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Beautiful, slim and healthy: you can!

No sooner had the sun is pretty prypekty as girls mentioned the warmest time of year, holiday, new acquaintances, the sea beach. And almost all decided to prepare for this: Who does not dream look attractive? After the summer everyone wants to show off shapely legs, buttocks and a good fit belly instead of cellulite and extra pounds. And in general attractive appearance, good humor never hurts. Girls headlong sit on a diet moryat a hunger, go to the gym … As they say, beauty requires sacrifice.

Diet: how not to starve

If you write the word “diet” in the search, Google finds 2,530,000 pages.Each girl comes to this choice individually, based on their features, advice girlfriends, online resources, magazines, “star” recommendations. How do among so many find the information you want? First, we must consider that the most effective and safest for your health – is to see a doctor, dietitian, who will diet to the health and features with your body. But it costs a lot of money and is usually the girls choose their diet “blind” method, trying diet for diet until notice of any of them at least the minimum result. However, this method is stressful, because the constant change of diet depletes the body and leads to disorders of the gastrointestinal tract. The normal weight loss is up to 4 kg per month.

If you decide that you need to lose weight very quickly, remember: the body is constructed so that the sharp decrease portions and the refusal of many products, it begins to accumulate fat reserve to avoid dehydration. And this is not the result of which we are waiting for a similar diet with a sharp loss of pounds – a first output necessary for the body of water, and no closer to dream of harmony.

In practice, many do not go on a diet problem. Another thing to the end of her stick. Diets are often unbalanced, they bring discomfort. Finally, man does not stand up and “EXIT” .. After failure can gain even more weight, from which the body receives great stress. So be careful!

An important component of a successful diet is eating at the same time every day. You also need to walk in the fresh air, sleep eight hours a day and take plenty of water (1.5-3 liters per day) and choose a diet based on the capacity of your body. However, the most effective can be called such, which will eventually become a permanent diet. This is general advice. Then proceed directly to consideration of specific diets.

One of the most popular ways to lose weight – a follow-star advice. It is no secret that the appearance of a public man – a significant portion of its earnings, so the figure should be close to ideal. This advice of famous people are reputable.

Atkins Diet

Followers: Jennifer Aniston, Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez.

The diet is the theory that the limited use of products with high carbohydrate reduces the amount of insulin in the body. And, accordingly, affect the weight.

Featured Products: vegetables, fruits, bread with bran, soups on the water, meat, eggs, cheese, fish, seafood.

We must give up potatoes, starchy foods, sweets, cereals, bread.

Diet for blood group

Followers: Courtney Cox, Larissa Rubalska.

According to all diet products are divided into useful, neutral and harmful, depending on the blood of an individual.

I blood

Featured products: meat (except pork), fish, seafood, vegetables, fruits (except acidic), pineapple, rye bread, tea.

We must abandon cabbage (except broccoli), wheat and corn and all of these products, pickles, ketchup, coffee.

II blood

Featured products: soybeans, vegetables, salads, cereals, legumes, fish, dairy, sugar.

We must give up meat.

III blood

Featured Products: fish, milk, eggs, cereals (except wheat and buckwheat), legumes, vegetables, fruits.

We must give up seafood, pork, chicken.

IV blood

Featured products: meat (lamb, rabbit, turkey), fish, milk, cheese, olive oil, nuts, grains (except buckwheat second maize), vegetables and fruits.

We must give up seafood, ham, sunflower seeds.

Macrobiotic diet

Followers: Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow.

Vegetarian diets, based on – a balanced diet.

Featured products: wheat, rye, brown rice, all kinds of cabbage, pumpkin, mushrooms, oatmeal, millet, beans, seafood, seaweed.

Forbidden foods: sugar, meat, tomatoes, zucchini, beets, potatoes, avocados, coffee, condiments, spices.

In preparing this material, found the Internet an interesting information. According to Catherine the Great, is a very interesting way to be slim. You can eat anything you want, but only at home, standing naked before a mirror. Agree, this way you will not get even 200 grams overweight.

Sport as an effective way to lose weight and keep body in good shape

For best results right diet should be combined with systematic physical activity. Dance, fitness, aerobics, gym, volleyball, basketball, swimming, jogging, cycling and roller skating – is not only way to lose weight, but also the opportunity to keep your body in tone and feel badorishoyu.

As with diets, it is important not to resort to extremes. In selecting the right load you can help experienced trainers who work in every sports section or in the gym. Referring to the specialist, describe him your physical condition and results that you want to achieve. In studies in any of the sports compliance rigid diets contraindicated (there is leaching of calcium from the bones, leading to injury). Those who wants to “pump up muscles,” is recommended to use protein as with food and as food additives.

Oksana Pokotylo, athlete, CMS to run for short distances says: “To achieve results the most important factor is the frequency of sessions. With each missed occupation tone your muscles is reduced and therefore the next workout you will feel more than regular loads, fatigue. Prerequisite is constantly increasing the intensity and healthy holiday. Do not expect faster results in over-active training. Rather be a reasonable approach to this case, because overloading you risk losing your health”.

So, combine nutrition and physical activity that would not burdened you, and helped to feel comfortable and reach the goal.

Useful Habits

But to be attractive enough just to sit on a diet or go to the gym. We must constantly keep track of them. This will facilitate the assimilation of such advice.

1. The first benefit is a healthy habit to complete the dream, which allows the organism to rest and recover strength. For each person the amount of sleep an individual, but to sleep at least eight hours. Please also note that the most useful sleep until midnight, so try not to stay late late. Habituation to correct sleep is very fast – for 5-7 days. If you have problems with sleep, every night can be hocus ritual that helps you relax – warm bath, a glass of milk, etc.

2. Another helpful habit is consumption necessary for the body of fluid every day. Norm is three liters a day. That water, according to Claudia Schiffer, is the secret of her youth and beauty. Best when choosing beverages prefer carbonated mineral water and green tea. Along with them the body get minerals, vitamins and minerals. To quickly get used to the habit of drinking a lot, you need to put a bottle of water beside the bed, the kitchen and on the desktop. A few weeks later the body itself without alarms will sound the alarm to drink.

3. The third habit is a makeup remover as soon as you come home, but not before bedtime. Even the best foundation or powder difficult breathing skin and clog pores, so do not continue their negative impact. The best use mild lotion or milk, and after cleaning apply nourishing moisturizing cream that neutralizes the negative impact of the environment. Accustom yourself to this easy.

4. As you know, hands give the woman’s age, so careful care of them is the basis for the fourth habit. Must train yourself to put your hands nourishing cream every time after washing. It’s the least you can do for them. By day you can mastitis gel or cream of light texture, and in the evening enjoy fatter and pozhyvnishym. After two weeks of the following procedures you will feel uncomfortable without cream and love new pleasant sensation of softness and tenderness of your hands.

5. And what is in fifth place, do you think? Daily Walking in the fresh air. Sedentary lifestyle affects the body, causing various diseases and disorders, so just need to devote several hours every day for a walk, which is the best exercise. Start with a short output of fresh air (15-20 minutes per day), gradually increase the time. To make it more fun, you can take with you to your favorite music player or friend. Addiction to exercise is made within three to four weeks.

6. Sixth useful habit – it is moisture. In modern buildings bulk electrical appliances, air conditioners and other devices that make the air dry, resulting in the affected skin. She starts to peel off, dry, there are inflammation and redness. To replenish moisture levels throughout the day should always have a thermal water which does not harm makeup and simultaneously fills the cell. In the evening do not forget about moisturizing cream. Just a week significantly improved skin condition, and two or three you can not do without this pleasant procedure.

7. Seventh and last rule beauties are mandatory daily breakfast. In no way should refuse to eat in the morning and replace it with coffee, because it nourishes the body and Breakfast gives strength. Optimum – cereal, a glass of juice or yogurt, apple or banana. This balanced breakfast includes all the necessary substances and vitamins. To get rid of bad morning mood, food can pour in the bright jewels of funny pictures that will surely smile. Get used to the breakfast can be about one or two weeks.

Assimilation of the most important lessons will help you always look your best!

Palamarchuk Oksana