25.03.2014 - News

Myanmar has banned the construction of new hotels

 Myanmar authorities have banned the construction of new hotels in Bagan, where there are many ancient temples and shrines.

On a news website Democratic Voice of Myanmar reported that new construction work will be prohibited until such time as the government hopes to get UNESCO World Heritage status for the area.

Soe Thein, a representative of the presidential administration, accused the previous military regime for being allowed to build unsightly and potentially dangerous hotels in the center of the ancient complex of 20 years ago.

The Government of Myanmar for the first time applied for recognition by UNESCO in 1996, but his request was denied.

In four areas of hotel around this area are 75 hotels and guest houses at the moment. Ready also plan to create a fifth zone. Another 17 hotels are currently under construction.

Construction of 61 -meter at Palace Tower Hotel is one of those projects that have been criticized. Among others – Royal lookout Watchtower, a golf course and the road that crosses the middle of the complex.

Inle Lake is another place in Myanmar, popular with tourists. Traditional fishing village on silts over the water are the main attraction, but as Rangoon and Bagan are at risk due to the rapid changes of landscapes surrounding area, as the country every year more and more open to tourism.

 Author: Anastasiia Trepyton