08.01.2015 - News

In Egypt found a new tomb

Group of Czech archaeologists found the tomb in Egypt previously unknown Egyptian Queen.

This historical monument found in the necropolis of the Old Kingdom in the southwest of Cairo – in Abusir, where the pyramid of Pharaoh Neferefra, who ruled 4,500 years ago. The researchers suggest that the tomb belonged to his wife.

According to official data of the Ministry of Antiquities of Egypt, the tomb belongs to the middle era of the Fifth Dynasty era – 2994-2345 years BC. Archaeologists also found about 30 items of tableware, 24 of which are made of limestone, and 4 – copper.

Minister of Antiquities of Egypt Mamduh El Damati the message news agency Agence France-Press called Queen – Hentakavess III, noting that this is the first time that historians were able to identify the name of the Queen, who was unknown to the discovery of the tomb. “The discovery will shed light on some unknown side of Fifth Dynasty, which together with the Fourth Dynasty witnessed the construction of the first pyramids” – dodva El Damati.

Miroslav Barta, Head of Mission of the Czech Institute of Egyptology, said: “This is yet another remarkable discovery in recent years, which again confirmed that the necropolis of Abusir has many unique sources to play the most important periods of ancient Egyptian history.”

Author: Anastasiia Trepyton