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A successful career is in your hands

Words that a successful career is a result of somebody’s patronage or absolute journey, just myth that it does not cost to believe.

It of a statement is exactly the same true, as well as idea, that a fate of woman is family and house. In of actual fact, a career is your personal correctly plan project, executing all points of that impeccably, you will be able to attain a stunning result.

You are included an easy step in the enormous cabinet with a door-plate «President of company». Carelessly give up on a table from mahogany the bag complete different folders with documents. For a secretary ask to bring the pot of double late. Smiling youth quickly disappears and in a flash brings desirable coffee. Enjoying her aroma, you examine a silver scope that stands on a table. The snow-white smile of man that holds your blond sonny on hands sparkles on a photo. You look at itself in a mirror and smile: nevertheless life, it was whatever talk, succeeded. In your twenty eight to be the chief financial officer of large company is the real exploit, not many women attained such stunning result.

Unexpectedly creak of doors and deep voice of chief that wants to see reports for a week, instantly put you on earth, and you go back to unfair reality, quitting the world of deliriums. And meantime, these «world of deliriums» psychologists’ names in any way differently, as by visualization that very useful, if really want something to obtain in life. You must clearly know and see, what future want, and that more realistic will be details, then better. In fact if exactly will know an aim, it as easy as anything to pick up facilities for her achievement. It will be necessary simply to plan the future, and herein we will help right now.

 Determined with main values.

Before to build the career, thoughtful about what it will be to endow. Usually the women of top-managers rarely have happy domestic life: men do not maintain that keeper of fireside it is not at home for eighteen clocks in twenty-four hours. For this reason weighs up the pros and cons and decide that to you to from this life. To combine family and work, it is indisputably possible. However on harm one other. It does not cost to consider that love is eternal, and to go with a stream. Sense – it work too, and a man needs your attention far more than anybody. Your judged, as well as you, needs the cup of hot coffee in the morning or to breakfast in a bed, also an unexpected surprise will be pleasant him, even as a new shirt. It is besides necessary to get out together on football, to look, as he plays with a friend in tennis. It was not bad to go with him on shashlicks.  And that already to talk about children. A nursemaid exactly never will be able to replace to the child a native mother, which must on a few clocks in twenty-four hours to play with a kid, read fairy-tales, and go for walks.

Written down on the courses of speakers

Before to become the head of large company, it is fixed you to learn a great deal. Foremost is ability to accept correct decisions and distribute duties between employees, that all actions. However doing it costs able. In fact not so it easily to convince crowd of people to do that it wants to you. For this purpose, it is necessary to be a good speaker. If you now and cannot link two words, not distressed, in fact, as known, does not give birth speakers, but become. Therefore, you will have to be written down on the special courses of oratorical mastery that usually last about year. However, on completion of them you with lightness will be able to manage crowd of people, delegating different commissions to them.

It costs to remember, that it will be to execute on these courses a few practical tasks senseless enough. For example, to become on a bench in a municipal park and to harangue before mothers with carriages about that, how diapers to children psyche harm. Remember, that able to know about the ability to convince only of one case – if before you there will be a result you are to the performance. Thus, if all trashes will be filled to the brim by child’s diapers, consider that speaker completed course successfully. Mainly, you must remember, that a speaker must believe in that about what talks.

Similarly do not forget one nuance. That a language did not look dryly, it is necessary her thickly to decorate various quotations classics and by aphorisms. Therefore it follows to read as many as possible useful literature, and love novels it will be to set aside aside.

The courses of foreign languages will help

Know that the real social climber knows three foreign languages at least. Which one from them to choose – to decide you. Looking, what careers want to build. If dream to be the director of tourist company, then simply not to do without English. Though it is said that by this language nobody will surprise already, however, as practice shows, most people do not own a base level even. Namely the English will help with lightness to attain successes. To learn a language, it will be necessary to choose one of methods. Yes, it is possible to hire a private tutor and study English straight for itself at home independently. This method is effective, to learn grammar: able to write words and build a sentence without errors. However such lessons hardly will teach you to necessary colloquial skills that it is possible to purchase with lightness, engaging in English in groups. Language courses become more popular in our days. And there is logical explanation it. Usually they are accessible in a price; teachers are native speakers – Americans or Englishmen. If laziness to go to employment, you however will go there, as paid for a month in good time and it will be pitifully the lost money. While reading with a private tutor can be carried on other time that does the study of language more protracted and less dynamic process.

 Ekaterina is Priest, translator of English, asserts: the most «Effective method of study of foreign language reading is, in my opinion, with a private tutor plus a journey for a border, there, where it is directly possible to hear and communicate in language that you study. And it far not all, in such environment it is necessary to be at least two months and for arrival home regularly to fasten gain knowledge and skills. Otherwise this method will not be effective. Treachery of foreign language consists in that she drops off quickly, if by her not to use».

Learn to play shahs

On statistics, top-managers are only 10% women from incurrence. It means that to cooperate to you will drop mainly with men. That it is better to understand their logic and with lightness to find a common language in communication, as possible more often play shahs. Why? An answer is very simple. Exactly this game helps to count all possible combinations of motions in good time, and such strategic vision for the future will very help in-process. In fact knowingly this game was a favorite for the large leaders of Lenin, Stalin, Churchill, Che Guevara, Macedonian. It is however one «but». It does not cost to play shahs with the representative of sex of men. Psychologists proved already a long ago, that having the rival of man, a woman at once is lost, as expected first, that wins exactly he. As a variant, it is possible to play shahs with a girl friend or granddad on a weekend. Relatives will not complain just, that spare too small attention to them.

Get the second higher education

Probably, first, that came you to the mind, to get it diploma of МВА. And correctly. In spite of the fact that by him already nobody will surprise, and presence of him automatic advancement steps does not guarantee, he will prevent however. It is besides possible to pass business training that will treat considerably cheaper. Another variant can be in absentia studies in one of your city. Only correctly choose faculty, in fact exactly gain knowledge must help in building of your career.

«Very often young people upon receipt the first diploma, aim to provide oneself the second. And there is a row of reasons on it. Frequently the first education is got as early as irresponsible age; in most cases parents choose the place of studies for the children. When a man understands that it not his calling is already late enough, but for a receipt second higher – late never. By another reason from that people get another diploma there is advancement on an official stair. Very often people with economic education aim to get knowledge for jurisprudences and vice versa. The graduating students of humanitarian faculties also often want to make off management or finances» are convinced Natalia Semenova, teacher of Russian.

Finishing chord 

You are an absolutely irreplaceable man in a company and own all information that may need to guidance. Thus ready to give her on call and at any time twenty-four hours. Ignore a labor code and stay too long at work so much, how many are needed for business. Even if it twenty five hours every day.

You took up the most hopeless project, collected a command and he was realized brilliantly. Nobody disbelieved in fact, that it maybe. And here now that such desirable vacancy was opened in a company, practically springboard to the cherished in dreams arm-chair of large boss, lay down a short, but convincing memorandum with enumeration of the skills, abilities and capabilities. Come to the chief and, looking to him straight in eyes, will report that want take this position. Only not on him. There must be the impression at guidance, that itself was hilted upon to this idea. Well that, can you be congratulated?

Olena Ushakova