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Killing design, or Secrets of your apartment

Each of us wants, that it was comfortable and beautiful in dwelling. And we begin to «lard» the own dwelling with carpets, furnitures, different expensive things. However a good design can inflict outstanding harm. And this happens because of the  misunderstanding of the use of the articles in interior.

Pathogenic cooperation of living and artificial

A decoration is not such already and innocent employment, because, as turn out, some objects can become reason of confusions with a health and quarrels between family members.

Sometimes will call at an apartment… As though all not bad: an interior is fashionable, sufficiency is felt. And feeling of calmness is not – uncomfortably somehow on the soul. It happens vice versa: the modestly executed apartment, small rooms, there is not a hint on riches, and is not desirable – so well and comfortably on an old settee. In what on the right?

At the end of 80th new science – eniology that studies conformities to law of energyinformative exchange in the wild and cooperation of man and lifeless objects appeared of past century. Although eniology yet quite young, specialists already had time accumulated certain experience. Often to them people apply for help with incomprehensible on the face of it complaints. It would seem, that can torment the proprietor of the wonderful dwelling? One feel discomfort in a certain room, grumble about rapid fatigueability, bad mood. The second specify a certain place even, where in them suddenly a chairman begins to be ill and a feel gets worse sharply. The third tell about terrible dreams that from day after day pursue them, or simply impossibility to have a good sleep on some place. However it costs only to move a bed – and dream becomes normal.

An apartment is the world in that we live in

If to inspect apartments in that proprietors feel ill at ease, it is possible to define and liquidate reasons of such discomfort. It appears, the power fields that radiate things in a room become culprits in many cases. Sometimes reason of the sickly state can be materials out of that the articles of everyday consumption are made. It is known that some things become «it» quickly, other are «domesticated» never. For example, unworn dresses, trousers, cloaks, jackets, shirts, hang in a closet, and when we are delivered them, feel reliefs and easy sorrow through abortively using up money. Reason of that with some things we so not «meet characters», such: they were made not from «our» material. The Russian scientists created a device by means of that it is possible to know about character of influence of the certain article of home consumption on a man even. It is enough to bring to experimental(for example, from the side of back, that he did not see) a that or other metal, piece of tree, mineral, packing with medications, that the device connected to the patient, character of influence specified during a few minutes – useful, neutral or harmful.

The strongest objects that keep the natural structure influence on people. For them internal power copulas continue to operate. Therefore furnitures from natural wood after the influence considerably stronger than furnitures from CPD.

Stranger’s decorations

Quite often by reason of illness, bad mood, quarrels in a house, permanent irritation there can be objects and decorations of stranger to us cults. Speech is about the energyinformation inlaid in an object. Although material out of that a thing is made can profit or neutral, information that he contains appears considerably stronger than energy. With such things it is necessary to be very careful. Their informative charge is able in earnest to blow up the health of future proprietor. If you are a christian and visit an orthodoxy church, in dwelling there must be the Orthodox icons, icon lamps, candles. It does not cost to hold in the sleeping articles of cult of other religions that seem innocent souvenirs on the face of it – statuette of Egyptian Gods, Buddha, Krishna. Their energy befits for those, who hears the confession those religions. And quite superfluous the photos of various fortune-teller and extrasensory individuals can appear. Through the images they take away energy for trustful patients. If you hear the confession christianity, for you the best amulets and «accumulators» the things purchased in a church will become.

The frightful African masks that depict bad fairies can become reason of irritability, headache, development of cancer tumours and psychonosemas. Many love such exotic things to decorate the accommodation. But such «decorations» radiate the ruinous for living organisms «idea of evil», that is mortgaged by the authors of good during creation. To get rid from the negative fields, it is possible simply to outweigh masks higher level of human height. Sometimes it is impossible through the subzero ceiling of apartments. The special methodology of neutralization(in particular sanctifying) of the information stopped up in them needs sometimes. Usually an expert will simply advise to throw out a dangerous object from an apartment and only then to sanctify dwelling.

The strength of amulets and talismans

Buying talismans and amulets on some rag «fairs» for casual people, you can by chance purchase things that used in the rituals of black art. For example, crucifix or cross. After it there is negative information on them. And then new proprietors are surprised, why on them various confusions were strewed.

Very dangerous are placards and calendars with the naturalistic drawn wicked fantastic monsters, stages of aggression and violence. Love such posters to decorate rooms teenagers. It is not necessary to mix up negative influence of such pictures with bioenergetics. Here mechanism a few another : an attack is sent to the subconsciousness. Our health slowly, but insistingly sharpens the power engineering specialist of not material (it is neutral), but image. If to hang such picture a piece fabrics or simply by the sheet of paper, a picture nothing will radiate. Especially perniciously such influence appears on children, in fact in early age a man has yet absent proof power defence. Therefore in a nursery it must not be and to the hint on pictures with the images of bloody battles, «portraits» of vampires and monsters. It is categorically contra-indicated to look on to such and expectant mothers. A future child can be born flawy, by a patient besides not simply not nice psyche, but yet and by a monster. Approximately such on that a future mother looked every day in the bedroom.

Why does it cost to be afraid of landscape?

Dangerous the landscape can appear. Yes, in one of apartments on photo-wallpaper there was the represented piece of the autumn forest : naked trees, dry abscissed leaves, are broken. The type of the dead forest constantly oppressively influenced on proprietors and caused depression. Replaced фотошпалери – all passed. Although the such landscape on somebody can influence positively and cause pleasant associations or remembrances. Every case is individual. It simply follows to listen to own intuition.

It would seem, arts and crafts (pictures and statuettes are with glad and optimistic plots) must charge an apartment clean and light energy, to create a beneficial atmosphere. Usually so it takes place. But not always. Scientists fixed an offtype, on the face of it, case. Wonderful light pictures on that rural churches are represented, instead of life-giving pointed «heavy» energy on a hostess. It turned out that pictures were presented by an artist, patient with a cancer, and they «retransmitted» his illness. In this case what rule worked here: «If objects visited a contact, then their energyinformative connection continues to be kept regardless of time and distance». Interestingly, that post mortem artist from his pictures the negative field of illness disappeared gradually.

Antlers on a wall or symbol of death

In the corridor of one of apartments proprietors decorated shelves exotic tortoises, shells, dried up fishes, crabs. But these beautiful gifts of sea generate the radiation of death, that arose up during their death. Such is necessary to be necessarily neutralized – set time to hold for some time things in running water or on a few hours to lay on wet earth.

Sometimes in apartments it is possible to see antlers. One business, if horns fell off, other – if they were taken from a kill animal. Then they carry energy of death in dwelling.

Dangerous and scare-crows of animals. Thin energy of hides can be dangerous for the health of man, especially if it is fur of predators kill during a bitter fight against hunters. Wool of animals, as well as hair of man, is extraordinarily power-hungry. If deathbed energy of fear, hatred or aggression registered in her, she will emanate yet long time, inflicting perceptible harm to the feel those, who is alongside. It is especially dangerous to hold the hides of kill animals in those places, where a man contacts with them directly – in bedrooms, on sofas, arm-chairs, sex. Is there a logical question: how to be with sheepskin coats and fur coats? As become it is known that fur of «aquatic» animals: nutria, beaver, ringed seal – does not harm to the organism. Even vice versa – helps a man to stabilize and strengthen own energy. Positively fur of sheep and goats influences on an organism. And here from the hide of ram that was smothered by a wolf, sewing a clothing is not recommended – to troubles in a house.

It is necessary to be attentive to the various trifles that fill with the own dwelling. To watch after the state of health and not eliminate possibility, that some element of your interior is guilty in his worsening. Only then you will always feel comfortable.

Oksana Lysyniuk