29.12.2014 - News

In Thailand, paid tribute to the victims of the tsunami

Residents and guests of Thailand commemorated the victims of the tsunami, which in 2004 claimed the lives of everyone who was in the small fishing town on the ocean.

Participants of the rally lit paper lanterns, so remembering those 1,400 people whose bodies prybylysya the coast of Thailand ten years ago. Generally during the disaster killed more than 5,000 people, half of whom were tourists who come there to relax after the Christmas holidays.

After the tsunami in 2004 affected not only Thailand and other countries of the Indian Ocean. The total death toll from the disaster has 230,000 people, which makes it possible to speak of this natural disaster as the most ambitious in modern history.

Remembering the dead was held in all countries affected by the tsunami, such as Thailand, Sri Lanka, India and Indonesia.

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton
Source: travelandtourworld.com