28.11.2013 - News

Tourist survived after falling in Victoria Falls

A tourist from China, who fell into the gorge at Victoria Falls, escaped with minor injuries.

Taking pictures, Chinese tourist Shun Wang Xue was so carried away that he did not notice the cleft and fell into it. Victoria Falls depth reaches 108 meters and height of the cleft into which he fell is 25 meters. However, the man was lucky: he fell on a rock in the gorge, located at a depth of 15 meters.
“He fell on a rock and bruised hand. He looked very shocked because of the accident”, – said John Zulu, manager of the National Heritage Commission for the Protection of Nature in Livingston.

After a medical examination at a local clinic, 45 -year-old traveler and his three friends flew out of the country.

Every year at the Victoria Falls comes to look over three hundred thousand people. However, the cases fall into the waterfall tourists are very rare. Last time the man fell into the falls in 2005. Dropping  glasses, a tourist from South Africa reached for them and not keep his balance, fell off a cliff. Unfortunately, he died after falling from a 40-meter height.

Author: Olga Broskova
Source: news.com.au