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Tamer of smells

A kitchen can be considered the not only most «delicious» but also most fragrant place in a house. However we quickly forget about unpleasant smells which meet on a kitchen not so rarely. And now imagine for a second, that these aromas remain in your house forever. It is not very much pleasant constantly to be in a room, where, for example, stinks a cinder or cut bow. Hood’s basic task of which help to avoid such rough luck – to delete fumes and smells which arise up during preparation of meal, and support the cleanness of air on a kitchen. How to choose the best variant for dwelling?

Estimate your kitchen

If you suddenly decided to purchase hood and already in hastily hurry in a shop to take «here this black», must you stop. At first it is necessary to examine the kitchen, to understand that exactly you need to purchase. Think, whether you are ready to the serious changes in your room. Depending on planning of kitchen it costs to choose hood.

There are two modes of cleaning of air. First – drawing. Air clears up by a filter for catching of fat, and then hatches through a vent channel. Such device requires much place and difficult editing. However much the row of advantages has such models. They fully delete and clear air, have a small sound-level and save money. Second mode – recirculating. Hoods of it to the type work on such principle: air clears up by coal and to the filter for catching of fat and goes back into a kitchen. Models attach to the wall or build in a closet and connect to the electric system. It is necessary to notice that these hoods require the permanent setting and replacement of coal filters.

It is also important to take into account, as often and what foods you prepare. If your kitchen is small and you prepare simple foods, you will have a model by the productivity a 200-300 m / h. In the apartment of middle sizes, which is counted on preparation of meal for family from 3–4 persons, recommend to use hood of the productivity a 500-700 m / h.

It follows to find out before a purchase, how many speeds are foreseen in a device – they will help to control the volume of air which will clear up. Also it costs to pay regard to sizes of hood. It is considered that a device works high-quality, if he on 10-20 % wider than flag.

Choose the format of hood

When you were determined with the mode of cleaning and power of hood, it is possible to think and about a design and method of editing of the chosen model. Distinguish a few types of devices: hangings, wall mounted, built-in, domical, island, table models.

Hanging hoods have a flat form. They are fastened to the wall above a flag or suspended to the closet. Usually work in the recirculating mode, however can operate and on drawing principle. An indisputable plus of such models is their cheapness.

Wall mounted devices, as possible to understand from the name, are fastened to the wall. They remind an umbrella a form. Some of them can be fastened at once to two sthenes. There is possibility to be walked about for designers and persons interested beautifully to arrange the kitchen on this type of hoods. Wall devices are at once noticeable on a kitchen, that is why there is possibility to choose hood with interesting registration which will go near the separately taken apartment.

The built hoods have a cube form and assembled in a kitchen closet. Otvid for the leadingout of air fully hidden from extraneous eyes, and above a flag it is possible to see only to play to the filter. Such models are very compact.

Model domical have an external germination with chimneys of fire-places. They are fastened on a wall or стелі. As in the case of wall hoods, there is possibility to choose the device of any design and treatment.

Island hoods use in apartments, where flags the kitchens placed in a center. Such devices are fastened to ceiling. They can be both recirculating and drawings.

Table models appeared specially for typesettings cooking panels. They register to tabletops, pulled out during preparation and set on a necessary height. Power at such hood is considerably less, what for other типів, but it is able to provide high quality of cleaning of air.

Find a comfortable variant

Nothing difficult in a management hoods is. As well as at any kitchen device, it has the key on which it is needed to press also, to choose speed. Vualya! – hood works. However much producers offer the improved variants of management. There are the electronic keys, and also sensory which regulate the mode of operations of hood independently. Models which are included by remote control units appeared also.

It is important in the process of preparation, that light fallen straight on a flag. Therefore hoods produce illumination with the embedded system. Their efficiency depends on as lamps (they differ the amount of the used energy and term of fitness) and amount (that they are more, then a flag lights up more evenly).

For hostesses which do not like to spend time after preparation of meal, there are the special hoods with interesting functions. For example, in some devices there is a flat television screen to which it is possible to connect a videorecorder or the personal computer. By a word, to miss on a kitchen with such hoods it will not be exactly.

 Comment of specialist

Andrij Ushakov, manager from the products of company Electrolux

Construction of kitchen hoods of different brands of on the whole the same type, they differ only control system and illumination, amount of functions and design. Otherwise speaking, during the choice of hood it costs to be oriented, foremost, on the level of his comfort. Say, one will be arranged by the buttons of switching of speeds, other is remote control unit.

Picking up hood, certainly find out, what level of producible by it noise, in fact it one of terms of comfort work on a kitchen.

What touches out-of-town houses the presence of large kitchens is foreseen in which, then hoods in them must be maximally powerful. Here give advantage to editing of island hoods, thus as possible greater size and such which have powerful enough lamps, able to light up not only a cooking surface but also workings areas round it.

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