03.02.2014 - News

Floating city at 50,000 residents will be built in America

Town called “Freedom Ship” has all you need for a fulfilling life: schools, hospitals, parks, and even the airport.

Floating city with about 50,000 residents, who will not need to go ashore – on board the ship will be organized everything that you may need for your stay.  ”Liberty Ship ” instead of schools and kindergartens, hospitals, banks, restaurants and shops. Some space on the ship is planned to lease.

Developers of the project is scheduled for completion by 2017. However,  floating city apartments are in great demand . The cost of the cheapest apartments in the ship is 800 thousand dollars. For this amount the buyer is given a full apartment, equipped with furniture, appliances and a modern kitchen. Made with marine theme of wandering, including the ship’s special mosaic in the bathrooms.

Most of the time the ship will be anchored in the major cities, but once in 2 years ” Liberty Ship ” will travel around the world.

Experts consider that the implementation of this project will cost $ 8 billion.

Author: Olga Broskova
Source:  dailymail.co.uk