nothing to eat, and even sleep only 5 hours – a road to nowhere. So you only make yourself worse and get a negative experience. Therefore suitable to all wisely and you will see improvements. Good luck!” – recommends Irina Kolesnyk, personal trainer and master of sports of international class.

Olha Kuznietsova