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Important details of style

Did women always set to itself a question, how to look it is beautiful? Today they search these answers for photo-reports from the weeks of fashion of world fashion-capital. Looking over the reviews of fashionable events,  it is desirable to analyse the constituents of successful characters of fashion plates and our «fashion» situation in Ukraine.

Unicity and uniqueness of style of every city

Successful fashion plates already had time to notice that when even on a background a photo there is not a single municipal sight – it is however possible to guess, the habitant of what city is represented before you. And you noticed probably, that character of city created style of ego of habitants. For example, romantic Paris is complemented by ruches on dresses and refined hats, eccentric New York is famous eclecticism as office details in an everyday clothing, short pied dresses underline passion of Italians in Milan, and in grey London of englishwoman give advantage to the bright minimalism of masculine style. And you already know exactly, that tendencies that distinguish one style of city from the second created not on a podium by designers, and outside by habitants.  And designer ideas, so-called actual trends, serve as only a push for flight of fantasy of street fashion plates, other is creative and work that creates unique style.

Photos of exclusive characters of passers-by outside, do the so-called «street -look» help not only to feel the atmosphere of city from within, to understand a characteristic feature inherent to every habitant of London or Paris but also finally to answer a perturbing question: «As it can be dressed?». Due to street stilyagi actual tendencies become landed, fashion plates show as well as with what to carry them, insist on an own sparkle in a cloak-room, inspire on creation of the unique character.

Character details

It is needed to mark that such character fully consists of details, and from them it is possible the brightest bravely to name valuables. Thus, vintage clothing lovers visit antique exhibitions and pick up for itself something inherent – such to itself new old times. We will take, for example, September to bienalle of jeweller art in Paris. Hot novelties from the fashionable houses of Сartier, Chanel, Dior and YSL were executed in a magnificent, womanlike and very festive mood. The next day streets were miss beautiful women, dressed in these most shallow beads, wide bangles with jewels and engraving on us- all of it reminded a return in the epoch of 20х years of past century. At once in memory appears Edith Piaf, Marlene Dietrich and Briggite Bardot, but already in new interpretation. Perfectly, when women remind the just the same representatives of wonderful sex.

It is desirable to name hats a next important detail. This most eccentric part of cloak-room always causes the reckless wave of approvals and indignations. Main it is correct to pick up a hat under an event. Well-known Ukrainian such detail lover, Katya Osadcha, through negative estimations not offended the characters. In middle ages the presence of hat meant belonging to the higher circle, today the choice of certain head-dress exposes the measure of extravagance of his possessor or possessor, also she tells about the favourite epoch of fashion plate. But each time under a new corner designers show head-dresses: both we can look after hats look like different objects or designers give advantage to the classics and use an old form and put a hat-pot on the heads of models.

All of us remember that there must be a riddle in a woman. However it was banal, but so I am. In a clothing this rule works on all hundred procent: the illusion of bareness more often looks more temptingly, than loud decolletes on dresses. Semilucent fabrics in a tandem with the restrained color and cutting out create an unique contrast and unsurpassed kind.

It is desirable to remember and about a thing it always is not enough that. It is bags, redicules, clatches and backpacks. Above all there is his color in an accessory. And most popular this season it is possible to count a serpentine print, that reminds both sultry jungles and evening-parties in style of 90th. Most this colouring lovers going to Milan. It and not surprisingly – in combination with bright clatches look far better, than with grey sweaters in London.

Now we sneaked up to the most interesting and most subzero detail of character – shoe. Already many years in succession most people consider shoes a not accessory, and character, his foundation. By the oldest remembrance about a shoe, namely on heels it is possible to count mention of «platform on feet» in Ancient Greece. Strange nothing is present, in fact goddesses by birth from Greece. For years existence of shoe changed hundreds of forms, length of heels, but however remained to the above all constituent of character. Even the English saying of “The shoes always says the truth” confirms their importance and is even psychologists that determine temperament of man after her shoe.

A sparkle of successful designers is androgine models

But in spite of all tendencies, icons of style, unique character can not be created, not feeling the alter-ego and not showing him. In fact fashion, clothe – it and there is a self-expression for some persons, and if they will copy the ideas of designers, by style to name it it will be difficult, in fact personality does not carry in itself no message, as it was done by the creator of this clothing. Also the message a designer contains in every model on the show, id est mortgages sense of future season not only in things but also in the actual model of next season. For example, all noticed that the last years becomes fashionable to invite in the advertisement campaigns and on the podiums of androgine models. For them a verge between a man and woman is effaced, some name it unisex, and other and it is quite talked about such model are angels in fact last too did not have sex.

Androgine is new femininity – so Stefano Gabbana described not only the idea of the last collection of Dolce & Gabbana but also one of the most noticeable tendencies of season. To spare identical attention to the masculine suits in woman style and dresses many designers undertook this year. Thus they give to understand that now to look like very a man already not fashionably.

Style of the Ukrainian fashion plates

But as is it possible to describe style of Ukrainians? Is there he in general? Can Italians be named passionate, Americans – eccentric, London citizens – brave, and what we? Certainly, in addition, that most beautiful. As yet our style on the stage of forming, it is impossible to say simply, because fashionable and stylish persons in Ukraine yet very small.

Do the weeks of fashion and fashion-event pass for us, but why can not we become the fashionable capital in any way? All assert in fact, that the Ukrainian girls most beautiful. We will begin with that it is desirable, that on people in love in her sat on the first rows of the Ukrainian week of fashion, but not those that want to be popular. The new names of Ukrainian fashion-business already propose the collections on New York and London weeks of fashion, but in Kyiv the creators of success did not yet attain, in addition, that opened boutiques under the name. It maybe at most, that can be attained in Ukraine.

Every designer wants, that his things bought and the lines of clothing broadened. But all closes on a financial question. Seemed, 20 000 hryvnias is a small amount for development of the production and advancement of him in the masses, namely such cost of podium on the Ukrainian week of fashion. Creators complain, that after him all closes, because public mostly comes «on other to look and to declare» oneself, but not for the sake of fashion as art, or even with motivation to purchase something.


Yuliia Dzhulai, vizagyst

Ukrainian fashionable industry will become world, when mentality of our country will change. Money, talent, good designers, beautiful and professional models – all of it not enough. It is correct steps, but our people similarly remain stereotype and are afraid of changes. Fashion-business of Ukraine will never become world, while Ukrainian Fashion Week will visit people that have no attitude toward a fashion, and simply come as on pokazuha. We do not have the level, more faithful than styles thinking and simplicity. It is very difficult to change public, but to try to continue to work it is needed in this direction, time, and all efforts, will come in fact, gusts and hopes will be justified and our Ukrainian fashionable industry will really become world!

 Karina Pustovalova