24.10.2014 - Здоров'я

Military council, or How to deal with wrinkles

Being young in our time – more than female whim. This is the imperative of our time. Youth – a synonym for success, and yet so, we are doomed to keep a continuous battle against wrinkles. However, the current level of cosmetology war against aging skin turn into a sort of ritual is not without pleasure with guaranteed bell fanfare in the final. “Arsenal” quite varied – just select the correct strategy and tactics to make the “enemy” to raise the white flag.

Strategy – a healthy lifestyle

Experts say that the body begins to age, not when the first wrinkles appear, but much earlier, when the process of rapid cell division slows down, in 20-22 years. Knowing this can affect the natural processes of wilting by:

- balanced diet. The optimal ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates beneficial effect on metabolism (which is the cornerstone of youth);

- fitness. Regular physical activity is accompanied by activation of the oxygen metabolism (which improves complexion) and inhibits the conversion of muscle to fat (and excess weight is known to be one of the main prerequisites of premature aging);

- resistance to stress. All anti-stress program based on the fact that relieve stress, and with it – a spasm of the muscles and blood vessels. Thus restored normal blood flow and eliminated the deficit of oxygen and nutrients (basic good skin condition).

Bunker-skin protection

For premature aging, we should “thank” the environment, or rather its absence: exhaust, smoke factory chimneys, industrial dust fall on the skin and damage its cells, “erasing” them information self-regeneration. Cosmetics based bioactive complexes (such a hawthorn extract, EDTA) plays the role of a “bunker” – protects from environmental aggression, beauty, strengthens the natural protective properties of the skin and restores its injured cells.

Attack – Vitamins

The most famous of Cosmetology “younger” vitamin – retinol (vitamin A derivative). It activates intracellular processes, increases firmness and elasticity of the skin – in other words, it could claim to be the “elixir of youth”, if not high allergenicity.

Another favorite beauticians – alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E – it improves the blood circulation in the skin and increases its ability to retain moisture, protects against free radicals and significantly inhibits the processes of decay. Incidentally, the best result is achieved with the combined use of vitamins – as food and cosmetic products in stock.

Biological Bomb – herbal ingredients

This is the largest group of “weapons” against wrinkles. Fitokomponentiv popularity due to their high efficiency. For example, sterokar (clover extract) promotes skin hydration, improves micro. Vegetable proteins alistin and rihin active antioxidants protect collagen fibers from the damaging effects of the environment and promote cell renewal, thereby not only delaying the formation of wrinkles, but also reducing the depth of the existing ones.

In a separate group derived oils. Each of them, in addition to “regular duties” has a “side effect”. For example, shea butter protects, soothes and refreshes the skin. A butter oil, turning the skin elasticity, helps her recover barrier. Oil Agrana not only slows down the aging process, but also has anti-inflammatory effects.

Marines – brown algae and plankton

The uniqueness of seaweed – in too many chemical composition, which allows to operate on several “fronts”: normalized water-oil balance, activate the cells that synthesize collagen, protect against the toxic effects of free radicals, remove irritation and flaking skin.

SWAT – yeast

Due to the shock dose of B vitamins yeast act in two ways: stabilizing the nervous system (which directly affects the state of the epidermis) and refresh, tone, tighten skin. The purified yeast extract toniskin demonstrates efficacy in the absence of dual allergic skin irritation.

Heavy Artillery – hormones

Hormones involved in all metabolic processes. With age, their production decreases, which immediately affects the state of the skin – it loses its elasticity, wrinkles covered (phase hormonal aging). In most countries reduced hormone deficiency is very simple – a woman goes to the pharmacy and buy medicine (over the counter!). Beauticians offer a safer but equally effective way – hormones of vegetable origin. Cosmetics based phytoestrogens normalize cellular metabolism, promote the regeneration of collagen and elastin fibers. In this case, there are no side effects of conventional hormone replacement therapy (clinically tested).

Carefully studying the composition of a cream, you’re bound to find something of the above “fighting arsenal”.

And that with the variety of anti-age creams choose the best, talk to your beautician – his knowledge and your enthusiasm will lead to a complete and unconditional surrender of wrinkles!

Ilona Vikhliantseva