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Tourists with scientists investigate albatross

Eco Safaris offers 7 Chizmana wishing to join the research trip on the ship “Hans Hanson» South Georgia to study the wandering albatross.

Ted Cheesman, who led expeditions in Anktartytsi for twenty years, said that Sally Ponseti asked his help in organizing the expedition, planned for January 2015, to support research.

He said: “The government of South Dzhorzhdiyi plans to conduct a detailed study of the life of wandering albatrosses every 10 years, with the obligations specified in the Agreement on the Conservation of albatrosses and petrels, but the costs associated with the use and maintenance of ships, of course, is quite high. We are happy to use tourism to ensure the quality of science for environmental protection, in this case – a very important study, in collaboration with the Government of South Georgia. At the same time we can give tour participants a unique experience, offering access to places where tourists normally can not get. This is one of two scientific tourist trips that we have developed for this season. Another is Tom Hart Oxford in October and November”.

Side-by-side four researchers will observe, photograph and study the wandering albatross as they will swim around South Georgia. The project allows tourists to visit the island Albatrosovyy Islands Uilsa and other remote areas of the picturesque south-east coast, which usually access at all.

Chizman added: “Our expedition will continue during the peak breeding season. We spend an incredible 18 days on land where travelers will help researchers learn from them, explore and photograph one of the most beautiful and wildlife-rich parts of the world”.

This is a rare occurrence, of course, can not be cheap. The cost ranges from $ 18.450 to $ 21.450 per person with collective use change depending on the cabin and flight. Total trip will last 32 days, of which – 29 days on board the “Hans Hanson”.

Group of tourists patronize professional photographer Scott Davis will lead a group of scientists Sally Poncet. Captain Dion to Ponce.

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton
Source: en.mercopress.com