07.12.2013 - News

In America anyone can sew ornaments in the eyes

Surgeons offer sew platinum jewelry in the eye. 

Despite the fact that this procedure has not been approved by the Office for Drug Control, it  is absolutely secure. Professional ophthalmologist inserts thinnest plate of platinum in the eyes of the client. First introduced in the eye anesthesia, and then the doctor makes a small cut to make room for decoration.

“This is a very thin piece of platinum, which was designed to be inserted into the upper part of the eye, rather than the eyeball itself, so there is no risk of blindness or anything else”, – said Dr. Chinn practicing such procedures in his clinic.

However, not all doctors share his confidence. Some people believe that platinum is not absolutely safe material.

Procedure that last no more than a minute is worth 3000 dollars.

Author: Olga Broskova
Source: dailymail.co.uk