05.12.2013 - News

Scientists have discovered what the male brain differs from a female

American scientists have identified several features that distinguish the brains of people of different sexes. 

The research staff of the University of Pennsylvania Research found that the connection between the left and right hemisphere, women are much better. But men more intense activity occurs within the individual parts of the brain, especially in the cerebellum, responsible for the regulation of motor skills and balance.

Men also have better communication between the front and rear parts of the cerebral hemispheres, allowing them to quickly take in information, process it and immediately perform complex tasks. This means that successful men are trained, for example, swimming. But the relationship between the various parts of a woman’s brain contributes to the fact that they are much better at remembering faces than men.

“Detailed maps relations structures in the nervous system of the brain not only help us to better understand the differences between how men and women think, but it will also give us a deeper understanding of the causes of neurological disorders that are frequently associated with human gender,” – said Rubin Gur, co-author of the study from the University of Pennsylvania.

In its report, the scientists pointed out that the difference between the sexes appears only after puberty.

Author: Olga Broskova
Source: independent.co.uk