21.10.2013 - News

In France Chocolate will be launched without a Square

By Valentine ‘s Day February 14 Milka company in France will release 13 million bars of chocolate squares without one. The action is called “Make up your mind to be gentle”. Partner agency action appears Buzzman.

France – a country in which people come from all over the world, so that a declaration of love, to offer his hand and heart, or find your soul mate. The atmosphere is inspired by the romantic crazy action. As you can walk along the Champs Elysees to the song Joe Dassin «Champs-Elysées», swim along the Seine under the luxury bridges, ride the carousel in front of the Eiffel tower – and do not get a boost of inspiration for a long time.

It was there that the city has inspired employees of the branch of the famous brands of chocolate Milka in Frantsii.Ideya is that the last box the buyer can send loved ones, relatives, friends, that is – to anyone. It can even send yourself if no one else comes to mind. This piece will send beautifully packaged to the specified address.

Mneiyu on the company, it is a wonderful way to give a little sweet pleasure close and say that is not addressed to say.

So quickly collect things and go to Paris to take part in the rally and recharge inspiration and feeling.

Autor: Olha Tsetsevych
Source: lederniercarre.fr