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Teach children to respect the work

Russian teacher Kostiantyn Ushynskyi once wrote that the best form of inheritance that parents leave their children is not money, not things, and even education and training boundless diligence, which is one of the important conditions of happiness heirs.

Work as a desire for new knowledge

In the “Explanatory Dictionary” by Volodymyr Dal hardworking man age is defined as a diligent and that Coy, who can not tolerate idleness. In such a simple concept lies a deep and ambiguous meaning: here, and the ability and desire to work, as well as the ability to experience the joy of work.

Many parents strive to protect your child while on the job.   They believe that hard work is the property of mature age, when a person has chosen his path in life.   In such cases often hear the phrase “more time to have worked enough, albeit happy life.”   But do not mistake it claim?

It turns out that if you do not teach a child to enjoy work in the way than anything nice, then the work can be transformation for a mandatory, joyless business, even in a certain burden.   Subsequently, the second person because it feels miserable.   There are no lazy children from nature.   Hard work can be brought up in the room you want.   Of course, if the parents are not lazy to do such things. To vaccinate hard-working child needs, as only t he stood on its own envelope, and Mr. made ​​the first, though tentative, steps.   First of all you need to learn to set goals, embodied in s on it will work, and to choose a rational way to achieve them, evaluate the results of operations.

The child begins to act purposefully back to the early years.   Here is the first he put on his stomach, and he tries to crawl, because he wants to get a toy.   If he does not see anything in front first, then the move will not happen. Therefore, parents are deliberately placed around all bright, thus causing the baby of interest.

Remember the younger students. They always have lots of questions. But how about the parents frequently ask “Why? For what?” children to help them understand the purpose and meaning of their work? Because of e communication during work or play is very important for producing habits to act purposefully.

How many of these cases, when we dismantled a child toys… Not in any case   blame them for such a method of understanding the world. Even if you ask a child, for what it did, most likely, he will say that it was just wondering what in the middle. In this case, you can ask the child to assemble the toy together. Let him try, and parents should only help in some way.   It is in such moments, children learn not only the excitement of tons of destruction, but also the joy of creation.  They get tons of fun.

Autonomy – a step to the hard work

Why are so difficult to teach children to basic self-service? Because many parents think that to put on clothes, button his coat and a knit boots is simple! They do not consider it necessary once again to show and explain how to do it. The first steps in self-starting it with such elementary thing her. Of course, parents should say, how to head knit the same shoes, so as not to wound sites on the fingers.   It takes not so much of the time. Especially since it’s about to postpone to the biggest investment for the future – into children.

Maybe, have you noticed that in families adults are constantly playing with the children?  A child reaches out to communicate with a senior, seeking to emulate them in some way, considering that, he shows his independence. And the children play, it is often in adults. On or replicate those situations in which e they have seen in the family. It is necessary to teach the child that the independence doesn’t mean just copying or fun games, but in too. You can instruct the child to perform a specific job. This will give him to understand that he was an independent and you trust him.

Work ennobles

Francois Voltaire once said: “Work spares us from three main evils: boredom, vice and need.” In fact, work on eliminating anything. Psychologists say that if a person is something angry or dissatisfied with something, he en, it is the physical work effectively soothes. The more work ennobles man. And then could not help agree with the words of Leo Tolstoy’s “Manual labor is not only useful for the body, and soul. People who do not work with his hands, it is difficult to clearly understand things. They are not stopping people think, speak, listen or read, and their minds are not having a rest and irritable and confused.” It is vital to develop the mental faculties through work, and the sages of the perfect effect.

Of course, the physical labor should not be constantly. The child should grow more and mentally. This is also not forgetting the parents, who sometimes seek to enroll the child at all possible sports section.

Adolescence as a challenge

Somewhat more complicated is with teenagers.   I f the parents missed an opportunity to instill in children respect for labor, for not the first not every job will be interesting. What to do with lazy teenagers? The best way – is by example. Just demonstrate that you have a commitment to a particular activity.   Invite your child to do, such as homework together.   It is in such common activities will be formed and absorbed by the personal work experience teenager.   Show that to work, first of all, you need to have fun.

Never punish teenage labor.  It is better to entrust the child is to be able to answer, and a lot of work to be alone. Teen is important to show his peers that he was an adult.  Help him in this.   It is important to thank the child for work performed.   You can only praise it, but you can encourage otherwise.   This will be an incentive to work more. The man begins to appreciate his work and realize that nothing goes to waste.

Finally remember the main thing:   can not exploit a child not to throw the whole burden of responsibility for the offence.   To avoid this, do not forget to do something together.   Then the child will feel part of a mechanism, not free labor.

Aurika Bochkar