12.10.2013 - News

The first invisible skyscraper will appeared in Seoul

Infinity Tower skyscraper in Seoul (South Korea) will be the first invisible tower in the world.

Korean architectural company GDS Architects has started to implement their project – the “invisible tower ” – in life. Infinity Tower will be built near the airport of the capital of Korea – Incheon.

The main feature of this majestic building with a height of 450 m and with a third in the world a viewing platform is its invisibility.

The creators plan to achieve “the illusion of invisibility” with high-tech LED facade system, which uses a series of cameras to send images in real time on a reflective surface construction. In other words, everything that happens behind the building, will be displayed on the front part of it. In fact, this is a modern camouflage. By digitally processing, after obtaining images, they will be scaled, rotated and combined to form a panoramic image, which will make the building inaccessible to the human eye.

However, for birds and planes which fly past, the building will remain visible, thanks mounted with a red twinkling lights that are visible from afar.

Final completion date is still unknown. But this place is definitely promises to be a tourist mecca, because apart from the unusual appearance here will be located cinemas, cafes and bars, rides, a water park, a heavenly garden, hotel, and even a floating observation outdoor terrace.

Autor: Inna Kosynska
Source : edition.cnn.com