15.11.2013 - News

In Moscow, you can ride the subway for 30 sit-ups

In the Moscow subway passengers can get a free ticket for the squat.

Olympic Winter Games in Sochi in Russia will start in almost three months, but the competition has already begun in one station of the Moscow metro . Passengers can compete for the prize – a free ride on the subway, doing sport exercises .

To get a free ticket to take three steps :

1) Come to the station ” Exhibition ” and find the ticket machine with a special sensor.

2) Squat . Perform at least 30 sit-ups in two minutes and you’ll get a free ticket , a lot of fun and maybe a little bit of attention of passersby.

3 ) Less than 30 sit-ups means that you will have to pay 30 rubles for a ticket (about USD $ 0,91), and make the shame go to your train with hundreds of other poor losers.

According to the Russian Olympic Committee , was not estimated how many will be given free tickets .

Ultimately , according to Olympic officials , it will attract sports people . ” We wanted to show that the Olympic Games – is not only an international competition that most of the people watching on TV every two years, ” – said Alexander Zhukov , President of the Russian Olympic Committee. – “It’s also something that should popularize the sport lifestyle . “

Personal trainer from Los Angeles, Josh Hoover says that squats – is ” one of the main exercise that everyone should do , ” and such machines – a good challenge for this place. “This is a great way to get a little exercise into your day .” Squats help to gain strength, burn calories and , if done correctly , pump up the whole body.

Ticket vending machine ” ride for squat ” will run until December 3, 2013.

Author : Anastasia Trepyton
Source : forbes.com