12.12.2013 - News

Damien Hirst paintings stolen in London

Two paintings by one of the most famous contemporary artists were stolen in London in the morning on December 9th.

Paintings worth 54 thousand dollars were stolen from the gallery in Notting Hill, after only four days after they were exposed.

Was stolen two paintings : «Oleoylsarcosine» and «Pyronin Y», created respectively in 2008 and 2005. Police believe the thief is deliberately hunted for these pictures and ask potential witnesses to help in the investigation of crime .

” My heart sank after police informed me about hacking ” – distressed manager Nathan Engelbrehdt gallery.

” We opened in September and it was a real coup – get the picture Hirst. And then four days later they were stolen , “- says the manager .

Damien Hirst has become famous as one of the members of the group Young British Artists, dominating the art scene in the 1990s .

Hirst is the richest living artist in the world – in 2010 his fortune was estimated at £ 215 million .

In September 2008, Hearst sold the complete collection of Beautiful Inside My Head Forever at Sotheby’s for £ 111 million ( $ 198 million ), thus breaking the record for the auction with one artist.

Author: Olga Broskova
Source: bbc.co.uk