05.04.2014 - News

In Argentina, under the water appeared a ghost town

Strange ghost town in the southwest of Buenos Aires, who has spent a quarter century under water again rises into the air.

Once Epecuen was fussy resort on the shore of the lake, where 1,500 people served about 20,000 tourists per season. During the Golden Age of Argentina, trains carrying grain, first began to bring guests from the capital, to relax in the salty waters of the lake. Salt Lake was attracted tourists since it was 10 times more salt than the ocean. But November 10, 1985 because of lingering showers and snow winter lake overflowed. People fled to the fact that they could take with him, and within a few days of their homes were flooded nearly 10- meter-thick layer of salt water.

The water is now mostly receded, exposing the ruins of the city that look like a scene from a movie about the end of the world. The city was not rebuilt, but he again became a popular tourist destination for people.

People come to see the rusty skeletons of cars and furniture, destroyed homes and broken appliances. They climb the stairs that lead to nowhere, and wander through the cemetery, where the water has destroyed gravestones and tombs.

Many residents fled to neighboring Epecuen Carhue, a city on the other side of the lake, and built new hotels and spas.

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton