16.10.2013 - News

Tourists save the forest in Hawaii

 Visitors to Hawaii can now immerse themselves in the local culture , Koa tree seedlings planted on the slopes of Mauna Kea.

Even when the rules first king of Hawaii, Koa forests with trees completely covered slopes of the volcano. But for a century through the production of sugar cane, pineapple cultivation and cattle in this vast region of the island was destroyed most of these trees.
You can change this, enrolling a new round of ” Hawaiian heritage ,” which carries a non-profit organization ” Hawaiian Heritage Hardwood » (Hawaiian Legacy Hardwoods’, HLH). During these unique expeditions will walk you through 1,000 acres area that HLH had brought for recovery of the forest, passing by young trees and a few old giant , sprawling branches that serve as habitat for akep and Hawaiian serpoklyuvok – two rare bird species living in Hawaii. These majestic old trees provide seeds for new trees. In Hawaii Koa tree anywhere else on Earth do not grow.
To date, more than HLH planted 200,000 trees. Most of them – Koa, but there are other plants, such as local Hawaiian trees and shrubs, such as Sophora zolotystolysta , sandalwood and ferns.
You choose your seat and seedling, then get a certificate with a unique number your tree and its GPS- coordinates. You can then enter these coordinates in Google Earth, to see how increasing your tree.
Author: Anastasiia Trepyton
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