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Ukrainian ethnoRenaissance

Blue sky and golden fields flowered girls and boys in wreaths in costumes – not only piece of promotional spots for Euro 2012, but a very real picture. This Ukraine, genuine and romantic, you can see during the many ethnic festivals. Their tradition began geographically from western Ukraine, but now confidently Central and hopefully in the near future to reach the East. This, in connection with the same Euro hosted calendar and geographical migration of certain events, some organizers refused to conduct festivals, complaining to reduce the flow of visitors. Curiosity about this and will continue it.

The more interesting ethno-fest?

Like the European music festivals, Ukrainian are not limited to concerts. As part of these measures are readings, lectures, fairs, workshops, theater performances and screenings of experimental film – overall, everything to which you can add a definition of “ethnic.” They also bring together people of interest, can communicate and tie to meet new people. Each festival has its own traditions, history, regular visitors, traveling not just for the music and atmosphere, and to see friends.

From May until October and, if properly developed tourist route, you can see castles and mountains, cities and towns, seas and lakes – almost all of Ukraine. Admission to most events or purely symbolic, or absent, so the travel budget is not too onerous. At the Festival is a tent camp where you can go with their own tents or “zakvartyruvaty” for new friends.

April 29 – May 1, Weathervanes of Lviv

Begin … season. Annual ethno-jazz festival in the heart of the city, in the City Hall Courtyard. For nearly a decade of existence fest has expanded its horizons by simply musical performances to literary actions happening, media projects. And, of course, where no traditional “Morning prokydan” from “Dead Piven.”

Every night the “jazz hiding places” from the streets and streets of the city and tourists flock to Lviv to dissolve in quality music. Feel the atmosphere of unity of modern sound and the medieval atmosphere in the walls of City Hall. Artificial lighting and flickering candles, fireplace floor and starry sky. Only in Lviv you see roztsyatskovanyh ladies who sit at the tables and from the spleen in the eyes languidly sipping wine, and a number of young people sitting on the fate karematah, soaking in the arms of one another. Only here you can get a head the sound of music, coffee custard flavor and spirit of spring.

Over ten years ‘Weathervanes’ dzhazuvalo more than 150 teams.

Weathervanes 2012 visit Kiev «AtmAsfera», Lviv «Dzyga Jazz Quartet”, “DakhaBrakha” Polish «Angela Gaber Trio», «DagaDana», international “Pushkin Bэnd Klezmer” (Ukraine, Moldova and Russia) and «Project Grzegorza Rogali »(Poland, Israel, Ukraine).

26-27 May, Trypillian stars

In the center of Ukraine, namely, Cherkassy, Ukraine will continue to move the festival. The city, rich in its Cossack history, today, unfortunately, has no more to attract tourists. History “popikluvalas” to destroy the lion’s share historical sites, and chemical industry “took care” of the resort city status. But for the fifth year in late May in reviving Cossack legend.

Two days of intense programs: master classes in pottery, embroidery, folk dancing, playing the pipe, making dolls and talismans motanok, vytynanok, wicker weaving, painting on glass. Guests can relax on the sheaf of hay in the tea, listen to folk stories from kazkaryka, taste real borscht, perogies and other Ukrainian specialties. And the traditional end of the festival – a bright fire show with inflammation Trypillian star – the symbol of the festival.

Over the years the festival cherkastsi and guests have seen performances of Ukrainian bands as Vij, The VYO, Hapochka, DakhaBrakha, DrymbaDaDzyga, Sergei Davydov, KoraLLi, Charzillya, Che-Che, and Felicity.

Each year the festival held charity events to help children who are brought up in orphanages. Guests can bring old toys or buy souvenirs with symbols of the festival, transfer of money from the accounts of children’s institutions.

This year offers an exchange of souvenirs with symbols of the city on souvenirs with symbols of the festival. A list of groups held in strict confidence, but, says the organizer, “selection – zakachayeshsya.” Given last year’s experience is impossible to believe.

June 30 – July 1, Trypilske circle

Then the baton promote Tripoli culture intercepts Rzhyshchiv city, near Kyiv. The idea Tripolskiy range is cyclical nature and the elements: Water, Earth, Air and Fire. Every year has its own program: academic, artistic, social and environmental. 2012 zamykatyme first cycle, so the main theme will be the harmony of man and the environment.

The festival is to motivate the study and preservation of cultural and historical heritage of Ukrainians, offer alternative methods of common recreation for families and youth, to revive and promote ethnic traditions.

Among the objectives of the event organizers distinguished: the promotion of green tourism in the Kiev region, promotion of healthy lifestyles, environmental culture, promoting interethnic and interreligious tolerance and cooperation. And with the general purposes of eco-festival added assistance in building infrastructure of the region due to the Euro.

S music festival guests were “Pikkardijska Terzi», «Mad Heads xl», «Osimira» (Belarus), «Wadada» (Poland), DakhaBrakha, “DrymbaDaDzyga”, “AtmAsfera”, “PoliKarp” and “Rusychi.”

In 2012, planned performances of such groups: Boombox, Besh o Drom, Little, Shadow, Katja CHILLY, Aniko Dolidze project (Georgia – Ukraine), Shopping Hour (Serbia – Ukraine), Drum and show Rhythmmen oBa Project (Ukraine).

July 12-16, ArtPole

Ivano-Frankivsk Unizh ready to accept all who are willing to experiment. ArtPole – not just a festival, it is one continuous happenings. Heir bahatostrazhdalnyh Sheshory the second year as returned to the Carpathians. Each visitor ArtPole – his party. These are mostly people who want to find themselves lost or in the nature and music, people create a festival, is sent to the appropriate channel performances and artistic events.

Creative energy electrified literally everything. Even the tent camp is located in a shady apple orchard on a steep bank of the Dniester. And without that lovely decorated birdhouses Lviv artist Miroslav Wajda.

There will be working with studio pottery, blacksmithing, paper decorations. Held master classes in dance, singing for professionals and amateurs. Is a rich daily program for children. About the most interesting projects yet no one knows, even the organizers as the best in the west – improvisation.

This summer, visitors hear: Transglobal Underground from Albion, Mitch & Mitch and Vołosi from Poland, Finns Jaakkoo Laitinen & Väärä Raha and Ukrainian DakhaBrakha, Davydov, Sergei Zhadan + Oyra & Kirichenko and Burdon.

8-12 August, Pidkamin

The picturesque Carpathian yields turn mystical skirts. The venue of the same festival selected underwater area near the village Pidkamin, Lviv region. The settlement actually placed under the legendary Devil’s stone, which from ancient times see the valley from the mountain monastery. Although it is difficult to underestimate the beauty of nature: forests, hills, greenery that stretches for miles around, the air is so clear that the bell tower of the monastery can be seen from many kilometers away from Pidkamin, and of course mystical awe is a huge boulder surrounded by Cossack crosses and graves.

Permit on the festival can serve as an embroidered shirt or purchased for a nominal sum neckerchief with symbols of the festival.

Traditionally Pidkamin begins with prayer. In yet joined the monks Pidkaminskoho Monastery, and last year he and Bishop of Sokal-Zhovkva Church Michael plica. Every year the festival held theatrical performances, exhibitions, presentations, master classes and sports.

Among the groups participating in the festival were mastodon Ukrainian rock stage “Who Down,” “Dead Cock” and “Lost Letter”. Many modern, no less religious groups, “Hutsul Calypso,” “Good People”, “Orchestra VITO», «Night of Taras”, “Koralli”, “Shadow of the Sun”, “Polycarp,” “Rusychi», «Mad Heads XL “” The Bells “,” Marigolds, “” Atmosphere “,” Burdon “,” Sontseklosh “,” Taruta “,” Boots of bull, “” Felicity. “

August 17-19, Sunset

Most migratory festival Ukraine West still undecided on his new dislocation. Fourth consecutive year, moving from zahidchany oblyubovanyh mynulorich places. From Zvenigorod to the castle in the Old Village, next to Rodatycheva. With the expansion of the festival increased the number of participants and visitors. Organizers tried to improve conditions for performers and listeners, expanded program. Thus, in 2011, to the music of added literary and artistic.

The event boasts the involvement of musicians: And from the Vinta, Rollыks, Fleet, Dymna mixture, O.Torvald, K402 band, Embrace the rain, Zapaska, Those Falling Up, Bram Ctoker Greens sisters, unlike, Dilya, Little, Cold Sun, Kvazhradzhesima, Los Colorados, Banduraband, Mechanical orange. This year will attract foreign groups.

Keep home!

The problems and peculiarities of the Ukrainian festival organizer told Jacob Matviychyk:

– What specific festivals in Ukraine in comparison with foreign experience?

– First, our sponsors and the state almost does not support these events.

Second, undeveloped culture reviews event – all used to halyavnyh concerts during elections in the central area of the city, so people are not accustomed to pay visits to cultural and media events. Instead abroad any even small kontsertyk pays first visitor.

And third, the festival – is completely new for Ukraine market abroad is already stable business with a history of more than 40 years. There is a guru as theory and practice, written books and monographs, share the experience. We have not passed this stage. On the fingers can be calculated economically successful art or music festivals.

– What principles guided the selection of participants?

– Different principles from popularity to availability but above all professionalism – unprofessional bands at the festival do not play.

– A lot of festivals this year not hold due to Euro 2012. Do you think that it really reduce the flow of visitors, or possibly increase by tourists?

– I think that the expected tourist flow to us in connection with the Euro – artificially constructed. Europeans will not go to Ukraine, because they are scared and do not do that. During the Euro, our government and businesses cosmically enhanced in all prices, Europeans also used to save and not align. Festivals decreased due to the fact that our government once again vidmyye funds for so-called fan zones, which will be a bunch of free concerts. That is paralyzed from the organizers of public events paid during May-June.

Elena Slobodenyuk