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Ukrainian – is not the same?

 «Today, there are many stereotypes about Ukrainian (and, no doubt, and of any other nation), which is useful either debunk or confirm facts or experiments to verify this» – Opanasenko AI, ethnographer.

How Ukrainian hearted and can, being in difficulty, get help from outside? To find the answer, we went to Sevastopol and Bessarabian market and desired fruit of which would cook soup.

Dirty sky hangs almost above the head, dropping rain, in the wind headache. The small market Sevastopol, shame pass, which has a circle, and still dare to come to the first counter. Less than a minute and the first result – failure. Woman in overalls dirty requested documents, but all that was in his pockets – student and punched a ticket to travel on the bus. Disclaimer added fervor and desire to get the same food. Prepare documents, some change requests. Already decisively with passion come to the second bench:

- Hello!

- Hello, girls!

- We are buying unusual and not buying at all. We collect food, and refer to the social service “Ray” where people are free to eat. We will be thankful if you help us with that.

- Banana suit you? (Extends the whole bunches of bananas).

- Wow! However, we need something for soup

- Take a cabbage. Normal?

Thank you, goodbye and go seek further gazing kinder sellers.

The third stop was crowned with carrots and onions, though we sent it from another seller in working overalls, then another in dusty trousers and the owner of dirty cappie. Nobody wants to be extreme and lose money. Still, for 10 minutes, the package came beets, potatoes and greens. Total by degrees.

Of course, these unusual “customers” have not been able to let go of silence: «You should have dug up the garden, raised themselves, than went, and asked» – said reproachfully buyer, which, apparently, was sorry for what he pays and we – no.

Bessarabian market – the most expensive in the capital, so it became our second stop. In addition, at the entrance offered us hot caviar. We decided that to refuse would be better for everyone. Moreover, in the soup it will not put.

Overcome shame, come to the first available counter politely explaining the nature of the visit and, failing to finish, we get the answer: «I have an expensive firm, go to the end, where a lot of home-grown vegetables» – shown us forward aunty in sunglasses and a long-, pink nails.

After listening to his neighbor, a woman in front decided that one tomato “for charity” to us enough. Well, we really did not insist charity – something voluntary.

We go to a number of domestic vegetables. In the multi-colored vegetable “mountain” two old women sitting in bright green and bright yellow scarf, tied on the chin, “Go to Azarov, he has everything in abundance, not to us. We are the same as you “- grandmother responded to our request. Nevertheless, richly decorated grunt intonation, lowered the “mountain” us two bags of carrots, onions and peppers.

It remains the most difficult: meat piece. Is a free soup with meat does not happen? For the third time we pass by a meat shop and a third feel as if a flock of pigeons scared «Girl, take the sausage», «girls meat very tasty», «girls..!» It is amazing and we just handed piece about 300 grams bacon, grated spices. Is it well with him?

So in both markets, we walked six shelves and two only one seller refused. Therefore, the conclusion is obvious: what if that – can survive even without significant damage to the nervous system.

Ukrainian Borsch with warmth

How open Ukrainian and whether they are ready to accept treats from strangers? Cooked with soup and profit we gave out free in the park. TG Shevchenko.

From early morning, cook soup like us who started. Thoroughly cleaned pan that was neat appearance, acquired disposable plates, spoons, dumplings with garlic and clearly written on the sheet: «Free borsch». On the way to the park by one sleeps: weather favors – again cold, rain dripping. Decomposes on one of the benches near the fountain, start to encourage so-called “Fresh, freshly cooked, still hot soup! From donuts! Free!”. In response – and a smile, «No, thank you, just dinner/la.» Already thinking about yourself, where children now this huge pot of borscht? However, the couple stopped with concerned faces and interrupted my thoughts:

- What for action? From whom are you?

- No one, we just watch how our people are open. Help yourself borsch!

Only after touting, we hear first:

- Well, let us try.

The woman praised our soup, and her husband refused because he did not pour. People in the park quite a bit to appeal to each individual. It is noticeable that we violate their comfort zone and thereby create inconvenience. Students passing by laughing and asking whether what happens to them after that soup.

In total 10 people tried the soup and only two of them – the students, despite their majority in the park. One of the tasters even asked supplements, and instructor of NAU made soup for a small excursion into their teaching. Home we carry almost empty pot and good mood – handing out soup better than to ask for vegetables.

The older generation because of many factors not in itself an innate suspicion, but the students and the students are more like frightened sheep. Young Ukrainian, like myself wandering under the fence and distrust looks around. Disappears unity, there is a tendency «every man for himself» hat only weakens us. Ukrainian – is not the same?

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