09.10.2013 - News

Lost wonders Oktoberfest 2013

Every year the organizers of Oktoberfest find more than 4,000 lost items. What interesting they found this year?

A garden gnome, a huge pencil and a set of traditional knives for hunting. There are the most unusual things that have been found by the organizers of Oktoberfest , which ended on Sunday .

They also found a sehvey , 940 pieces of clothing , more than 1,000 ID cards , 320 mobile phones and 400 keys.However, there is still lost € 50,000 in cash, a drum and a guitar.

List of strange objects was published by the German festival Department of losses and finds. About one thing out of five returned to owners.

The most surprising losses over the years are dachshund named Vastu , fishing rod, court order , domestic cricket and subscription to Playboy. Organizers say that at least one set of dentures returned to the owner during the festival.

Author: Valeria Riabyk
Source: stylight.co.uk