20.11.2013 - News

Exhibition of cakes opened in Italy

Pastry chefs from around the world presented their culinary masterpieces on the exhibition in Italy. 

This year the theme of the exhibition were the Disney princesses and fairy-tale characters: Cinderella with Prince on the carriage of sugar, Aladdin and Princess Jasmine near the palace of the “Thousand and One Nights”, beautiful Esmeralda and even comic hero Hulk.

Try the pastry art sweet tooth came from all over the world. And for those who come not only to eat but also to cook, hold special workshops for the production of cakes. So people could not just be a part of the grand show, but also learn how to make royal icing, pastry fillings, bases, sugar flowers and so on.

Autor: Olga Broskova
Source: exhibitioncentrehotels.com