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Book in new format

Not long ago in Kiev appeared expertise. Although the PR campaign is not «rattled» in all capital, this novelty has become popular. Yet not all have heard and know about the project «Knigli».

As they say the authors of a new national project, knihli – it’s very readable book, which is equipped with a magnifying glass. The latter can serve as a piece of furniture, and in addition to an old favorite book.

Man is always possible to know in those books she reads. So say the creators of the project. These young people with creative thoughts and extraordinary thinking that he wanted to develop a culture of their country, and give it a new, modern look.

What is a book-poster?

In essence, it really looks like a poster, because hanging on the wall. For example, take knihli the same name «The Master and Margarita» by Mikhail Bulgakov. The entire novel can be read on the poster A2 with a magnifying glass that is sold as a set. When viewed from a distance – that you see a black and white picture (in this case – to recognize Woland, Koroviev and Behemoth are going to Patriarch’s Ponds) and this is it – the text! This effect is achieved using six shades of gray.

«First, preparing the text itself, because it is originally an array that is completely filled sheet. It is the basis for the drawing. In each book we have used up to six shades of gray for the best recreation transmitted pictures» – says Dmitry Kostyrko, one of the initiators of the project.

Knihli – it’s only Ukrainian product. All components are manufactured only in our state. Lenses, for example, are delivered from Odessa, Kyiv paper, and strips books from the east. Will the finished product together already in the main office.

Top and bottom of the poster in plastic presses strips of suspension on top – so it is easy to place on the wall.

In addition, what about their exclusive printing machines – the drafters did not say anything, just a sly smile – «mystery author».

Which literature type knihli?

Mostly classics. There are both foreign (Ernest Hemingway «A Moveable Feast», Mark Twain «The Adventures of Tom Sawyer», Jules Verne «Around the World in Eighty Days», Antoine de Saint-Exupéry «The Little Prince» and more), and Ukrainian (Taras Shevchenko «Kobzar», Ivan Kotliarevsky «Eneyida», Mykhailo Kotsiubynsky «Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors»…). From modern is Oksana Zabuzhko and Yuri Andrukhovych. In addition is the «Odyssey», number Pi, laid to 165,000 decimal places and the UN Convention, which soon can be read in eight languages.

Recently, the authors of the project began to produce T-shirts, which you can read aphorisms Gregory Skovoroda and Mark Twain (also with a magnifying glass).

The creative team includes Knihli literally several hard-working and creative people who like what they do. Garage is several completely different rooms, a kind of mini-museum of modern art. The one thing that unites all this diversity of flavors and decorations – a photo that filled all available space on the walls, tables, and even the floor. (So if you have to wait for a meeting with representatives of the project – definitely do not have to miss). It was there on the shelves of bookstores domestic fall-odd books posters.

The main function knihli – decorative. Each book is a full-Poster jewelry picture. The text is designed as the original image in the book. Project founders are trying to instill a love of reading to the younger generation. This is perhaps the best gift a creative person. Especially if she likes to read.

The project is a commercial, but aims to become social in order to develop the literary tastes of the Ukrainian population. To achieve this, more posters in larger formats will be printed and distributed in the streets of the capital to start, and then across the country. To begin, “knihli” can be read at bus stops that will bring far more benefits than ordinary observation by car and people.

“Knihli” already visited the exhibition in Leipzig, where they were met with great interest. However, the drafters did not go into this plan, as Ukrainian – Read! I read a lot.

«The main thing – do not stop! I am proud of our Ukrainian product created from scratch. And I believe that “knigli” will be successful in all aspects” – says Anna White, one of the founders of the project.

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