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«Hairs, hairs, you`re my hairs…»

Today, science has come so far that the world is almost gone something that, if she did not try to explore or explain, especially anything that is related to the human body. For example, one examining your hair, scientists can install all diseases that you suffered from birth to the present day.

But such research is carried out so far only in Japan. As for our medicine, each qualified doctor looking at your hair, just make some conclusions about the state of your overall health. It turns out that there are dermatologists who deal exclusively feeling hair and skin underneath, and they are called Trichology. Most of these professionals are faced with the problems of hair loss, dandruff and leaves, and partially resolve the issue of unwanted «guests»: fleas, lice and other parasites in the hair. Although primarily those involved physicians, infectious disease.
Immediately turn the comment to the dermatologist Olena Vyshnevska:
«Hairs live and suffer not their own, and with our bodies. Therefore, the poor condition of the hair may indicate a serious condition. Of course, we should not jump to conclusions and advance to panic. If after combing comb left fifty hairs can be perfectly calm it – fine. But if your hair falls out a lot more, refer to specialists. Replacement and hair growth depends on the nervous system and normal operation of the endocrine glands. Often, hair can fall out due to severe nerve stress and a lack of vitamin A and C.
In such cases it is sufficient to rinse hair after shampooing decoction of camomile, nettle or birch buds. To do this, 2 tablespoons of herbs to pour 1 liter of water, bring to the boil and leave for several hours. Then drain and rinse hair. And also drink tea with lemon balm, mint and valerian.
Very useful twice a month to make a nutritious mask 1 egg yolk, 1 tablespoon olive oil (or any other) and 1 tablespoon honey. The mixture should be well rubbed in washed damp hair and wrap your head in cellophane. This mask should be kept for 20-30 minutes, then rinse with warm water. After a few months, you simply do not recognize your hair!»
But in addition to treated hair, you should be able to care for him, support him, as they say, «in shape».
Probably more than once or twice we had to be scared of their own reflections in the mirror, and even if it was in the morning when the head is going on!.. As if terrorists blew up a macaroni factory. Do not be surprised if you find out that the expressions «miracle pea», «Philip hemp», «Kuzma from poppy» invented people, standing before the mirror in the morning and yawn studying myself in him. The first thought of what he saw – run to the bathroom to wet your hair thoroughly and well – combed it well. This method can help, but not all. Some people, like it or not though, it is worth thinking about some more serious manipulation. For example, the drying and embedding it hairdryer. Or resort to more radical means… Stop, stop, stop, not just for hapaytesya scissors – I’m not about them. Different paints, foams, gels, mousses and waxes – this is what I had in mind. Total invent is so much that one just for this good half day leave. Indeed – there are plenty to choose from: the names and companies and prices! It all depends on your desires and capabilities. But not only them, but also on the type of hair and its length.
Rule number one: whatever your hair before doing her hair, it should be washed. Let me explain why, even if you are sure that you know it without me. All these features, and not too radical to which you are going to go, anyway, only accelerate hair contamination. So it is easy to see how your look «babylons» on the head, which is a few days did not see the water. Besides stylish, but «tallow» hairstyle yet none of sympathy did not cause.
Remember the saying, «too, is not sensibly»? By the way, Ukrainian it sounds like this: «Do not commit the corner of honey». But we do not know.. So, do not peremudruyte with foam, varnish or gel. If there is more than necessary, or hair hang styrchatyme sticky icicles (unless the desirability of such effects). And then about any beauty or stylish look not out of the question.
Buying agents for hair care, Provide preference known manufacturers. No need to understand this so I urge you to spend a fortune, either. Just by buying something extremely cheap and do not know who and where produced, you can not just put money in the wind, but also one’s health. And after that no sacrifice beauty will not save. Choose cosmetics with protective properties, with vitamins, silk proteins, low in alcohol, and even better and even without it – the alcohol dries the hair and scalp. If suddenly you got dandruff, it is better to avoid gels and mousses to invest hairstyles.
His excellency Mr. Shampoo
So whatever hair: long, short, straight or wavy, it must be clean. And so the first place in the arsenal of hair care shampoo should occupy. Before you buy this product, carefully take a look at your hair and determine what type it is. There are four basic ones:
- normal;
- greasy;
- dry;
- mixed type.
A strong, flexible, glossy hair with natural beauticians attributed to the normal type. Thin, dull, brittle and split other than dry hair is never expected. But the type of fat hair looks always stale, ugly stick together and smell. But it happens and so quickly that the hair at the roots and greasy breaks and split ends on the tips. From it we called hair mixed type.
From the classification of hair we figured out, so now you can safely go in search of the right shampoo. We already know that we need, because the main objective of this detergent is, of course, clean hair of dirt. But it is important to shampoo suited exactly to your hair. There are air conditioning, preservatives and various dietary supplements that make hair shiny and silky, increasing its volume and hold shape. If any of the ingredients of the shampoo you will find selected silicone oils such as dimethicone or cyclomethicone, which means that this tool after washing your hair is shiny and silky. Suitable oils provide normal access of air to the skin on the head, so it does not greasy and dandruff is formed.
Caring to the buyer manufacturers often enter into the shampoo certain vitamins, herbal extracts, tinctures and extracts of various herbs. The fact that they are in the middle of the bottle or not, and how much – you can always read the label. If you are wondering which one favor, said: chamomile, calendula, nettle, burdock and lime strengthen it hair help restore hair bulblets. No wonder our grandmothers, grandfathers washed his head in broth burdock, nettle and other herbs.
Preservatives, which are part of shampoos, designed to protect these extracts from rapid deterioration, so the shelf life indicated on the bottle chosen means guarantees the safety of all its properties. And again, «all is not gold that glitters». Optional price shampoo is in direct proportion to its effectiveness. Retrieved me.
Healthy, shiny and desirable
Such hair – the dream of every person. Interestingly, for the care he need not superhuman, Herculean effort. And for modeling hairstyles can be used absolutely all means not causing him any harm. Of course, if you do not pass a reasonable limit.
Which would not have been healthy hair monthly recolour it from orange to green, from green to purple, and from purple to orange again, pouring on him liters gels, varnishes, mousses, you increase the chances that in the future, which is good, and have to go to a wig. So far as is know better.
But what we can say about the dry, thin and horrible? The best thing about this is to consult a specialist. Or rather in the barber Svitlana Novykova: «his hair needs emergency attention, and means for fixing hairstyles can further dry out and injure him. Also, it is useful to know that the thinner your hair, the more noticeable it lacquer, which is not at all attractive. Give preference to products that contain moisturizing ingredients and UV filters to protect from sunlight.
Liquid hair usually lacks volume. With this objective uporayutsya mousse and foam. If wet hair, gently towel dried, apply a lather over the entire length, it is possible to simulate any hairstyle. Of course, you can increase the volume and varnish, but its use should be few and wet hair. Then lightly dry hair dryer and model shape. Luck is desirable to natural, he gently cover the hair and will not be noticeable.
If you have dry and thin hair short length, it is possible to do anything. It is very pliable, easy to fix and maintain. It’s enough to squeeze a little gel on fingertips and massaging movements to create the desired shape. Place the gel to dry and fix her hair comb or brush».
Greasy, simply no words
During the winter frost and wearing fur hats most of us getting fat hair looks matted and saggy. With this type of hair its problems: to put it, and thus achieve the desired result, you need special tools with a strong fixing effect. The choice in this case it is better to stop the bottle labeled «Extra strong fixing». You can also hire the wax to cream- gel or cream gloss. In this hair, say fashionista will look great and festive nail with sparkles. But do not forget that it’s better to use it only on special occasions. Because abuse bright tinsel has never proved to no good.
Tips we have already heard.
I wonder how do you actually care for their hair woman?
What are the secrets adopted by mothers, grandmothers? With love and can not stand their hair?
Valentyna, student: «He likes when his comb before bedtime. Preferably in different directions. More like wooden comb than plastic.
Dislikes dry hot hairdryer and often nakruchuvatysya on hot rollers or curling irons».
Halyna, a housewife: «Likes to be massaged often fingertips. Put beams thumbs to temples and all other fingers are doing light massage movements all over the head, as if something is rubbed into the skin.
Not like when you wash it at night and go to bed: so it becomes brittle and tangled».
Vira, psychologist: «Even my mother taught me to do a hair mask. Take two eggs, mix with lemon juice and a few drops of almond or olive oil. The mask should be rubbed on washed hair and keep for 20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. After this procedure, the hair is dry yourself with a hair dryer.
Not worth it to experiment with shampoos, lacquers, paints».
Anna lawyer: «I eat a lot of natural vitamins: carrots, apples, sauerkraut and cheese, yogurt. Good morning twice a week to eat a teaspoon of soaked millet.
Hair is harmful to drink a lot of carbonated drinks, eat too spicy seasonings and sweetness in unlimited quantities. And generally unacceptable to smoke and drink alcohol».
Karina, schoolgirl: «Hair like when you’re on it and doing it took care of it.
It does not like to bathe too hot or cold water, wet comb immediately after washing. Also it is not like that its too much tied elastic bands and bobby pins».
We already know that good hair is the result of proper care. But not only need to wash your hair properly, but rinse. It happens that people use expensive and quality shampoos and hair she kind of dull, brittle and has an unhealthy look. The reason for this is the poor rinsing. If you do not wash the clothes after washing, will it look like and whether you wear it?
So rinse equally important process of hair care than washing it, and I think that you can not hurt to know what results can be achieved by properly opoliskuyuchy hair. For example, mitigation should take 5 ml glycerol, 15 ml lemon juice 90 ml of boiling water and 15ml of any cologne – all mix and rinse hair. To make it shine – should make a decoction of parsley root (boil for 20 minutes).
It seems that we know everything about how to make our hair beautiful. Each chose a tip… and let your hair be special, but do not overdo it!

Olha Kolisnichenko