19.11.2013 - News

The XII International Indigenous Games started in Brazil

Over 1,500 representatives of 49 ethnic groups from Brazil and 17 other countries  was attended in a sporting event.

The Indians will present their cultural rituals and take part in competitions in thirty different sports, including – archery, javelin throwing, javelin throwing, wrestling, running with logs («Corrida de Tora»), tug of war, rowing and canoeing, as well as ” head ” soccer, which is played head using a handmade ball.

For the indigenous peoples of the game itself – is more than just a competition. “This is our tradition, our culture, – said one of the participants. – That is why we have come here from afar. Share their culture with the rest of the world”.

 Of course, this event is not as popular as the traditional Olympic sports, but no less spectacular.

Author: Olga Broskova
Source: metro.co.uk